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  1. Hi mankybadger. I have a cartridge here in Ontario that links to 7 caches, so it is possible. Actually there are 4 cartridges leading to 7 caches, as you need 4 "characters" to get through the adventure, each with their own cartridge. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC559Y1_the-lagwood-chronicles-room-g?guid=fbb90874-6580-46ea-b21b-f2ccec23d9dd http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=7547a623-93db-4915-829f-1658d282b640 I like your concept. I like the "build your own adventure" type cartridges, anything different. Good luck with your cartridge. Bob
  2. Hello fellow builders. Not sure if this is the correct format or not but I'd like to introduce a Wherigo. It is probably not the first of its kind, but I thought I'd share it. It is a Dungeons and Dragons type theme and interactive in nature and covers 7 caches. There are 4 characters required; an Archer, Fighter, Magic User, and Thief. There is a cartridge for each character and all characters are required to get through the dungeon. You need the strength of the fighter to move objects, the sight of the Archer to see the next zone, the magic of the Magic User to identify magical items and read ancient tomes, and the trap checking ability of the Thief. For instance, if the Fighter moves a bookcase from the wall they are given a code from the "dungeon master". They give the code to the other players. In the other players inventory there is an object called "Bookcase Moved". They enter the code and whatever is behind the bookcase now appears. I thought I'd post this, as this project seems to be something in the direction that the foundation is heading for game play with Wherigos. Please remember my skill at coding does not match my imagination. I'm sure there are many areas where technically I could have done this better. This has been a long process in the making for me and I'd like to thank Ranger Fox, chalenni, jonny65, Geo-Magicion, and probably a few others for fixing cartridges I screwed up, advice and encouragement. This forum has been greatly helpful. The starting cache page with all the info is here: http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC559Y1_the-lagwood-chronicles-room-g?guid=fbb90874-6580-46ea-b21b-f2ccec23d9dd And the cartridges are here: Had to put them on the Groundspeak site Archer: http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=7547a623-93db-4915-829f-1658d282b640 Fighter: http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=22ea914d-0172-4a9f-b114-8de1d1f85ccf Magic User: http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=fc093fa3-4c7f-4e80-ba85-a90295927539 Thief: http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=d5fca16b-85fa-458b-9d6d-6115132d0a80
  3. Is there any way that two Urwigo projects or Lua files can be combined to make one? For instance if two writers were working on separate sections of a larger project can their separate works be combined to achieve the final product? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, I was wondering if the new player will be able to differentiate in the inventory whether the "player" is wearing their items or just carrying them. It could impact how the cartridge plays out. For instance, if an adventurer was simply carrying their helmet, their armour protection would be reduced and they would be easier to hit in a fight and also receive more damage. On the other hand if they wear their helmet, their peripheral vision is reduced and they may not see certain items. This could play out in many various scenarios. Also it would be a nice feature to be able to place a limit on what a person could carry based on the weight of the item. A numerical value is placed on the items and when the character reaches their limit they cannot pick up any more items, thus having to chose which items they need most.
  5. Thanks jonny65. I should have mentioned it earlier, but we have tried the battery removal and restart and even switched batteries. It seems like once it shuts down the Garmin, the restore does not work properly and you have to start from the beginning, which is frustrating when you are 25 zones or an hour or two into the cartridge. Bob
  6. I'm working on a project that requires 4 players to make it through the Wherigo to get to the end, each with their own cartridge. It works fine on ios products, but I'm having trouble with the Garmin Oregon's randomly shutting down. So far there has been no specific area in the cartridge or any specific action where it shuts down. It is randomly shutting down on all 4 devices. I have, however, on occasion, gone completely through the whole cartridge without a problem. After shutdown, when the GPS is rebooted and the Wherigo started from the save it says "restoring cartridge" and the regular screen comes up for about 5 seconds and then it shuts off again. The only way to get it to go is to start from the beginning. I have no messages appearing during inputs (I know that's a common problem). There have been no shut downs going between zones. It seems to happen in a zone but only when the cartridge is idle, no one touching the screen. I have placed saves throughout the cartridges at "On Exit" of each zone. It appears to happen more if a player has made a manual save. On our last outing, one cartridge went down. Somewhere along in the cartridge they had made a manual save. I had one of the remaining players do a manual save and with the other two we walked out of the zone and shut down without making a manual save, relying on the "on exit" save. When they all restarted the two coded "on exit" save cartridges came up and remained running, while the manually saved cartridge came up and worked for about 5 seconds and then shut down. Is there a difference between a coded save and a manual save? I'm wondering if the cartridges are just to big for the Garmin's to handle. The gwc file is 1400 KB. I have a maximum of 4 zones active at any one time and normally only 2 when any action is being taken. We are using 3 Oregon 450 and 1 450t. I have used different cartridges on different devices with the same result. It is very frustrating trying to figure out random problems. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting to wonder if I should just say these are only available for smart phones. Thanks in advance, Bob
