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  1. Merry Christmas, and a lovely package. Makes me smile
  2. Congratulation's Valarie a wonderful looking coin Thank You So Much A wonderful Christmas present indeed L.O.V.E.
  3. Thank You Mystery Geocoiner from Norway. I am truly touched. Merry Christmas, Thank You for thinking of me ~Valarie of sweetlife
  4. Merry Christmas, wow that was hard to duck down between every snowball throw
  5. Congratulations and Merry Christmas from our house to yours Hope the move goes smooth for your Youngest.
  6. The deer Christmas Coin is adorable The deer is a plastic stick-on Christmas card, though I do like your idea! OOH My Mistake, It would make a great Geocoin
  7. FTS again this year And waiting for FTA. No FTA but ...............EMAIL SENT: December 2th 2015. NAME RECIEVED: : December 3th 2015. MISSION SENT: December 3th 2015. MISSION ARRIVED AT DESTINATION: MISSION RECIEVED:December 8th 2015 Thanks Valarie for the big envelope You Betcha, I hope you like everything I have sent you Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours, I hope you are referring to me Ho Ho Ho! ~Valarie of sweetlife
  8. A late entry.... Would someone like to have a second or third mission? The first one to answer will be matched with sweetlife I received an e-mail and everything is settled Thank You for letting me be included at such a late notice. I feel cheerful today ~Valarie of sweetliife
  9. My favorite Mission every Year. We never have anyone to have Christmas with just ourselves so it is always a sad time of year. I can always use a smile and receiving mail from Someone during the holidays. I love Christmas and Christmas is never been the same since my grandma passed away in 1995. Since then no one gets together for Christmas anymore. I really miss that. Sent my email to participate Merry Christmas Everyone from Our House to Yours. ~Valarie of sweetlife Name sent: 12-1-15 Name received 12-1-15 Mission sent 12-2-15 All Ready to go out in the mail today, HoHoHo! Mission Received
  10. will there be a Christmas Mission?
  11. Congratulations, I am happy you received one Keep On Caching! ~Valarie of sweetlife
  12. What a bummer that people join these and do not follow thru hope a list is being kept for future missions. Sorry to hear this RecipeForDisaster
  13. Thank You for checking in on this for me, I look at it this way no news is good news Have a lovely weekend everyone
  14. Please don't let this keep you from joining our Here Comes Wyatt Earp mission My recipient never said if my mission arrived as well. I hope they enjoyed their package. This will not stop me from being in a mission again. I tried my best ~Valarie of sweetlife
  15. I have not heard if my mission has arrived to recipient ~Valarie of sweetlife
  16. Really really really beautiful, I have never ever seen one in hand, they have always been to expensive or hard to get. Hope to see one someday, Jim. Keep On Caching! ~Valarie of sweetlife
  17. WOW, that is a beautiful lighthouse geocoin Congrats!
  18. cant wait to see them in hand Looks very pretty
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