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  1. Calling all cachers from the North and South... Get out of the heat and come have fun with us on the Cool Northern California coast. August 8th (Sunday) beginning at 11 a.m. Potluck, games for the kids, and many, many new caches just for this event. We've been given ten Jeep TBs to give out at this event. The event is taking place on the final day of the Del Norte County Fair, so come for the weekend and play. Cool Coast Retreat Event Already have folks coming up from Southern California... Oregon needs representation! Visit the cache description page for more info on food, camping, lodging and what to bring (besides your sweatshirts - un-acclimated heat-lovers!). If you'd like to volunteer to help with the fun, email me. RedwoodRed - of The GeoGadgets Team Crescent City, California redwoored@geogadgets.com
  2. I concur. I had an opportunity to "play" with a Garmin 60CS (or was it SC?) and the thing blew me away. That it has a built in Geocaching mode is a strong indicator that the manufacturer knows which side the bread is buttered on. I mean, I am sure that commercial equipment and marine spreads around more of the profit sharing, but considering how fast Geocaching is growing, to ignore us shows a sad lack. As for other commercial entities such as Jeep, I think it is great that they recognize us as a market that is already spending money to play outdoors, that we are utilizing technology to do it shows a that we (some of us, anyway) have a measure of disposable income and that using another aspect of our "game" is a great way to get our attention and promote their products. On the other hand, the fact that they diss on "all of those other SUV's with that crazy yellow color" in their commercials, and then chose yellow Jeeps for their Travel Bugs makes me wonder if some marketing lop considers this a way to ditch a large number of promotional swag that would make them look bad any other way. Or maybe not. Either way, it is nice to see that Geocachers are getting recognition - We hunt for boxes in the forest! Hear us ROAR! RedwoodRed - Who is currently working on a Geocaching presentation for a group of 60 people...
  3. Wow, Chris! It is so NICE to see that I actually made it into the top 5 on your list! Really! I won't go into my computer issues here, but that is what kept me away. We've (the rest of the GeoGadgets Team and myself) are still out beating the brush, fighting over first-finder prizes and struggling to maintain the few caches we have placed along with the ones we've adopted. We had kind of a cache-cide experience here, too, with Steak. He got so sucked into playing Mechwarrior online that he's come to enjoy the daily beatings with a crowbar and the sound of me putting the hammer down on the pistol at the base of his thick skull just to get him to do anything that takes him away from his "clan". Whatever it was, he now responds appropriately when I tell him that a new cache has been released within 50 miles of us. By appropriately, I mean that he yells for the boys to get their jackets and he starts lacing up his hiking boots. Me, I salivate... it's a Pavlovian thing. As for me, I miss so many people here. I loved tormenting ClayJar during the IRC chats... you could tell he was blushing by the color of his type! Yes, Virginia, people do stutter in chat rooms! I miss Choberiba/Makiko (hee hee!), and so many others... but mostly you, Chris. And now you're engaged (hearing the voice of Patrick Stewart in my head - "Engage!"). My little black heart is just shattered. On that pitiful note, I will subjugate this post back to the top of the list, however temporarily. RedwoodRed - Queen of the Improper Ellipses ---
  4. Both Steak N Eggs (he only counts as one meal) and myself are left-handed/right brained. My eldest son (10 going on 30) is mildly ambidextrous. Our 7 year old redhead is undecided. Or confused watching his father and I write, eat and reach for the phone. I do use my right hand to operate my mouse, shoot, throw a ball and slap Steak when he gets out of line. Oh, and to hold my GPS... and that is what REALLY counts, right? I mean, LEFT? RedwoodRed - Her Highness and Queen of All She Surveys - in The GeoGadgets Team (anyway)... Crescent City, California
  5. Well, either the site is getting slammed right now so that their server can't handle it, or my browser is going wiggy again. I'm hoping that their idea of putting one on the west coast doesn't just mean the Bay area or L.A. either... or Portland, Seattle... RedwoodRed
  6. Hi Handsome! Whassup? I know I've been absent, but not by choice. For some reason about a year ago whenever I'd try and access the Geocaching website my computer would just slam to a halt. Pages took forever to load, IF they would load at all, and if I didn't get a "page not found" message instead. I tried re-installing my OS, checked to see what softwares I loaded that might be effecting it... nothing worked. I could get on the site from Steak's computer, but it got tiring moving the sixteen different pieces of hardware he hooks himself up to in order to play Mechwarrior, and that's if he wasn't playing. Christmas I got a new computer (suh-weet!), new OS (XP - yeah, I know), and it STILL locked up on me. I wanted to rant at somebody but I couldn't get on the site in order to do it! Then, about four days ago I tried to get on the site and "TA-DA!". I could even access the forums, which before meant the kiss of death for my browser (I'm running IE 6, btw). So, I had to post about my most burning question. The pages still load slow (even though I'm on high-speed cable), so I've learned to play Freecell or Spider Solitaire while the pages load. So, how are things with you in NJ? I've missed you and Choberiba. Does he post, or stay in contact with anyone anymore? Since he changes his email addresses every so many months, I lost track of him, and I guess I'm not cute enough for him to email ME... I guess if my name was Makiko... oh nevermind!