  7. Thanks charlenni, I was wondering what app you were using? The one we were testing on was whereyougo.
  8. Hi charlenni. Here is a test cartridge that the for mentioned faults occur. It is not play anywhere, I couldn't figure it out. Thanks in advance Android Test.zip
  9. More than the version number of Android it is usefull to know the version of the WhereYouGo player. And even better it would be to have a test cartridge (play anywhere prefered), which shows this behavior. This is the version of the WhereYouGo Player: 0.8.10 Authored by Menion Asamm. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a play anywhere cartridge. How do you make a zone that needs coordinates but can be played anywhere? Sorry for my lack of knowledge on the subject.
  10. I have a cartridge that works well with Garmin Oregon and IOS products but while beta testing a friends Android product the zones were acting very odd. Here is the situation: I have a small zone 10 X 10 (all numbers in feet) with a distance of 100 and a proximity of 10. There is a second zone 80 X 80 in the same location as the small zone with a "on exit" trigger to save cartridge. The smaller zone has a distance trigger to make itself visible and a proximity trigger to "activate" and "make visible" the larger zone and "deactivate" and "make invisible" the smaller zone. There is also a message that comes up. All of the items and interaction occurs in the larger zone. What is suppose to happen and does on Garmin and IOS: The small zone is not visible but active. The large zone is inactive and not visible. At 100 ft. the small zone becomes visible. The player continues towards the zone. At 10 ft. the smaller zone become inactive and not visible and the larger zone becomes active and visible. The player is well within the larger zone and can see all the items. Upon exiting the larger zone the cartridge is saved and the player moves on to the next zone and the process is repeated. This is what happens with the Android device: Even though at the beginning, the small zones are only active and NOT visible, the zones can be seen. As a matter of fact several zones are seen even though their distance is set at 100 and the player is farther away then that. As the player approaches the smaller zone, at around 80 ft. (coincidently the edge of the larger room ???) the proximity trigger for the smaller room occurs. It also triggers a multitude of times and continues to trigger until the player moves closer to the center of the zone. (In one of the zones the player gets attacked and takes damage. They have in their inventory a "Hit Points" variable that indicated a -287 hit points, telling my the "on proximity" triggered close to 90 times). The player is able to interact with the items in the larger zone and starts to carry on to the next zone. At this point the smaller zone should be inactive and not visible. The player cannot see the smaller zone anymore but can see the larger zone. As the player approaches the exit to the Larger zone, 80 ft, the proximity trigger for the smaller zone occurs repeatedly again, even though the smaller zone is inactive. The same is repeated for each approach of a zone. The info for the phone is : Company Name is BLU Model Number BLU DASH 4.0 Android Version 4.0.4 Kernal Version 3.0.21-perf Hardware Version C1-V2.2 Build number BLU_D270_V07_GENERIC Fri Jun 14 18:08:30 CST 2013 We thought that phone accuracy may be at play to have it trigger at 80 ft instead of 10, but repeated trials have it always at 80 ft. That and the fact that it shouldn't trigger at all when the zone is inactive. The fact that it works well with the Garmin and IOS products has my friend thinking he needs another phone. Are there known issues with Androids or is it maybe just this type of Phone/Player? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks Charlenni for fixing that for me. Bob
  12. I downloaded the compiler and really don't know what to do after that. I started the program and a DOS window comes up. What to I do next? do I have to type in the path to the file?
  13. I have almost completed a cartridge and now when I try to open it up in the builder I get the following: Error Reading Cartridge. System.ApplicationException: Exeption of type 'System.ApplicationException' was thrown. at Groundspeak.Wherigo.ZonesEngine.ZonesEngineDll.LuaDoFile(String filename) at ZonesAuthor.LuaFunctions.ReadLuaCartridge(String luaFileName) at ZonesAuthor.frmMain.OpenCartridgeFile() Any ideas on how I can resolve this. Zorkan Heneron
  14. Thanks Charlenni for your response. I will implement that.
  15. Once a cartridge is "closed" can it be reopened to look at items in the inventory? I'm currently finishing up a cartridge that requires the player to look in their inventory to figure out where the physical cache is. I don't want to close the cartridge if they can't get back into their inventory to check it out. I would need to give them an option of closing then. Thanks in advance.
