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  1. One that I know of in Maine (GC1C5Q1) I'm in Southern Maine, so was thinking of doing one here or in NH at 8 p.m. (the one above is for 8 a.m.) If I could generate interest, maybe I could interest the other half into helping me...
  2. Wow, Valerie... when I heard Humboldt Fire, I thought it would be in Humboldt County. Keep us up to date on your condition. Having lived in California most of my life, you'd think that fires like that would be common place, but you never ever get used to it. Around here (Maine) a brush fire that burns 10 acres is considered huge. I think it is because of all the timber. With my experience, it just seems so puny to me. Our prayers and good wishes are with you.
  3. Gorgeous! I like anything like that, with globes, compass roses, etc. Sign me up for two of each metal, please.
  4. Still have a lot of trading to do... anybody?
  5. I have been out of serious collecting for nearly a year now, so am behind and apologize if I dupe anything. I am looking for the following coins: - Zodiac Gemini - Any / all of the Carosel Horses - Dark Side of the Cache - Pirates of the Harriman IV - Eragon/Sephira - any / all 2008 Compass Roses - 2007 Isle of Man - any / all Dragonfly coins - Time & Space - Pirate Treasure - Knights Templar - any / all surfboards What I have to trade. All are trackable and unactivated unless otherwise noted: - Castle Man Golden State (1 each Brass, Bronze) - B2 Bomber (1 each gold, pewter) - Geocaching Squad Magellan Pewter - Hitchhiker's Guide 42 - Tempting the Fates - Magic 8-ball green - GCC TFTC - GCC Monopoly Gameboard Nov 06 - Zodiac Aries - Zodiac Taurus - Zodiac Pisces - Zodiac Capricorn - Zodiac Aquarius - Zodiac Final - Crake Swallowtail - Crake Symbology (1 each copper, bronze, silver) - Crake Autumn Rose - Crake Ice Rose - Crake Midnight Rose - Crake 12 Days of Caching (complete 4 pc. plus velvet bag) - Crake Malachite Butterfly - Crake Prickly Pear (1 each gold, silver) - Crake 2007 Suncatcher (1 each gold, silver) - Triple Dragon (complete set: 1 each gold, silver, antique copper, antique silver, two-tone LE) - Double Dragon (untrackable) - Four Elements gold - Wretched Skull Will consider sets for sets. All emails will be answered! RedwoodRed
  6. What about low-find cachers who go to a place looking for an easy six-find cache hunt only to complain that the caches hidden in the guard rails couldn't possibly have been placed there with permission, and then proceed to petition to have the entire series shut down. Oh, and they complained at how 'disappointing' the whole thing was because they weren't stealthy enough to avoid detection? Makes me want to quit hiding any frigging thing... Supposedly they have 500+ finds, but have never, EVER hunted a single cache that wasn't placed on property without the owner's express permission. How many of us ask for permission from the owner (including city, county and state entities) when placing caches under lamp skirts, in and around guard rails and even at the base of a tree in a park? Should this be a different topic? Naw... complainers are still just that...
  7. Secret Cupid? Please, count me in! I missed the whole Secret Santa-thing... Besides, back in my CB Radio days I was known as "The Queen of Hearts", so anything Valentine related is especially dear to me. Valentine's Day is second only to Christmas (and my birthday!) when it comes to holidays...
  8. Wow! BF! A voice from (nearly!) home! I miss caching in SO so-o-o much... You and SallyC need to come to Maine to cache. But, back to the original topic... Being a person who makes her own jewelry, I've been 'playing with' silver clay for years. It is an expensive medium to experiment with, but the results (even the off ones) are always cool. This would be an excellent way to play with a coin design before sending it off to a minter, me thinks. Anyway, say "Hi!" to your uncle and aunt for me. We really miss you all! Any cool Pizza Events lately?
  9. Not in the mail... but even better! I went to an event last night and had handed to me a complete set (all five!) KayakerinME coins! I had brought coins to trade, but the trader only wanted one of them! These are incredibly beautiful and unique. I have coveted them since first seeing (and discovering) them at another event. Had emailed the owner with requests for trade and didn't hear back... What an excellent surprise! Christmas came late for me, but well worth waiting for!