  7. Thanks JoeFrog! That one is just right! I feel like Goldilocks all of a sudden... This one is too big, this one is too wide, but this one is JUST RIGHT! I've already printed a bunch of them and am on my way out to replace some logs. [ cheese grin ] RedwoodRed
  8. I have tried that, but it didn't work quite right for me. And thanks everyone for the heads up on the NG paper. Not being able to access the forums for nearly a YEAR, I'm pretty out of touch.
  9. I've been cruising the forums for links to this, but they have evaporated. About a year and a half ago we put out three micro caches (MALICIOUSLY micro), and people seem to like them. Like them so much that they have filled the logs and the logs need to be replaced. The caches are in 35mm film canisters, and if they weren't wet on top of being full, I'd just try and copy them, but it ain't happinin'. This one is WAY too big: http://www.geocaching.com/articles/132visitlogbook.doc I know that there is another one that will fit, because I got the one I used from HERE! Help? Puh-lease? Lori aka: RedwoodRed Lead Bi-atch of The GeoGadgets Team
  10. I guess the Coast south of Bandon isn't so much of an issue... we've done most of the easy ones in that area. I'm much more interested in caches from Grants Pass to Tualatin, and from Tualatin to Highway 101 and south to Bandon. And I would REALLY like recommendations for lodging and good places to grub down while in the Tualatin area. Thanks, though.
  11. I know you all think that we've retired, but The GeoGadgets Team is making a speedy trip to Tualatin over this insane Memorial Weekend. You see, I purchased a truckload of books from someone who is retiring from "the business" (web design) and instead of paying Fed Ex to ship them, the family and I decided it would be fun to drive up, pay exorbitant fuel prices and maybe do a bit of Geocaching along the way. We will be heading UP Interstate 5 and returning via the Coast (Highway 101). So, I need recommendations for (1) a decent place to stay in or near Tualatin, and (2) about ten (or twenty) highly recommended (as in FUN) geocaches rated 1/1 up to 2/2 (we have to be fast, this ain't no disco!). The need for speed arises from the issue that we MAY be returning with an aquarium's worth of freshwater fish, too. This means no seriously bumpy roads and we need to be home by Sunday night. Help? Lori aka: RedwoodRed Shameless Plug Crescent City, California (Where the Sewer Meets The Sea)
  12. I'm going to play devil's advocate here: What if there were no controls on where Geocaches were placed in National or State Parks? As an example, there is a cache here locally (no I won't list the cache link - it is a sensitive topic here) that was placed within the confines of a State Park-operated Biological Preserve. Any visitor to this park is immediately informed by the use of well-written signs that they should NOT leave the trail, and that this a delicate eco-system, loaded with plants that are not usually found in this specific area. To leave the trail and stomp through the brush disturbs and could damage this sensitive system. The cache in question is well off of the trail, and geocachers searching for it - also ignoring the warnings in order to satisfy their urge to find the treasure - have trampled every living thing on either side of the trail. A recent visit to this Park showed extensive damage that was so obviously made by people leaving the trail. To me, this proves that normally eco-minded and considerate people are destroying the environment in their desire to find the geocache. There are PLENTY of places outside of the Park system that still highlight the beauty and unique qualities of the area that do not involve tromping around in protected spaces. Why couldn't the cache placers considered one of those spots? Probably because it was easier to place a cache in a spot that was well-visited and had a pre-existing trail system. Oh well. Without limits Geocache placers have drilled holes in trees to hide caches and placed caches on the private property of others. It is a matter of responsibility and respect. Their are distinct guidelines on the Main Geocaching.com pages outlining where to and not to place a cache. Folks who ignore those guidelines and fail to ask permission to place caches on taxpayer maintained property are only asking to be treated in a sense as criminals who ignore the law. There are a thousand ways to place a cache within the guidelines compared to the few who ruin it for the rest of us. How much red would a redwood red if a redwood could red wood?