  16. In addition to my last post the other problem was all the items in the zone were disappearing until the cacher wandered around to get back into the zone. I thought once you were in the zone, if it was big enough the items would remain visible. my zones were 80 X 80 ft. I thought that would be large enough to remain inside the zone. Thanks
  17. Thanks Ranger Fox for your answer. I have a couple of more questions for verification. I have the trigger set for the zones for "on Entry". The reason for that was to get the player as close to a particular area. I have tacks on trees in the form of numbers for the player to find. These numbers are for the cacher to figure out the true location of the cache. I do this as a type of anti hacking so the armchair hackers actually have to go to the location. I know that good practice is to use "on Proximity" with zones but I figured the cacher may then be too far from the numbers on the trees. So if I was to drop the concept of anti hacking and numbers on trees and went to "on Proximity" triggers for the zone what would be a good size for the zones? There are messages upon entry to a zone and usually 2 or 3 items to interact with in the zone with messages coming up with each interaction. If I set the zone inactive upon "Proximity" can I still interact with the items in the room? I currently have actions triggered "on exit". What would be the best way to get them triggered when the zone is inactive? In other words how can I get the "exit" triggers to work without reactivating the "proximity" triggers when the cacher starts moving to the next zone? Thanks in advance
  18. Hopefully someone can help me out. I was testing one of my cartridges I built in the park near my home and everything was working fine. On occasion I "moved" out of the zone and had to go back into it. I realize the GPS can move me out of the zone when it rechecks it's location. My zones were 40 ft by 40 ft. The number of times I got knocked out of the zones was acceptable. I completed all the testing of the cartridge and moved all the zones to the actual place in the forest where the cartridge was ment to run. Because of the occasional zone knock out in the test area, I increased the zone size to 80 x 80 ft. thinking that would solve my problems, however it has actually gotten worse. I have a few people helping me beta test and they are getting knocked out of the zones several times before completing the actions in the zone. The forest is not too heavy with foliage and the weather was clear. When inside any of the zones I only have 3 zones active, the one I'm in and the two other closest. Should I be making the zones even bigger? Any help would be appreciated. Zorkan Heneron
  19. Thanks jonny65. This leads to another question. I am about 3/4 of the way through another larger Wherigo project using the GC builder. How hard or easy is it to switch over to urwigo to complete the project? Just a thought. Bob
  20. Thanks jonny65 for your response. I broke down the text in the Trapper.Talk into 3 dialog boxes. I also removed the media "Gadget" and found the jpg "gadget" and removed it from the cartridge folder. Then I started over, recreating the media "Gadget" and adding the jpg. Went out and tested the GWC from the computer and it worked OK!!!! Thanks a lot for your help. My next test is to upload the corrected cartridge to the Wherigo site and get a download from the actual site to see if that works. I will test the complete cartridge then. But that is work for tomorrow. Tonight is the Canadian Football Championship so it is time now to kick back and relax. Thanks everyone for your responses and help. Zorkan Heneron I went and tested the complete cartridge and everything worked alright. I have one question. jonny65, how did you get the attached error messages? Is that from the Urwigo builder you mentioned? Just curious so I can self diagnose for next time. Thanks again
  21. Thanks jonny65 for your response. I broke down the text in the Trapper.Talk into 3 dialog boxes. I also removed the media "Gadget" and found the jpg "gadget" and removed it from the cartridge folder. Then I started over, recreating the media "Gadget" and adding the jpg. Went out and tested the GWC from the computer and it worked OK!!!! Thanks a lot for your help. My next test is to upload the corrected cartridge to the Wherigo site and get a download from the actual site to see if that works. I will test the complete cartridge then. But that is work for tomorrow. Tonight is the Canadian Football Championship so it is time now to kick back and relax. Thanks everyone for your responses and help. Zorkan Heneron