  10. This has been a good week... only two padded envelopes, but they had great stuff in 'em! Zodiac Capricorn (x3) Copper Geocaching Zone Set Never STOP Geocaching set Geocaching Squad - Magellan Armed (x2) Taking all my coins to an event Friday, so gotta get back to organizing them and making sure the new ones are included in the folders... HeeHee!
  11. I believe SirGerald coins are only trackable through utahgeocachers.com. I think you go there to activate it. Thank you for pointing me in that direction. However, it turns out that it is only trackable on that website, and I had a HECKUVA time figuring out how to go about tracking that one! Oh well... I still can't find the site to activate the Manituela coin... anybody?
  12. Oh, and I can't use the original sleeve, as these were trades and didn't come with them. Just thought I'd pre-empt it if that came up...
  13. I can't seem to locate the place to get activation codes for my Manituela and Sir Gerald coins... Can anyone offer any assistance? TIA
  14. Has BF posted whether or not anyone has figured it out? My save the server some grief... I've been trying to get on the site for hours... had I known there were contests I probably would have known what the issh was. My attempt: You were camping, went fishing and cooked your fish, accidently burning it. Set it on a nice wooden box that you use as a table for camping and it left an impression similar to what you now use as your moniker... so you woodburned the image into the box permenantly? That is the wild thing that came into my head when I read the OP.
  15. On the OP's original topic/issue: I am sure that Geocoins didn't start out being collectible, profitable or any of that. In fact, I believe wooden tokens were the first Geocoins? I could be wrong... won't be the first time. Some folks just kicked it up a notch. For some of us, it is most assuredly an addiction - one I wouldn't trade for any other, except maybe hugs from my kids. For me personally, Geocoins are about visually appealing, physical heft, something tactile and pleasing to touch and peruse... and part of it for me is the obsessive/compulsive aspect of collecting. Some of us collect every single coin produced, or would like to. Others, like myself, are attracted to certain subject matter, or coins that depict specific places or experiences. For me it is dragons, anything fantasy-oriented, and places I've Geocached, like specific states. However, as with anything there are exceptions, and somewhere in my brain a magpie lives to collect bright, colorful and shiny objects... I try to resist the magpie, but why bother? It doesn't change my fervent attitude toward caching, and I have never taken another's coin found in a cache to keep as my own. I'm also an Icon Ho, so discovering or moving Geocoins is attractive for that reason... Just like some people hate/abhore/can't stand micros... Don't knock it just because it doesn't work for you. Oh, I love sushi, too! Doesn't make me weird...
  16. Oh Glenn... I so sympathize with you. My own father was just diagnosed with melanoma cancer tumors all through his body, but mostly in his brain. I just returned from California to spend as much time as I could with him. My family and I send our sympathy and love to you in this time of sorrow. We will keep you in our hearts and prayers. You are a good person, Glenn, as we've done business and traded before and you've always been caring, level-headed and fair in my dealings with you. I can only imagine that you learned this from your parents and I salute you and your family. Funerals and sympathies are for the survivors, as those who have departed are in a far better place... Take care! Lori, Eric, Matt and Sean The GeoGadgets Team
  17. I know I've missed something... travel away from the 'net for a week, and you miss so much. I saw in the giveaways cool little Jeep coins. Well, being Jeep owners, we gotta have one/some! The one I saw was in THIS thread... How can I get my grips on these? Do they come in more than one color (Yellow preferred, but not necessary)? TIA, Red
  18. First chance I've had to visit my PO Box since returning from California... Set of four Sylvan Seekers - gold, silver, bronze and copper - they are gorgeous! Lizardtoadz Toadz Code blue with pin Fire Elemental coin - this is one of the neatest coins I've seen! Love it! UNited for Diabetes TB and the big surprise! Happy Holidays 2006 coin from OakCoins - thanks so much! I didn't ask... didn't order it... it just showed up! I concur with who ever said that Geocoin collectors get Christmas on a nearly daily basis! Unfortunately, my checking account feels the hit... One of the cooler things - sending out nearly 40 coins sold on eBay: all packed and ready to ship tomorrow. And Thanks for all who sent well-wishes about my Dad... appreciated so much!
  19. So glad it arrived... don't have any idea why the hold up, though... Had the envelope been opened or anything?
  20. One of these appeared in my PO box today... very unexpected! How sweet and generous you are!
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