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  1. Now that I like!!! That to me sums up the value of the internet and the information age.Some long winters up here,I like to take on projects like that as well.The internet makes dabbling in any number of topics a convenient reality in the comfort of your living room.Yup!! You nailed it!
  2. Don't forget the Special Ops camo
  3. Makes sense to me.I'm not pro or con on this issue.From what I've learned reading the forum the game is growing,population density is in the major cities,cities generally require smaller hides.I can't help thinking thats all this trend is but I doubt the wilderness hides will suffer because its to beautiful out there.I'm thinking theres alot of people in cities that just can't easily access rural areas or just want to play in they're own backyard maybe.
  4. Wrap up a decoy and go play for a while!......unless your wrapping skills are like mine.. then you might get busted.
  5. it got here just after i posted - wife wont let me go out and play so im hiding it from the kids trying to convince her it needs to fully charge Hehe..."mom why is dads present plugged into the wall?" Glad the shipping company came through for you!! Enjoy!! and Happy Holidays!
  6. LOL! I love a good bad pun!!! :laughing:And so it goes here in the forum.Happy Holiday to you both and everyone!!! I have learned much lurking here and I'm looking forward to 2010! I Thank you all. Rob
  7. Do you really think that you are fooling us with these silly disclaimers that you have been adding to many of your posts? Yes, Cachedrone is the reviewer, and we all know that you are not too lazy to do the research, and you know it. What part of his explaination did you not understand? Perhaps he can restate it. Now I consider THAT a personal attack. My disclaimer and laziness in this situation are genuine. If you can't accept that then I invite you to keep your comments to yourself. I'm not surprised. All I'm saying, though, is that your obvious disclaimers don't hide the real intentions of your posts. That is not an attack... it is an observation. Take it, or leave it. You have a right to post all the disclaimers you wish. I'm just pointing out that they don't do as much good as you may think. Or, was it the "you are not too lazy" part that you thought was a personal attack? You are saying I am lying with my disclaimers and I can assure you that each disclaimer is there to prevent people like YOU from putting word in my mouth. I have no reason to lie. I'm a jerk when I want to be and can usually imply when I am being a jerk quite adequately. I am also a nice person when I want to be and you know it. For YOU to continually imply that I'm being a jerk does nothing but get me in trouble and I would thank you to not post in the forums any further that you think I am lying. When in doubt, please keep it to yourself. Thank you. Sorry mods, and everyone else, this had to be said here. Relax!!! All I'm saying is that, if you think about how you word your posts before you write them, there is no need for these disclaimers. I am guessing that you have taken to using them because you have been misunderstood so often. I am not the source of that misunderstanding. You know what....call me crazy but ....I think if you two ever met over grogs it would end happy. I for one perk up when your both in the same thread ......I dunno....just something about your exchanges...can't put a finger on it,just a hunch you'd get along just fine. .................then again I'd hate to see you both in bittsen pieces..........
  8. interesting...just had a flashback...when I was a kid one of my friends dad was a big CB radio buff,we used to go with him on what I "think" they called radar hunts.Someone would hide somewhere and transmit and the others would try and find him using his signal strenght in cars with mobile units.....I just remember it being fun.I wonder if a GPS could be incorporated into that as well somehow.....just a thought I had just now....
  9. I like micros!! Now pummel me with ammo cans and lock n locks so I can scoop them up and run away,I have padding under the suit. Micros have a place.In my area the caches seem to get larger the further you go from the center of town. Again....I'm new,but before reading some of these micro threads, it was just logical to me it would be that way....(based on my limited travels)no pile ons please,its hard to move in this suit.
  10. As a new cacher I don't get the idea of cleaning out an area either.From my perspective I'm in a more enviable position because I'm still cache rich,at least in terms of reasonable travel times etc. I definitely wish I could have gotten out more then I have,but if the day ever comes where my area is cleaned up it'll just mean my caching gets more inconvenient.Just my perspective.