  22. Here is the uploaded GWZ file. Zorkan Spy vs Spy (The Dark Side).zip
  23. Thanks Ranger Fox for your response. I have no double messages. The cartridge worked several times during Beta testing and then now it's conking out. I thought it might be in the uploading process so I tried it from the downloaded GWC and also the GWC from the computer. Still shuts down the GPS at the same spot all the time. I've tried to upload the GWZ file, but the site says I'm not permitted to upload that kind of file??? Am I missing something? Zorkan Heneron
  24. Hi charlenni. Thanks for your response. The GWL last attempt at the cartridge is below. The way I have set up the cartridge is the player comes to the proximity of a zone, say Farmer, then another larger zone called Farmers House is activated and the Zone Farmer is deactivated. The character Farmer and an object Candy are in the Farmers House zone and visible. The player picks up the candy and talks to the farmer. Then they go to the next zone Fisherman which is set up just like the Farmer zone. Then the player goes to the Trapper Zone and the same thing. When the player talks to the Trapper the GPS shuts down. I noticed there are some weird characters in the dialogue of the Fisherman and the Trapper. I think I copied and pasted them from Word, so I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. Downloaded Fri Nov 22 16:53:44 2013 20131121171407|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|MessageBox:Show - Hellow Fellow cachers. This Wherigo is similar to the original event with some slight differences. One thing you will need to take note of is that at certain points along the game, you will need to get numbers off of trees. These numbers will be needed to find the cache at the end. There are messages to let you know when. You have Background, Situation and Mission statements in your inventory. There are also tasks to perform which will guide you along the way. Good luck and have fun. 20131121171407|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|Player:SetInventory - Will add Present Situation 20131121171407|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|Player:SetInventory - added Present Situation 20131121171407|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|Player:SetInventory - Will add Mission 20131121171407|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|Player:SetInventory - added Mission 20131121171407|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|Player:SetInventory - Will add Background 20131121171407|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|Player:SetInventory - added Background 20131121171407|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|AttributeChanged - Interview Fisherman, Active 20131121171407|0.00000|0.00000|0.000|0.000|AttributeChanged - Interview Trapper, Active 20131121171407|43.20073|-79.81531|100.785|13.650|Zone:Distant - Farmer 20131121171409|43.20072|-79.81530|101.650|13.189|MessageBox:Callback - [button1] No script to execute 20131121171508|43.20074|-79.81479|157.559|10.709|Zone:Proximity - Farmer 20131121171508|43.20074|-79.81479|157.559|10.709|AttributeChanged - Farmers House, Active 20131121171508|43.20074|-79.81479|157.559|10.709|AttributeChanged - Farmers House, Visible 20131121171508|43.20074|-79.81479|157.559|10.709|AttributeChanged - Farmer, Active 20131121171508|43.20074|-79.81479|157.559|10.709|AttributeChanged - Farmer, Visible 20131121171508|43.20074|-79.81479|157.559|10.709|Zone:Enter - Farmers House 20131121171515|43.20075|-79.81477|159.575|10.903|ZCommand:exec - Candy:Pickup 20131121171515|43.20075|-79.81477|159.575|10.903|Player:SetInventory - Will add Candy 20131121171515|43.20075|-79.81477|159.575|10.903|Player:SetInventory - added Candy 20131121171515|43.20075|-79.81477|159.575|10.903|ZCommand:Enabled - Disabled Candy Pickup 20131121171519|43.20076|-79.81477|160.283|11.020|ZCommand:exec - Farmer:Talk 20131121171519|43.20076|-79.81477|160.283|11.020|MessageBox:Show - Well howdy there young'ns. I was tending to good old Bessie me cow when I heard this here thunderous roar coming out of the east. It was louder than that there twister from '39 if it made a peep at all. Gave poor old Bessie a fright, it sure did. She done did took off on me, poor gal. Hey y'all don’t s'pose you could