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  1. Also, you might be able to catch the "Coaster" train back to O'side !
  2. Depending on how adventurous you are.....crash where you fall in a sleeping bag ? I'm trying to think a way around the motel gig....
  3. I'd love to join you for part of you walk ! Please be aware, we are in our peak tourist season, anything Motel/Hotel wise is likely to be very scarce unless you book ahead ! Please stay in touch !
  4. I had read the rant before all the replies hit. Bit my tongue a bit.... My thought was "OK, so what have YOU done to improve the game ?"
  5. Funny you posted this, I posted almost the same thing yesterday ! Still messing around but haven't solved the issue as of yet !
  6. Still working on it....the driver is installed (ok I think) I'll try the port isssue, thanks for the replies. I've also found that things tend to work better if your force it to use a lower (1-4) COM port even if it defaults to something higher.
  7. I have a etex vista with s serial cable. I haven't cached i a few years but would like to start again. My laptop doesn't have a serial port so I bought a USB to serial cable as a fix. Problem is my laptop recognizes the usb cable as a "device". When I try to send info to the GPsR I receive a error message saying the port is in use by another device. Any help please ?
  8. OK, being fairly new to the game, what are some suggestions for swap items ? Tomorrow my 5 yr granddaughter is going caching with me........she is has the idea that we will be finding Satellites. The good news is she is a great spirited little girl and I'm sure she is going to love the hikes as well as following the arrow on the GPSr. I've read of some burned music cd's as trade items. Now that's something I would like to find, yet what is the cost for making a cd ??? I have to go back and do some posting of caches I have found. I'm not into the numbers that I have found, but then I did realize that if I owned a cache, that I would like to know of people finding it. As I have been sitting here reading the posts, it reminds me of a camping trip at the "River" when my kids were middle school aged.....When we checked into the office at the camp we were given about 3 pages of rules. I handed the rules to my kids to read. The kids thought that there sure were a bunch of rules. We summed up the three pages with one simple statement......."Be kind and considerate". Seems like it applies to caching as it does the rest of life........
  9. Smiles, yes, I got mine today too.......so far it's pretty sweet, but I fell asleep reading the manual !!!
  10. I'm so excited, after a 5 week wait, my Vista just got here.......the chili is simmering. I have T-Mobile and Dave has Verizon, so hopefully 'tween the two of us we can catch a signal.
  11. Congrats Wooliebear ! I'll be peering out the window and listening for the rumble of the Big Brown Truck all day.
  12. Sigh.......yeah, that was quite the October. For me, it's a long story. But the cell service news is good, my daughter is thinking of driving out for the afternoon with her two little girls. She isn't all that familiar with that part of the county, so thanks for letting me know !!!
  13. Does anyone know how the cell service is in the Blar Valley area ?
  14. Yippee, it's finally happening. I just called Office Max, my Vista is on it's way. For anyone waiting, my order date was Sept. 10th and my delivery date is now Oct. 21st.
  15. If you are still looking for people to set loose a travel bug, I'd be happy to ! I live in San Diego. Last week I sent a Calif. Geo Coin to VA. It went to a cacher I met online, but I think it will be fun to see where the coin ends up going.......Wanna trade a bug for a Calif. Coin ?
  16. I just got a call from Amy at Office Max....My newest "delivery" date is Oct. 21. My order date is Sept. 10th !!! Geeze !!! Amy said she has a list of 51 people to call.........
  17. With Office Max it seems they have daily changes in their prices........check often !!! Could even try calling 1 800 283 7674 and see what they quote you as a price over the phone.
  18. Hmmm, what was your order date ? I'm from Sept. 10th and still waiting......
  19. I wish I had been at the beach !!! I was at the dreaded work over the weekend. Did manage to squeeze in two finds Sat. night while out map shopping. Still waiting for my GPS.........Geeze, some people are taking cuts (JK) I ordered mine on Sept. 10th. Anyone here really good at puzzle caches, or is that a different thread ?
  20. Fingers crossed, is "Today" my day for delivery ??? But geeze, after I get mine, I'll miss all you guys on this forum !!
  21. My lower lip is sticking out....pout......CONGRATS !!!!! What method of shipping did they use ???
  22. <blushes> Thanks Bluedog Hopefully yours will arrive today! (you placed your order way before mine - see below). Looks like the good news keeps rolling in... ************* Current Status: Your order is in transit or has arrived at its final destination Order Date: 09-12-2004 Delivery Date: 09-22-2004 ************* Hopefully today! Where's my phone ?? Got's to call !!! Dog Beach new Geocache sight awaits my creation ! Hey, do you use yahoo messenger ?
  23. The 10th That's my order date too !!! I'm gonna have to call !!!
  24. Yesterday while outside gardening, the UPS truck stops a way from my house, I'm jumping up and down saying "pick me, pick me"..........UPS ude fires up truck and leaves.......I think he was "losted".....looks like no GPS for work this weekend..... My neighbors keep getting packages and I keep asking..."Got anything for me?" "Smiles".........the wait is hard when we are all waiting to get out there and have some fun ! Yesterday I went to Dog Beach (a portion of Ocean Beach in San Diego that is a leash-free area) and scoped out a place to put my first cache. Found what I hope to be a really good spot. The cache will be more or less a remembrance for a boxer dog that has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. I know I want to put lots of tennis balls for dogs in it, some film cannisters for poop bags "leave only paw prints" type thing. I am wide open for suggestion on what to put into the cache to make it a "worthwhile" stop !!! All suggestions welcome !!! Is it safe to assume that rawhide bones would be a no-no for a cache ?
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