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  1. Here is a link to the photo gallery, we put it in the front yard just so our wood carving of signal would not get stolen http://www.geocaching.com/seek/gallery.asp...68-af99f2f6f63d BTW the wood carving is a TB and can be discovered
  2. 1.Hides and Finds Geocoin #4 The Stick Pile 2. Prawling Panther Prowler53 Geocoin 3. Midwest Geobash 2006 Passing the torch Geocoin 4. Fragglestock Event Geocoin Any Info on these coins would be appreciated if anyone has one for sale let us know, Thanks Sweetlife
  3. Here is a good idea for a change to the GC.com web site, On the profile page where the list of bugs / coins that you are holding is, would there be a way to separate the ones that you own from other coins and bugs that you are moving along. The problem is that we are starting to get quite a collection of our own coins that we are not going to send out to the world, we are holding them to take to events and etc. It would be easier to see what TB's are actually in our possession if this was 2 separate lists.
  4. I guess this is where I am coming from there is One Page on Geocaching, One GC**** Number, wouldn't that be one log, one Smiley????
  5. This is our signal The Traveling Bug TBZ28J, He travels to events with us, but when we are home he sits near a cache in our parents front yard. Post a picture of your favorite TB
  6. Here in wisconsin, many Geocachers Seem to think that you can log a Attended event for every temporary cache they find during the event, Is there a way in the system that it could be set up that you can only log a cache once, not just events attended even regular caches should only be able to be "found" once by each geocaching account. This would make the numbers game a little less inflated, would be really nice if this would go retroactive and fix all past logs too. I just think its odd to attend the same event over and over again. We have even ran across people doing maintainance on their own caches and logging this as a find multiple times at the same cache.
  7. lots of areas in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan are like this, more so towards the Western and Northern area.
  8. We have a good Idea and some artwork made up, Thanks to my background in printing, where do we go from here?
  9. Here is my campaign stand, If you vote for me I will get gas prices to drop so we can geocache farther than a tank full away from home by next summer. We Took a picture of our green jeep discovering his new Green Friend our Signal Wood Carving that we turned into a TB who travels to events. Vote for my picture here is the link http://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?L...2c-6e7ddbaff61d We thank you for your support Sweetlife
  10. Here is another live one, she came with us to a event this weekend littlefinn http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...8a-7588d08c3ddb
  11. We have started a collection of Geocoins and would like to know where we can get the Hard Cases that are about 3x4 with the black Insert to hold them tight. Any help would be appreciated
  12. Hello , We love your coin. We don't at this time have our own personal geocoin, but would love to purchase one. Thanks, Sweetlife P.S. Please email us at northwoods_yorkies@yahoo.com if this is possible to receive one of your coins.
  13. I just was searching around geocaching.com for some caches to find and noticed that both of these teams have a habit of logging their own caches: florida location folks have logged 18 caches that they have placed and 5 others that they are the co-owners of. Suprisingly the other owner of these 5 caches, atlantis shuttle commander also logs their own caches as finds. To me this just is not right, But I guess if I place the cache then turn around 3 times and get a bit dizzy, then look for the cache and find it, it could be considered a find----right????
  14. This weekend we found a bug (possibly) with no tag with it, it has a bug info sheet with it so at some time it was a TB The name is "Where a Bug Can Be a Bug TB" Its mission was to travel to resturants and visit its hometown of Milwaukee WI from time to time. Any ideas on how to find the owner or search TB Names????
  15. do they make a cable to hook between a garmin GPS with the 4 pin to a Palm TX???? Anyone know????
  16. we just reciently purchased a palm TX and would like to know if anyone has used maping programs in them??? something where we can upload a .loc into them and not have to manually put in the coordinates??? Any Help?
  17. we had a offset cache archived for a reason similar to this, at a local wayside where we had the coord under a toilet seat and our local approver thought this was unexceptable. here is the waypoint GCPW40 if you wanna look
  18. well we were bored enough to look there are 47 pages within 100 miles of our house that totals 933 caches we could not find a page without a checkmark. knowing where we have been caching in the 14 months we have been doing this, we would prob have to go quite a few more pages.
  19. lately we have not recieved any emails when our caches are visited or note posted on their pages. Is there something I can do to fix this we checked our email addy in our profile and it is correct. we tried to put our own caches on a watch list and the website wont let us.
  20. Our travelbug is in europe and we can not read the logs, how can we translate them Our travel bug name is Sweetlife Honeymoon Travel Bug Ref: number TBHK50
  21. Hi My parents(masscityfin) are new to geocaching and we just introduced this new and fun hobby to them in november,2004. They have spent money to buy bug tags and have had alot of time consumed into getting travel bugs ready and we released one of them into our cache and someone by the name of FUN4ME has taken Their "FinHummer" travel bug and has been holding it Over 3 months and we have emailed her many times and she has not even had the courtecy to even reply back. She had been geocaching since November when she took my parents travel bg and and has picked up and dropped off other travel bug. Guess we need to know what we can do next???? My parenst are upset as this was their first travel bug and it is being held and not getting anywhere. Sweetlife
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