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  1. Not bashing at all but yesterday we found this cache, a very old ammo can and inside there was only a film can with log. Strange sight. I thought about a recent post by Clan Rifster on a thread about how to keep a film can dry!
  2. Not bashing at all but yesterday we found this cache, a very old ammo can and inside there was only a film can with log. Strange sight. I thought about a recent post by Clan Rifster on a thread about how to keep a film can dry!
  3. Hello John, welcome. This thread may interest you. I remember the reviews for the Holux and was impressed with it's simplicity. Seems to me a good entry level unit, it has shortcomings but as you gain experience you will figure out what to look for in your next investment. You will get a lot of positive comments and feedback here, great forum. There are a lot of units out there with a lot more bells and whistles and you will hear all about them....I am not very tech savvy and have a different opinion. I say start with an easy unit to master and have fun. Learn as you play. As a suggestion you might get in touch with the poster of the linked thread, kinda curious about him. Let us know how you are doing, good luck! Edited to fix link.
  4. Sounda like a good time had by all! My eight year old nephew is coming down (Florida) for the holidays and we're going to take him caching for the first time. Santa is bringing him a Geomate Jr., he's been good, and I have an ammo can full of goodies for under the tree. I have a hunch he'll like it, very active and outdoor oriented. Very cool activity for youngsters, lots of good things to learn, exercise and fresh air. I don't want to get too nostalgic but when I was growing up we were turned loose after chores and told to be home when the street lights came on. Fun meant getting outside. Geo-caching is a great alternative to the tv/video game rut so many youngsters are in. Where were these things when we were growing up?
  5. Interesting that you call them "work arounds" - I call them adding functionality that Groundspeak is unwilling or unable to add, or they just haven't got around to it yet Geocaching VIP List will add a smiley or frownie face next to the cache name if you've found or DNF'd the cache, among a whole slew of other things it does This is the first I've heard of Geocaching VIP List. Just checked it out, what a cool idea! Thanks!
  6. Actually Briansnat posted it originally in July. I just pulled it up on a search.
  7. Looked around a bit and found a couple of reviews for your unit, this the most informative and positive. The author raves on the unit's simplicity. After a basic understanding the learning curve may be gentle.
  8. It's morally imperative I add to this thread. I was in the same position when I got into Geo-caching. I had (still do) a Lowrance I Finder Expedition C that had spent a year on a shelf because I could not for the life of me decipher the manual. No other GPSr experience and not much more than entry level skills on the computer.Admittedly a technical tard. AG, It will come to you, this forum is a great tool. Just take it at a comfortable pace. The manual for your unit does address Geo-cashing. At a quick glance I found it on pages 15, 16. Seems like a different vocabulary and coordinate format but the basics are there. I wish I could advise you on converting the format, but I'm sure someone here will soon. I would suggest you enter one cache close to you with a low difficulty level and recent finds logged. Then go find it. You don't have to understand all the functions of your unit yet, mix the learning and playing up a bit. Also spend some free time here going through old threads and posts, a wealth of information at your fingertips! Wonderful thing these computers.
  9. Thanks, I found out my I Finder Expedition C needs an update.
  10. Every model and brand of GPS will have a few lemons. I went through 3 Delorme PN40s in the first 6 weeks I had the unit. My current one is going on 9 months without a problem. I know people who have had lemon Garmin 60CSXs but mine has worked flawlessly for 4 years. Sometimes you get a bad unit. It doesn't necessarily reflect on the entire line. Tecnicians tend to have a lot of experience with malfunctioning units, because nobody calls them when their unit is working fine. Call me old fashioned, but I feel a new product should be the manufactures' best effort. A result of research, development and quality control. My function as a consumer is not to weed through the lemons until I get what I paid for. I don't believe this is a case of an occasional lemon, more likely a decision to market a product with a known defect. I'm sure the repair of the units in question is much less than recalling and testing/repairing the lot. A cost effective decision was made to compromise their obligation of quality control. My willingness to keep trying units until I find a good one would condone this. How about we agree to disagree on this one?
  11. I have to add that we bought a Venture HC from Amazon 34 days ago, I was on the phone with them last night asking for slack in their 30 day refund policy. The unit shut down and won't accept the software update. Garmin will make it good if we send it in, but I don't trust the model any longer. Before it went down we loved it, but searching online for solutions we got the impression this is a common defect, and the technician we worked with had lots of experience with this issue.
  12. Hi Deb, You sound like a great Mom. Here's my take: Get a basic, entry level unit, Focus more on ease of operation than anything else. This will either be your future back up unit or will be a paperweight. Once exposed to the obsession your kids more than likely want personal units with particular bells and whistles, and of course their own. Most kids this age I know are more tech savvy than I so I say let them discover the mapping, paperless. GSAK, macros and ARRRRGH I can't go on!! Seriously though, I would keep it as simple as possible, get them caching and see if it takes off. The Etrex H would do that and the price is good.
  13. Hi all, I'm writing this with a case of cache chiggers. I must be prone to em. I looked on line and read about some products, "Zote" soap and "soap nuts." Does anyone have any experience with these? How about solutions you have found for these tiny buggers. I cache in Florida where there is LOTS of overgrowth. Ticks, skeeters, gnats and fireants I can handle but these things seem to crawl through denim to get to a meal! Any alternatives to Deet? I don't like the way it feels on my skin, it's expensive and the empty aerosol cans - well, there must be a greener alternative. I have heard about clothes with some sort of insect repellent in them but would rather not invest in new clothes just for the woods....that's what my old clothes are for. What say you gurus of the brush?
  14. We've tried it several times and no go. I guess we'll wait for Monday and call Garmin. Thanks for the help.
  15. Thanks Chrysalides, Will let you know how it works.
  16. Hi Folks, Anyone run into this? One month old. After you turn it on and the display screen comes up it shuts down. We tried pulling batteries for a few minutes, changing batteries and plugging it into the car- no help. Is there a trick way to reset? Thanks.
  17. Hello, I have a lowrance I Finder Expedition C, I love the unit but the learning curve is painful for the novice. Here are some links I used to get through it, some haven't been visited in a while. I don't know of any other resources available. Link #1 Link#2 Link#3 You might try Lowrances' website also. I got some info once by contacting the author of a review for my model on Amazon. Google is your friend here. I have found my Lowrance to be a very capable unit but the support available has me nervous about investing any further (mapping.) I wish I could help more... at the least here's a bump up before a holiday weekend!
  18. LZ, I'm new also. I recently bought a used Nuvi for paperless caching and navigating to caches. This my first experience with a mobile gps and it is waaaay cool. The routing function is great, but not all models have it. You can compare here. I'm still in the learning curve myself but am very impressed with the Nuvi.
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    Hey kc, I can't offer any help with the Bushnell but I'd bet someone will be along shortly who can. Seems to me there are a lot of cachers in the Gainsville area, I don't know of a local club- try here. You'll learn a lot just going through old threads on this forum. Lots of helpful folks here!
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    I have to give the Venture HC a thumbs up here. We recently purchased one through Amazon and are very happy with it. Very good at acquiring and maintaining a fix, in fact it's better at this than our other unit that cost twice as much!
  21. Here's a good active thread on the subject. I use the lower end also and am satisfied. Mine are Lenmar brand NIMH I found on sale online for $1 ea.
  22. Hello everyone, I have to say this is an impressive machine. The route function does exactly what I had hoped. This weekend we will team up on the paperless aspect, it is a tad too advanced for me. Robin has the computer skills. Will keep y'all posted, thanks again for the help
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