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  1. One of my puzzle caches uses something hidden in an archived cache - since the new search "improvements" that cache doesn't seem to appear in a search no matter what filter settings I use.
  2. Thanks - I have tried that and the settings seem the same as normal; I'll try toggling something on and off and see if that sorts it - seems I'm not the only one having this problem though!
  3. I hope it's not just me - out yesterday and my iPhone app was working perfectly. Today I tried "Search - location - current location" and the phone showed my position in the centre of the correct map, but no caches loaded. I tried again - same result, so I searched by the name of the nearest town - the town appeared but once again no caches loaded?
  4. Each to their own - I happen to enjoy Lab caches as an integral part of my geocaching experience. If you don't like them, don't do them, but please don't try to spoil things for those who do enjoy them. Perhaps I've been lucky - most of my Adventure Lab series [111 individual sites] have been both interesting and informative.
  5. Critters seem to be a problem in some places, especially if the container smells interesting! One of my [few] caches was being found on the ground or vanishing completely - in this case I blame inquisitive sheep! I changed the container for a much smaller one and so far it's been fine [touch wood]
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