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  1. I returned my Geomate to L L Bean today; too much hassle with the product, Website down, missing geocaches with the download, and so forth. Good idea but needs some work.
  2. Site seems to be up and running! Downloaded today's date of caches
  3. If I'm not mistaken, you need their cable. The web sight has been having problems this whole last week and no downloads have been available. I don't think I would spend the money on the cable. The company's history has been a little shakey.
  4. The web sight seems to be running, but the update date is 9/20. Oh we'll, maybe Monday!
  5. Geomate websight says downloads will be available on Monday.
  6. One of the reasons I like the Geomate is that I don't have to download specific caches. Recently when I was on vacation I completed most of the caches I had downlodad to my Magellan and also had taken a different route home than I had anticipated. Without the Geomate it would have been a boring trip home!!
  7. It's great to see someone appreciate how much fun this little device can be. No bells and whistles but does get the job done. How easy can it be!
  8. What's going on with the Geomate update site? Over the last month or so the update feature gets stuck on certain days and will not update to the current day(right now it's stuck at 6/18). If you have a Geomate you realize the update feature is essential to using this product. 6/21 about 2:30pm Working O'k now, the Big Guy(Warren) got things up and running. I need to be more patient. The customer service at Apisphere is great.)
  9. Early, early adopter and still tickled ... have two ... one for me to use and a second which is always on loan for evaluative purposes. I have been unable to update for over a week (since 5/28). Seems they are having software problems.
  10. I started geocaching a little less than a year ago. I was spending hours looking for caches and actually enjoying it. Now I don't feel the same urgency but do a little here and a little there when I am out and about. The Geomate fills the bill for doing that. I prefer my Geomate over the Garmin e-trex because I don't have to manually load the data. It is also a quick grab and go which I like. I have well over a hundred caches attributed the the Geomate Jr. Works great
  11. You will probably want to get the update kit. It seems like new caches are being added all the time and older caches are being archived. New software is also available through the update kit. My hunch is that the Geomate you purchased will have a new database(newer than 4/09). Have fun with it even without the update kit! One does not need the latest and greatest and most expensive GPS to enjoy geocaching.
  12. By pressing and holding the right button , the Geomate will mark that cache as found with a smiley face. It will also keep track of the number of finds up to 99. As far as past caches, you can't add them unless they're on the screen, then you can press the right button to save. Larry
  13. There is a map on the update software that gives you an idea of which update to use( east or west). Notice the overlap between the two and pick the best option for you.
  14. I agree with you 100 percent. I couldn't be happier with the Geomate I have. Works great for me!
  15. I log, and I'm glad others do, because it shows if the cache is active or not. If I see a number of not finds I probably won't go after the cache. Larry
  16. I have yet to understand why individuals put this product down. It does indeed have its place. Most of the time I use this instead of the Garmin simply because of its easy and I don't like fiddleing(sp) with papers and so forth. It updates easily. I love it. Larry
  17. I would agree with Hakali, I'm 60 plus years old and find I'm using the Geomate more than I do my Garmin. It's quick to grab and go; I can keep track of my finds and the fact that I don't have to manually put in the coordinates is a great plus. I sure can't complain that it lacks accuracy either. It works for me.
  18. One of the reasons I bought the Geomate was the preloaded caches and I haven't been disappointed one bit. In fact, it's my main gps right now. I think you will appreciate it too. Larry
  19. I just saw it today at a REI store. Nice unit and I use mine all the time. Larry
  20. I have a Garmin etrex H which I purchased before I got the Geomate, Jr. I'm ashamed to say it, but I use the Geomate more than the Garmin because I can just grab it and go. The Garmin I have to enter the coordinates manually. Accuracy is about the same form what I can tell. Larry
  21. I found that one of the fun things about the Geomate was that I didn't have a lot of information. I pick a city, drive to that location and turn on the Geomate. I never know what I'll be in for, but it's usually fun. Don't get discouraged, the Geomate works fine. Larry
  22. I'm not sure it could get any easier. Plug it in, go to web site and press update button.
  23. I had the same response. Update was quick and easy. Ready for my vacation next week! Looks like Geomate will be a winner. Larry
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