  13. quote:Originally posted by Lazyboy & Mitey Mite:You're going to allow Oregonions to attend? Is that wise???? First weekend works great, second weekend works. I guess I'd better start downloading some NoC caches. Allow Oregonians? Allow Granties Panties and Med-Head cachers? Well, hell! Why not! It is a PARTY after all. Now, if we could get oregone to show up, THAT would be a party! At least we'd have an excellent, though skewed written description of it, right! I think I'm going to post it as the second weekend. Sorry BDC... sponsor-wise that makes for more cool swag when I don't have to compete with the livestock auction (sheesh - I suppose when my kids get into 4H or FFA I'll care). On a side note, anyone who needs a respite from the heat tomorrow, Saturday the 26th, the local theatre and I are hosting a Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) look-alike contest, a live radio broadcast and give away of awesome goodies from 3 to 6 p.m., culminating with the 6:30 p.m. showing of "Cradle of Life". Now, let's hope that that will be a party. Women, dressed like Lara Croft? Yee-haw... or so Steak said. Go to: Beauty With Attitude for all of the details. Lori
  14. I broke down and visited the micro$opp update site, and I guess I've been lacking in my personal hygiene, er, maintenance. Turns out I needed something like 29 updates! I think twenty-eight of those were for IE alone. What that says about the single most popular item of software used on the internet isn't good. But on the other hand, I see what Netscape does to code and I hate it... but we probably shouldn't even go there. Would probably end up in some kind of "Ford vs. Chevy" brawl... Thanks for the suggestion!
  15. Thank you... I'll try that. It had occured to me that I needed an update, probably for the browser. I sure knew I wouldn't be able to ask Jeremy to change everything back! Oh well... such is progress...
  16. pick me... pick me... pick me! How much red would a redwood red if a redwood could red wood?
  17. Is anyone else having trouble with their browser crashing while perusing Geocache detail pages? I'm using IE 6 on a PC and I'm fine as long as I just look at the list pages, but if I click on a specific cache, the images all disappear and my browser won't display any other websites, nothing. If I reboot it is okay, but how often should I have to do that? Anybody else have this issue. RedwoodRed How much red would a redwood red if a redwood could red wood?
  18. Living near the border of California and Oregon, I can give you a list: Steak's Malicious Micro #1: It is a good, fast urban (we placed it); Cape Ferrelo: a nice beach cache; Indian Sands: another great beach cache... watch your step! Arch Rock Viewpoint: the original Brookings/Gold Beach cache. Great views, easy cache, small container; Strike Gold: a nice park, neat place to have lunch and spot deer; Santa's Toy Bag: easy rest area cache with lots of goodies for good girls and boys; Siskiyou Ridge Runner: a nice afternoon diversion. A little bit away from the highway, but a nice drive; Our Spot: nice place to stop south of Port Aweful; Landz End: there is a bunch of caches near here. Port Orford is a great place to cache. When you visit this URL you can look for the other caches in the area. Good luck, have fun and if you decide to come further south (like into Crescent City) let us know... there some great caches here, too! Lori aka: RedwoodRed of the GeoGadgets Team How much red would a redwood red if a redwood could red wood?
  19. Okay, well since I got such a wild variety of responses, I will schedule it for the 9th and 10th. I see that a lot of folks read the thread but not one single response. Geocaching must be tons of fun in the heat! Thanks again, Lori aka: RedwoodRed
  20. Hi all... I know that I haven't posted in a long time, but it doesn't mean that we are no longer caching. In fact, I am in the process of putting together an geocaching event for either of the first two weeks of August. I already have five or six new caches waiting for this event to be placed (cachers who attend will have first shot at them), many sponsors on board who are donated some pretty cool swag, and a great place to hold it, close to camping and other lodging (for out of the area cachers). I'm getting ready to post it to as an event cache, but I am asking Southern and Central Oregonians and those in Northern California which weekend would be better. Understand that I know I won't be able to find a consensus (?), but August 2nd and 3rd is the weekend that the local Del Norte County Fair is being held. Would those attending rather not come during that time, or would you like to come during that weekend as it gives more options of what to do while here in town? The other option is August 9th and 10th. School won't have started yet, and that is the latest I'll probably get if I expect a decent turn out. Thoughts? Suggestions? Any volunteers for putting on kid caching games? Thanks In Advance! RedwoodRed (aka: Lori) of the GeoGadgets Team, Crescent City, California How much red would a redwood red if a redwood could red wood?
  21. Well, now that you all solved the BFL issue, can someone explain to me what "WTF" means? Oh, never mind. My kid just explained it... I've never been so embarassed. RedwoodRed How much red would a redwood red if a redwood could red wood?
  22. Logscaler... I want to thank you for your astute and comprehensive reviews of our Northwestern Coastal California caches! Too bad I haven't been paying attention to the forums lately. Had I known you were coming this way I'd have offered to take you and Red to pizza! RedwoodRed - The GeoGadgets Team (semi-retired) How much red would a redwood red if a redwood could red wood?
  23. quote:Originally posted by Web-ling: Ketchup is what you do when someone's getting ahead of you. And here I thought that 'ketchup' was what happens when the hoist is lifting your 42 foot sailing vessel out of the harbor for maintenance. RedwoodRed --- How much red would a redwood red if a redwood could red wood?
  24. quote:Originally posted by Web-ling: Ketchup is what you do when someone's getting ahead of you. And here I thought that 'ketchup' was what happens when the hoist is lifting your 42 foot sailing vessel out of the harbor for maintenance. RedwoodRed --- How much red would a redwood red if a redwood could red wood?
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