take a bit a time and fetch 'er up for me could ya, or at least tie er off on a tree? I'd be mighty right happy about that, and there'd be a 2 spot in it fer ya. You could probably follow her trail. She was due fer milkin. She can’t be too far from where we was. Just before that there fancy object crashed, I saw some sort of thingy fall from it. I marked down where it done did fall by golly, but by gosh I must'uv dropped that when Bessie done did took off. Sorry 'bout that. You all have a nice day now. 20131121171519|43.20076|-79.81477|160.283|11.020|AttributeChanged - Farmer's Sighting, Visible 20131121171519|43.20076|-79.81477|160.283|11.020|AttributeChanged - Farmer's Sighting, Active 20131121171519|43.20076|-79.81477|160.283|11.020|AttributeChanged - Find Farmers Cow, Active 20131121171519|43.20076|-79.81477|160.283|11.020|AttributeChanged - Find Farmers note, Active 20131121171519|43.20076|-79.81477|160.283|11.020|AttributeChanged - Fisherman, Active 20131121171519|43.20076|-79.81477|160.283|11.020|AttributeChanged - Fisherman, Visible 20131121171519|43.20076|-79.81477|160.283|11.020|AttributeChanged - Interview the Farmer, Complete 20131121171519|43.20076|-79.81477|161.707|11.050|Zone:Distant - Fisherman 20131121171519|43.20076|-79.81477|161.707|11.050|Zone:Distant - Farmer's Sighting 20131121171528|43.20079|-79.81480|170.333|6.518|MessageBox:Callback - [button1] No script to execute 20131121171543|43.20081|-79.81487|169.538|5.646|Zone:Exit - Farmers House 20131121171543|43.20081|-79.81487|169.538|5.646|Zone:Proximity - Farmers House 20131121171555|43.20088|-79.81499|171.866|5.184|Zone:Proximity - Fisherman 20131121171555|43.20088|-79.81499|171.866|5.184|AttributeChanged - Fisherman's Hut, Active 20131121171555|43.20088|-79.81499|171.866|5.184|AttributeChanged - Fisherman's Hut, Visible 20131121171555|43.20088|-79.81499|171.866|5.184|AttributeChanged - Fisherman, Active 20131121171555|43.20088|-79.81499|171.866|5.184|AttributeChanged - Fisherman, Visible 20131121171555|43.20088|-79.81499|171.866|5.184|Zone:Enter - Fisherman's Hut 20131121171603|43.20091|-79.81501|173.278|4.567|ZCommand:exec - Candi:Pickup 20131121171603|43.20091|-79.81501|173.278|4.567|Player:SetInventory - Will add Candi 20131121171603|43.20091|-79.81501|173.278|4.567|Player:SetInventory - added Candi 20131121171603|43.20091|-79.81501|173.278|4.567|ZCommand:Enabled - Disabled Candi Pickup 20131121171608|43.20091|-79.81501|175.008|4.664|ZCommand:exec - Fisherman:Talk 20131121171608|43.20091|-79.81501|175.008|4.664|MessageBox:Show - Hi there. Me and my boy were doing some fishing at the stream and was just heading back. We stopped for some supper, and all of a sudden we heard this horribly loud noise in the sky coming from the east. Well, I’ll tell you, we hightailed it out of there. Just before we took off I saw something break off and crash nearby to where I was. I got the location jotted down, but in my haste I think I left it back where I was having supper. We also left our tackle box behind too. It was over by were Billy was, pretty close to where I was sitting. You don’t suppose you could find that for me could you. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks a lot. 20131121171608|43.20091|-79.81501|175.008|4.664|AttributeChanged - Find Tackle Box, Active 20131121171608|43.20091|-79.81501|175.008|4.664|AttributeChanged - Find Fishermans Note, Active 20131121171608|43.20091|-79.81501|175.008|4.664|AttributeChanged - Trapper, Active 20131121171608|43.20091|-79.81501|175.008|4.664|AttributeChanged - Trapper, Visible 20131121171608|43.20091|-79.81501|175.008|4.664|AttributeChanged - Interview Fisherman, Complete 20131121171608|43.20091|-79.81501|173.215|4.700|Zone:Distant - Trapper 20131121171616|43.20092|-79.81501|177.111|5.072|MessageBox:Callback - [button1] No script to execute 20131121171640|43.20088|-79.81520|175.455|4.647|Zone:Exit - Fisherman's Hut 20131121171640|43.20088|-79.81520|175.455|4.647|Zone:Proximity - Fisherman's Hut 20131121171657|43.20088|-79.81541|176.556|4.212|Zone:Proximity - Trapper 20131121171657|43.20088|-79.81541|176.556|4.212|AttributeChanged - Trapper's Cabin, Active 20131121171657|43.20088|-79.81541|176.556|4.212|AttributeChanged - Trapper's Cabin, Visible 20131121171657|43.20088|-79.81541|176.556|4.212|AttributeChanged - Trapper, Active 20131121171657|43.20088|-79.81541|176.556|4.212|AttributeChanged - Trapper, Visible 20131121171657|43.20088|-79.81541|176.556|4.212|Zone:Enter - Trapper's Cabin 