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  1. Fine on windows 10 32bit (Firefox and chrome), Haven't tried linux or windows 10 64bit at the moment.
  2. We go up there once in a while to visit family.
  3. We are in Texas but started caching near Allentown.
  4. Welcome! We started somewhere around Allentown, PA.
  5. It works fine for me, but I think I have seen this a few times. I'm also using Chrome and Windows 10.
  6. I think that virtual rewards are great but I hope to see more in the future. I will work on the idea of historycaches. Thanks for the number of virtual reward caches I didn't know that there were that many.
  7. I haven't read the entire page but virtuals and webcamcaches should , in my opinion, come back with limits and I know that there have been some limited releases. And there should be, like earthcaches, historycaches. Sorry that I'm 5 years late for this post.
  8. Hey, I saw a cacher who had hidden 7 caches but now it says he only hid #1(GC9488T) and #7(GC94CAY) the rest are gone. The user's(CommunistOnions) account was also locked.
  9. This is probably why his account was locked: CommunistOnions Premium Member 230 Write note 5/8/2021 PRIZE If you place coins inside this cache, I will add the amount of coins you added into the cache and also some vouchers. This deal will expire on the 12th of May so be quick!! View Log I don't think that this is allowed.
  10. It all looks nice. TB looks great in some of the newer photos. It is odd how this was one of the biggest pages for a few weeks and now the last post was April 26.
  11. That is true. This is an account like that. But some of those inactive accounts are also like that.
  12. A lot of the accounts have been abandoned or are inactive. So there are a lot less players than accounts.
  13. Yeah, what happened to get you here to start with???
  14. Have the same problem here! So few waymarkers I have only found a few, but there are a few I would like to find just haven't done them yet. Also wish you could do them through geocaching.com.
  15. I have hidden 12, 1 now archived (it was archived because one of the guys that lives near it didn't like the cache so he made his own account so he could find them and contacted HQ and claimed it was his land so it he could have it archived, I have heard he also did it to a few other caches), and 2 unpublished (if you count those caches I have 14). One of them is an earth cache the others are all traditional caches.
  16. Not a bad idea. I haven't had many(or any that I know of) problems with this on my caches, some of my caches have more logs in the logbook than online.
  17. Works fine for me. I have not had any problems.
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