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  1. Three local cachers placed caches and had them published for Christmas:








    No one has of yet found the puzzle cache, and I'm struggling from jet-lag too much to work it, but I think it is such a cool gift from one cacher to the caching community to give the gift of a Christmas morning cache!


    I want to thank everyone who goes over and above to do that.


    We also have one where a local cacher annually buys nice toys and puts out a "Take Something, Leave Nothing" cache for kids - GCZQFA



  2. Received:

    Crop Circle V2 (in trade from Ferreter5 - Thanx!)



    Evil Chicken Silver

    Evil Chicken Gold


    Waiting for:

    LizardToadz Toad Decypher and pin set

    Sylvan Seekers set (can't wait!)


    Packing for my flight to Fresno...

    no fun, but gotta go. Wish I had some TBs to move that way. That would be some mileage!

  3. I'm selling some of my excess coins on the ePlace in an effort to offset my spending and bring some money back into the Christmas fund...

    I had two Magic coins listed, and got an email this morning to say that TPTB at the ePlace cancelled my listings for them. Here is the email I received:



    The listing was removed because it violated eBay policy. All fees related to this listing have been credited to your account. We also notified members who placed bids on the item that the listing has

    been canceled.


    The rights owner, Mattel, Inc., notified eBay that this listing violates intellectual property rights. When eBay receives a report of

    this type of violation, we remove the listing to comply with the law.


    A trademark is a unique sign (such as a name, word, phrase, logo, or symbol) that identifies a company's products and services. eBay doesn't permit sellers to use a trademark in a way that confuses or misleads buyers about the source or affiliation of an item. Trademark infringement is illegal and can include inappropriate comparisons to a branded item, selling counterfeit or replica items, and keyword spamming.


    Listings that use a brand name in any way other than uses specifically permitted by the manufacturer or trademark owner are not allowed on eBay.


    For more information about using brand names in listings, please visit: [link followed]



    Anyone else run into this issue? Was it a problem for C&P when they minted it/went through the approval process?


    Folks had bid on them, so I'm concerned for them, but of course I hope they'll come back now that I've reworded the description.

  4. I purchased a Finland coin via that e-place through a Geocacher...

    It was paid for 10/1 and not only haven't I received it, I get no response to emails, and no response to phone calls. I would hesitate to mention the GCer, but he hasn't sold anything else for awhile either. I am concerned that something untoward has happened to him. Does anyone in his area know if he is Okay?



  5. Again, I think this is the first time in my life that Mondays are fun for me:



    1 CastleMan Star (silver - got my eye on a BN one - "Dear Santa...")

    1 GCC Gameboard - so now I've an extra one of those... trades?



    Blue Canary

    Dliming & Crew (brass)


    Just found out that I might be getting a Polaris Quad for Christmas... but I'd really rather have a laptop with mapping and caching software on it... I guess it's time to speak up. dadgum store credit!

  6. We saw it ever so briefly up here in SW Maine.

    I think what we saw was the solid rocket boosters flaring off of the main body... we saw something larger and way faster than an aircraft coming our direction... then - flash! Bright orange flare. We could barely see it for a few seconds more after that, but it was cookin'.

    My kids were disappointed, but I was thrilled!

    Growing up in So. Cal. I'd see rocket launches all the time in the evening or night sky. Later, living near Ventura, we could see the launches from Lompoc and most definitely heard them re-enter.

    We came in and watched the video... I always cry at those things...



  7. Nature LOVED him! He was recycled in the most e-friendly way possible - as mulch and fecal matter that returned to the earth to renew it...

    What an idiot.




    Ever heard of Timothy Treadwell?


    He was an "Environmentalist" and look what Nature thought about him.

  8. Thanks for giving me both the cacher placer and the cache reviewer perspectives. That helps and calmed me down. There is only one thing that sucks more than having to remove a cache that has been horned out by a lamp post micro... archiving one that has been stolen or repeatedly muggled. <_<:mad::)


    I'll begin immediately to send my local reviewer the caches already hidden, along with the additional waypoints...