  11. Be vary vary qwiet..I'm hunting grabbits aa aa aa aa Where is that pesky grabbit?
  12. Some more perspective on value..................burp!..scuse me!!!
  13. Time for you to fire up Photoshop and do up a series of motivational posters!! Yes that was well done! It sums up alot about caching for me.You'll never see big numbers from me because I like to try new things,caching is just one, but its on my keeper list.Bittsen,you stated the diversity and options available to cachers very very well.All the above have appeal for me when the time is right.
  14. LOL!!!! kinda like scouting and marking where the moose are moving with orange trail tape....as opening day gets closer the woods looks like it was toilet papered with the stuff ....
  15. Why would it bother a person to see that there is a less-than-honest cacher out there? It takes nothing out of the hobby for me. If it wasn't posted here I would have never known about it. I may not respect the person who does this but my respect for geocaching hasn't changed a single bit Well said. If anyone feels the need to wring your hands or gnash your teeth over this, knock yourself out. I'll be out enjoying my favorite hobby and ignoring this non-storm. I predict the boys over at the Froggie Kremlin will sweep up this odd little mess pretty soon anyway. When you’re TPTB, It’s easy to assist cache owners in their log-management duties when the miscreant delivers all his rotten eggs to you in one basket. LOL!! yes indeed..as crafty as this fellow is...the manhunt to bust him was successfull.I'll sleep better tonight.
  16. aah its a very bored kid, I'd bet on it...anybody who's ever looked at a profile page would know it would'nt fly.I see no attempt to fool anyone with finds all over the world in 2 days.
  17. Maybe he's spelling out his hoax......? I'm to lazy tonight go through each one by the timeline.
  18. Wow!...............maybe I was right...? Post#372... I can't help wondering as the technology got cheaper and therefore available to more people that the trends your seeing are just a larger cross section of the population....in other words the good ole days were numbered anyway because the mob would show up sooner or later as they could afford it... just a thought.... anyway.....can't believe you said that........wow.....well.....Cum visit sometime if your back this way. K.......I'll be over here picking my nose if you need me.
  19. Someone with more time on his hands can analyze word counts of the logs on This Cache. While I can't verify that some of the later logs are CnP logs without researching the logger's other finds on that day, it is obvious that the logs are trending toward much shorter in the past few years. Not that short logs are the issue, because they aren't. There are some excellent examples of short, unique logs among the later logs. Still the trend is interesting and I'm sure it's not peculiar to this cache. Any theories out there as to why? I have a few but I'd like to see if anybody else arrives at the same conclusions I have. I'm not sure if this is a therory or just natural as the technology becomes cheaper...but I've been wanting to ask the oldtimers how expensive it was relatively speaking to get into geocaching when it first started. I'm comparing this VCR"s for instance,I remember when they (first) hit the market,they were more then I could afford. I can't help wondering as the technology got cheaper and therefore available to more people that the trends your seeing are just a larger cross section of the population....in other words the good ole days were numbered anyway because the mob would show up sooner or later as they could afford it... just a thought....
  20. Yes, can't argue with that either,trying to please all the people all the time....... The only thing that comes to mind is event(agenda) caches be removed after the event is over.The Groundspeak guys are swearing at me right now.......you can't hear that???? I can...... oh my.....! such language!
  21. I am sure that he appreciates the donation. I thank you for being a charitable fellow. But wouldn't he, and the folks who support him, be better served if you could organize an event using the unique power of a widely published geocaching.com event listing to hold an event where folks who support his effort could get together? Yes I hear you and can see the tool your seeing.An event listing would hurt no one at all,view it..don't view it its a simple choice,and would hurt no one, as long as its not in the middle of the woods in a cache,in a perfect moment on a beautiful day and drags me back to reality sooner then I have to show up.
  22. Myself I would not like to see that trend here.As many have pointed out the outlets for charity are countless. My personal peeve with charity is the personal advertising and social hierarchy that is often associated with it.For "me" a truely selfless act of charity is anonymous.I realise thats impossible in the case of volunteers,someone has to pull it together and make it happen.I cannot run my weekly errands without at least several opportunities to give to something,and thats fine with me and I do when I feel moved to do so,but not in my precious downtime, including geocaching or any other timeout I enjoy.
  23. Yes that is scary actually.A very good point indeed and a reminder of how carefull you have to be even trying to do the right thing
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