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  1. To help protect from minor scratches I covered my 60cs display with a screen protector designed for PDAs. They custom fit them for PDA screens ( I had to cut mine down to fit the GPS ) would be intersting to see if they'll size them for GPS units. Basically there just thin sheets of plastic that keep dust of the screen, prevent minor scratches and reduce glare on the screen. They leave no residue when you peel them away to replace them. I've been using them on my PDA for about two years and they work great. They sell them most places that sell PDAs. I picked mine up at Best Buy. It's called Write Right by a company called Fellowes, in case anyone's interested. I think they were about $15 for 12 sheets.
  2. I ordered Garwin's Topo software so I could download it to the unit. In terms of detail it looks as though there are much better products out there to be used on the PC. I am looking for something that would allow me to transfer waypoints bewtween the desktop and 60cs and vice versa. I also want to create my own maps and (not a neccesity but would be nice) upload them to someplace where they'll print them kinda like Topozone does http://www.topozone.com. I live on the US East Coast but would prefer entire US maybe Canada and Mexico or even entire globe. If bought in seperate packages that's fine. I don't want to spend too much more than $100 but would consider if the product is really da bomb. So what would you reccomend and why? Thanks in advance.
  3. I did a search on unlock did not find the answers in the results so appologize in advance if this has been covered already. I see you have two unlocks on (all?) software products ( I ordered Topo and will probably get City Select ). 1) I assume I can install on multiple computers? I have at least 4 I would like to install on. 2) I guess the unit has to be connected to a PC, otherwise how would it know wheter that unlock code has been used before? Am I connected through the internet to Garwin when unlocking? Or do I send them my serial number and they send me a code? So basically where is the number of used unlock codes kept track of. I am not trying to circumvent Garwins secutrity I just want to understand the restrictions. 3) I see a number of posts rearding the latest firware upgrade for the 60 cs (compaas always on etc). I'm getting my new 60cs today which may have the old firmware. Am I better off waiting to upgrade the firmware?
  4. I just ordered a new 60CS and wanted an external antenna. The salesman sold me a Glisin? antenna for $25. He said the performance was as good as the Garwin which runs about $60 discounted. Anyone have experience with this antenna or reccomendations regarding external ants.
  5. I was leaning towards a Garmin 60cs but I've seen a number of posts saying Magellan units are better under cover. I'd like a color display and the electronic compass and barometer are pluses, but doesn't make much sense if I can't get signal under trees, where I spend alot of time in the Catskills in NY. Would consider Lowrance or other units, would like a color display and detailed topo software where I can build maps, enter waypoints and create my own maps. Good local streets and autorouting are a plus, but must get signal in the woods. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  6. I'm purchasing my first GPS and want to map out some land as well as do auto routing while drving/riding. With everything I've read I'm leaning towards the 60 cs but I have a couple of questions: 1) I saw Delormes TopoUSA http://www.delorme.com/topousa/default.asp and it looks like it blows away GARMIN MapSource US TOPO. Delorme says this is compatabile. Is anyone using it? What I would like to do is download the maps to the 60cs mark waypoints and then upload to PC and create and customize maps off the waypoints. FYI the area I am most interested in is UTM 18 535856E 4597116N (WGS84/NAD83) USGS Yankee Lake Quad 2) I live in a rural area in NY in Orange County. The magellan maps in my hertz rental had very little detail when you got off main roads. Is City streets a farily detailed product or is someone using something better. I know I can't expect the world living in the boonies (but I can try).
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