20131121171709|43.20088|-79.81546|179.549|4.646|ZCommand:exec - Candie:Pickup 20131121171709|43.20088|-79.81546|179.549|4.646|Player:SetInventory - Will add Candie 20131121171709|43.20088|-79.81546|179.549|4.646|Player:SetInventory - added Candie 20131121171709|43.20088|-79.81546|179.549|4.646|ZCommand:Enabled - Disabled Candie Pickup As far as the ON Enter function I can't see it in the lua file. I see an On Proximity for the Trapper zone but nothing for the Trappers Hut zone where the problem occurs. I think that is because that zone is activated while the player is in it. I've tried to upload the lua file but the site won't let me. Below are the two functions On Proximity to the Trapper zone and the On Talk to the Trapper if those help. function zoneTrapper:OnProximity() -- #GroupDescription=Script -- -- #Comment=Script Comment -- zoneTrappersCabin.Active = true zoneTrappersCabin.Visible = true zoneTrapper.Active = false zoneTrapper.Visible = false end function zcharacterTrapper:OnTalk() -- #GroupDescription=Script -- -- #Comment=Script Comment -- Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[YeeeeeHaw!! I’m crazy Dave the trapper. I’ve seen some weird stuff in my day. Did I ever tell you the time I run across this huge..... Aaaah never mind, you don’t wanna hear about that, do ya. Ok, I was out checking my traps at Bushwacking Point and this loud noise started. I coulda swore it was from the west, but I mighta got myself turned around at the time. I am a little crazy you know. Anyway back to my story. That huge bear came at me.... no wait a sec, that’s the other story. Oh boy. Yah that noise was so loud, I almost got me thumb caught in the trap. Anyways, if I remember right, and I don’t often do, something fell from the sky and landed not too far from where I was. Then I ran from that there bear and climbed a tree. Oh boy, you must think I’m crazy. That’s that other story. Ok, I jotted down where that thing fell, but I musta left it back at Bushwacking Point. If you’re heading that way anyway, do you mind setting my last trap for me? It’s close to where I was, if I remember right. I am a bit crazy you know. Thanks a lot. Oh and beware. There’s rumours that a dragon is in the woods.]],Media=zmediaTrapper,} ztaskFindTrapperNote.Active = true ztaskSetTrap.Active = true ztaskInterviewTrapper.Complete = true end
  25. I'm hoping someone can help me out. I built a cartridge and all during the Beta testing it worked flawlessly, everything triggering properly, no lags or glitches. Most of the changes I made along the way were minor such as zone location, when tasks appeared, and such. I did a final Beta test and it worked great. The only thing I did after the final Beta test was add a media picture to the cartridge. I posted the cache and the first person to try it said it crashed at a certain point. I went out to check it and sure enough, it crashed on mine also. I removed the media from the cartridge and tried again and it still crashes. It works fine on iphone but shuts down my Garmin Oregon 450. It always shuts it down in the same place, When I "Talk" to a character. The actions that are supposed to happen when I "Talk" to the character are: "Show a message to player", "Set 2 different Tasks active true", and "Set Task Complete true". Luckily this happens in the 3rd Zone and only 10 minutes into the cartridge. I have two other Zones set up exactly like the one that crashes and they work ok. There is an Object and a Character in each zone. The player must pick up the object and talk to the character. There are only 4 Zones active when the Garmin crashes. Here is the last few lines of the log. I can't see anything of significance: Nov 19 was when it started crashing Sat Nov 9 13:31:47 2013 INFO [Engine]: Logging level changed from 2 to 3 Thu Nov 14 10:29:14 2013 INFO [Engine]: Logging level changed from 2 to 3 Thu Nov 14 12:49:12 2013 INFO [Engine]: Logging level changed from 2 to 3 Thu Nov 14 14:05:26 2013 INFO [Engine]: Logging level changed from 2 to 3 Tue Nov 19 18:58:59 2013 INFO [Engine]: Logging level changed from 2 to 3 Tue Nov 19 19:07:54 2013 INFO [Engine]: Logging level changed from 2 to 3 Thu Nov 21 15:52:57 2013 INFO [Engine]: Logging level changed from 2 to 3 Thu Nov 21 17:13:55 2013 INFO [Engine]: Logging level changed from 2 to 3 I use the Groundspeak builder if that is of use. Thanks in advance and I hope someone can help Zorkan Heneron
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