    Thanks again!


    of The GeoGadgets Team

  9. I've been working on a major Geocache release in my area. It is themed and the areas I've been hiding the caches in are specific to the theme.

    Now, where I live there isn't a huge cache saturation in the area, but new cachers have started hiding caches on top of the ones I've already hidden (but not released).


    How do I go about maintaining this theme, long-thought out multiple cache release?

    Do I send coordinates to the approvers?

    Do I send warnings to the other cachers in the area and tell them not to plan caches for these spots?


    Of course a cache is a cache... but the ones being hidden are, well, the hiders might as well drive up, throw a container out of their car window and then log the coordinates. In other words, not a lot of thought goes into the process. I'm not saying I'm a better cacher by any means... just want to know how to protect what I've been working so hard on.

  10. According the NASA website, the launch is rescheduled for 8:47 PM EST. We are really hoping for clear weather here in Maine. Supposedly, the launch will be visible along the coast all the way to Nova Scotia. My kids are so jazzed. We went outside all bundled up to watch on Thursday (I let them stay up late), but all we got was hot chocolate and snowed on...


    The glow of the booster rockets off the snow would be awesome!


    Link To Shuttle Info


    Link to Launch Info

  11. Wow! I received a GCC Gameboard coin and five (count them - 5!) Geowoodstock wooden coins...

    from Mustang Joni!

    I really feel guilty now... I just traded her a coin...

    Trade me something else MJ... I promise to put a little extra in the package next time! :wub:

  12. I love Mondays for mail!

    In Trades:

    Lizardtoadz Decypher (red) - Thanks LadyBee4T!



    Zodiac Sagittarius (x4)

    Magic 8-Ball Green (x2)

    Magic 8-Ball Blue (x2)

    GeocachingDragon ASilver (x2)

    GeocachingDragon AGold (x2)


    Mailed out:

    Quigley Jones Silver (to Mustang Joni)



  13. Where we used to live (Northern California), going Geocaching at night was fun, relatively safe and still challenging, and we did it a LOT because on weekends that was a great time to get out of the house without the kids ... doing something fun together, getting out of the house, and with a goal. In fact, our 24 hour find records all take place at night, usually into the wee hours. Since moving to Maine, and having Steak working a graveyard shift job, and with the local volunteer approving caches around 9 p.m., this is the only way to get FTFs (Yes, I'm a FTFW and proud of it).

    In fact, it is almost guaranteed that in the dark and rain, late at night in the woods, it is a great way to meet other local cachers! Example: GCZK40.

    And sometimes, as in that case, daylight makes finding them so much easier...



  14. Seeking:


    GeoFairy Coin (please Santa, please! I promise I won't poke my eye out...)

    Zodiac - Leo

    Lizardstoadz (Toadz Decypher only)

    F-14 Tomcat


    GCC Gameboard

    Caught Redhanded

    Pirates of the Harriman (I, II and III)

    Puzzle set of four coins


    I have added a number of coins to my trade list. Please PM me or email with trade offers.

  15. I see no one has mentioned why I don't stop when I see someone on the side of the road, and I'm alone:

    In the '80's, in So. California (where I am originally from), there was a rash of men or groups of men who would pose as broke-down or disabled motorists... some even acting as though they were in phyiscal distress. This would normally happen on less-travelled roads, but occasionally it happened on busy highways. When a female would pull over to assist, she was often raped, molested and on occasion, kidnapped and/or murdered. If a man pulled over to help the 'stranded' motorist would say he had the problem handled and set up again waiting for a victim. Local CHP posted bulletins in newspapers warning women not to help stranded motorists, but instead to drive to the nearest phone booth (pre-cellphone days) and call it in. This was about the same time those cardboard car shades began popping up with "Needs Help - Call 911" on one side.

    I was raised to always help a stranded motorist, so this was a tough thing for me. When I moved to Northern California, people on the side of the road could easily be killed if stranded too long, so I 'broke' that training. We'll see what happens now that we live in Maine where people break down in snowy, blizzardy conditions...

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