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  1. This category would mainly be for operating antique steam locomotives, but could include modern engines as well, as long as they were available to the public to be seen operating. This could also include antique steam tractors, stationary steam engines, etc.
  2. Let me know when and where the net is. I'll try to log in. KC0SKX
  3. I earned my Tech in May of 2004, then started studying the code hard in January. I earned my General in March, and one week later earned my Extra. KC0SKX
  4. I got the picture Saturday. I'll take care of getting it logged sometime this week.
  5. OK, I'll work on that next week. It shouldn't be a problem at all.
  6. I might be able to play with you. I can get to the coordinates you want, but mine are 53 17.92, So I doubt you can get to mine.
  7. I need to get the TB number before I can go any further. I've emailed the owner, but no response. I may have to go back to where I left it, just to get the number.
  8. I appreciate the 'scroll" advice Strikeforce, but (at the time), that was the only TB I had. Eartha: it still does not show up in my inventory when I enter a log.
  9. thanks, I've emailed the owner to get the TB number (which I forget to write down), so that I can try to re-retreive it.
  10. I have a travel bug that shows in my inventory when I look at the "my Cache" page, but does not show up when I try to log a find, and drop it off. I have dropped the TB off, but since it doesn't show in my inventory, I can't drop it off. and yes, this is a legitimate cache, not a micro or or virtual. What should I do?
  11. Under the Follow Road Option in Setup you can select Car/Motorcycle, Truck, Bus, Emergency, Taxi, Delivery, and Pedestrian, according to my manual.
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