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  1. yay my first geocoin, well coins, arrived today. how exciting. i was thinking i would keep one and send one on its way, but now that i see them it is much tougher to decide which one to send on an adventure. oh and i have my red ticket, maybe if i won a coin it would be easier to part with one
  2. Yay! My first geocoin EVER! Truthfully though, I ordered this for my mom for Christmas, SO i better give it to her as intended. I was blown away by the detail and beauty of this thing. She will love it and I doubt it will ever touch a cache. I tried explaining the whole "collection" idea to her, but now that she sees this I think she will understand why some of these coins would be so hard to part with.
  3. Schools are off limits without express permission of the administration. If the cache was there with permission it was most likely placed by students and there was no need to to feel awkward. If it was there without permission, you should report it to your reviewer immediately. Generally if a school give permission it will say so on the cache page. If in doubt report it and let the reviewer sort it out. As it turns out one of the school bus drivers is a cacher, so it was all good.
  4. I know what you mean. I once went to hunt for a cache that was stuck to a school . I came back later, even though school wasn't even in the first time. It just felt awkward, so I went and re-checked the cache page and talked to a friend that had already found it.
  5. And is this "event" logged as a find each week by the same group of mates, who are efectively just "popping down the pub once a week for a chat/pint/ with the locals ? I believe it asks on the page that you only log once, but it is the same page that is updated weekly, so it would still only be one cache right? Anyway, I doubt anyone is abusing is and I didn't notice any repeat finds when I was on there.
  6. There is a local event that happens every week I believe. I noticed there are some coins in the inventory. I was just wondering if there is always a physical cache along with the event, or is the host just putting these in the inventory? I was thinking of attending, but don't want to miss out if there is a physical cache to be found. If there is not- then why have coins in the inventory?
  7. hmm e-mail sent. is it possible that once my two orders arrive i will officially be addicted ? so far i have ordered a couple of these and a beautiful butterfly too.
  8. Let the addiction begin... I ordered my first geocoin. The earth style butterfly for my mom for Christmas. Yay!
  9. I was just wondering if anyone had ever ordered from Tiger111Hk.com ? I had never heard of them before but they have the bag I would like to purchase for geocaching and some other christmas ideas. Feedback? Looks like reasonable prices on things. Thanks!
  10. Well I have never participated in one of these, but when I read the posting about your grandma and the celebration of life I couldn't help but think of my own grandma.... My Grandma Stephens (my mom's mom) was a special lady, as are all grandmas, but she didn't really like to go outside with us much and left most of the playing to my grandpa. We would often play hide the button around the house because she could do this while reading her books, or heaven forbid, watching her stories (the soaps). Eventually, my grandma was diagnosed with alzheimer's. We started noticing something was wrong, but the alzheimer's didn't truly surface until after one of her later surgeries. It was very difficult for all of us because in her mind she was much younger and my mother was not even born yet, let alone me and my brothers. It became very difficult for my mom to visit her in the home, especially without my grandpa there to support her. One of the last memories I have of my grandma is all of us visiting her. She often referred to me as Jennifer. My mother told her, "No, this is Jessa- your grandaughter and she got As and Bs in school this semester." My grandma nodded and smiled and we weren't sure if she had followed what my mother had said. Later, another gentleman in the alzheimer's ward passed by and my grandma says "Hey, you there. This is my grandaughter and she got all As!" She then leaned over to me and whispers, "It is ok if we fudge a little." Although I have many memories of my grandma when she was well, this one sticks out in my mind as one of the last fun times we had together.
  11. I have this unit you speak of. It is my first and only GPS and I use it strictly for geocaching and it works fine. I haven't thought of using it for anything else really. I use a palm for paperless caching, so I am good to go with the Venture HC.
  12. Hey, I just started too. Welcome! I just thought I'd comment that things like this are something I'd love to see in a cache. thanks! i really liked the idea too, plus its a bit of self promotion as the site to get more is on the back. if i could afford it i would have more ordered and place them as trade items, but i dont think cache containers can hack it and i would hate to waste them. Be careful with the self-promotion thing. While there are no rules which specifically prevent you from adding swag that is self promoting, one of the aspects of the game that many enjoy is that for the most part it's an activity where you can get out to get away from constant commercial solicitation. Please reconsider using this activity, and those that participate it in as potential customers for your personal commercial gain. Groundspeak specifically does not allow geocaches to be placed which are commerical in nature or promotes an agenda. Since you're considering placing these postcards quality photos as swag they could theoretically end up in one of my geocaches and I didn't place them to provide a free "billboard" for others to advertise their wares. I understand what you are saying and I was only noting that it is an added benefit to aside from the fact that it is some truly nice swag. I don't intend to advertise in anyway, just including these two postcards that I printed for myself in my first cache. It isn't anymore of an advertisement for the site than would be placing a Nike keychain in a cache is an advertisement for Nike. I was thinking of putting a couple of stamps in those particular bags as well. Anyway, thanks for the comments everyone!
  13. Just got home and opened up my newbie kit! I am definitely going to have to get a bigger container for my first cache, but it did come with some micros. Should be fun! It also came with a travel bug, so my little brother is thrilled! He says he wants it to go to Pennsylvania Don't ask me why, he's an 11 year old boy so it's hard telling what on his mind.
  14. Hey, I just started too. Welcome! I just thought I'd comment that things like this are something I'd love to see in a cache. thanks! i really liked the idea too, plus its a bit of self promotion as the site to get more is on the back. if i could afford it i would have more ordered and place them as trade items, but i dont think cache containers can hack it and i would hate to waste them. i am getting a lock & lock with my newbie kit, but im not sure on the size just yet. i am planning to hide it on the trace we have nearby. also where i have been finding my caches so far.
  15. greetings! this is my first post as i have just recently started the sport of geocaching. so far i have logged 5 finds. the first find was nearly right in backyard and i live in a very rural part of iowa, so i was shocked to find a geocache so close! i take my little brother out with me and my mom is getting in to it as well. as soon as i found the first cache, a micro by the way, but not tiny, i decided i wanted to hide one, but wanted to find a few to see what is in them. what a bunch of junk. fortunately i enjoy the hunt or i would have been greatly disappointed. for now i just sign the log and take some pictures. i have been working on gathering some items for my own cache, tell me what you think: glow sticks from orschelens a couple of new keychains with hunting type theme 2 professionally printed post cards of photos i have taken locally maybe a FTF prize of a gift cert. to the one single place to eat in my little town maybe a dog toy or two i should be receiving my newbie kit from cache-advance today! my little brother really wants to get a travel bug going, but i dont have a lot of faith in the local caches to get them moving. i found a cache this weekend that was supposed to have a travel bug, but i didnt come across one, didnt dig too closely either cause it looked like junk to me. i am also working on a sig item. i bought some blank wooden nickels and im going to have a custom rubber stamp made of my avatar(tattoo) and stamp that and my name on it. how would i go about getting them trackable on the sigitems page?? i guess i had more questions than i thought!
  16. reporting for duty again..... i think this is it
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