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  1. Thanks for the info, I will try a few more calls today, and I still haven't gotten an Email response.
  2. For Christmas, we updated it to the 760. So unless there is a newer version since then, I think I'm up to date. I sent them an email too, but have not heard back from them. Nope you have the latest firmware. Unfortunely they never answer email either. Last time I called I kept calling till I got someone I go somewhat understand. It took 25 attempts but I did get someone who spoke engligh fairly well without any thick accent. So, it looks like thier customer service is either not very good or very hard to talk with. I couldn't understand what the $150 would do? Will they fix it no matter what for the $150, or do they replace it with a refurbished model, and since I upgraded to the 760, if it is replaced, will it also be upgraded?
  3. For Christmas, we updated it to the 760. So unless there is a newer version since then, I think I'm up to date. I sent them an email too, but have not heard back from them.
  4. I know this is off the geocache subject, but my father has a Magellan Roadmate 700. Lately it has been going nuts. Sometimes it tells you that you have arrived at your destination (home for example) and we are 5 miles away in a cornfield. It is doing several things out of the ordinary. I called Magellan today and the woman was very hard to understand, but from what I got from our conversation it will cost me $150 to send it out for service. Has anybody had any dealings with Magellan and their customer service or repair? I want to call back and hopefully talk to someone that I can understand and get the scoop. Can anybody help me out? Thanks
  5. No they communicate. It said it was found on com1 but that is it.
  6. I guess from what I've read and it seems right, when I hook the GPSr to the computer and open the magup.exe it will automatically recognize it and ask to start update, but I'm not getting anything.
  7. I am doing a firmware update for a friend of mine. He has never done it and is learning to use it and wants me to update it for him. I downloaded it and went to Magup.exe and nothing happens. I don't remember this when I did mine? What do I have to do? Thanks for the help
  8. We've been caching for about 1 year now (as of tomorrow) and just found our 100th cache. We were talking about how we started and different cache and the miles we've traveled. Now to the question... We want to start our own Personal TB or Coin, just for our own reference and mileage. Is it bad taste to visit all of our previous caches with NOTES ONLY and logging our bug in and out? I don't see anything wrong with it, but I was wondering a general opinion. I have seen people visit caches more than once and log them as another find, but that is not my intention. Thanks for the opinions! BillyBean
  9. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...dd-cf39131564c2
  10. Thanks BlueDeuce...I'm a dumb a**...your were 100% correct. I looked all over all the menus but missed it. Got it now! Thanks again!!
  11. I was wondering how do I check what version software my 76CS is running? I looked on Garmin's website and used search but came up empty? Thanks
  12. What do you mean "annual Map updates" was or, or am I supposed to update this somehow? Or do they normally come up with a newer version annually to iron out bugs ie XP2?
  13. I have Mapsend Topo and DirectRoute. I was reading a previous post, and got the hint that there might be new software out. I noticed the cover of the Topo is different, and I see that it is also 3D, is there a newer version of DirectRoute? I looked on Magellans website, but can't find any versions of either. My Topo is v4.20D and DR is 1.00a. I bought them both in the Fall. Thanks
  14. I have come across this twice in the past week...my travel bug was dropped off today (I received the Email) So I wanted to see where it was. When I try to read the log, it says I can't view it until the cache is approved. How can someone leave it in a cache that hasn't been approved? A fellow cacher Emailed me showing me their new TB, it was also logged into a cache the hasn't been approved. That was in Mid March. The only thing I can think of, is that it is the owners cache and that is up for approval. My friends TB has been removed and moved along since, but it hasn't shown up on the cache pages?
  15. Is the question about how you log a return visit? If that is the case, do you leave a note, or how would you log that type of revisit?
  16. No problem, I will search and distribute. Thanks for the help!! Bill
  17. I live in upstate NY and I know there was a virtual cache for the "Center Of The State". I remember it was in front of a barn. The topic of the center of the state came up over Easter, and I thought I could find it easily. I assume that it has been archived because I can not find it. Is there a way to search for it? If it has been archived for whatever reason, I understand that it isn't able to be logged. It's one of those thing, I knew it was there and not it's gone. Is there anyway to search it? If anyone has done it, feel free to Email me the log. Thanks, Bill
  18. Do you have your Baud Rate set correctly and check to see that you are using the correct Com port.
  19. Very Good info http://www.mtgc.org/robertlipe/MeridianFAQ/
  20. I am a newbie at paperless caching. I have read several threads that have gotten me this far BUT... How do you, or is there a way to get the pictures/hints into your PDA? I am learning and using GSAK and cachemate. I can get the cache info, hints, logs but no pictures. Like I said, I've only been paperless for 2 days. Thanks
  21. Ok, I posted before about accuracy problems with my Magellan Meridian Platinum. I cleared all the memory, and was trying to reinstall the updated firmware. For some reason, the firmware will not install over itself. How can I get to the original firmware, to re update it? Or am I doing something wrong. This is not the 1st time I've done firmware. I've done 3 Gold's and my Platinum before and never had any trouble. Am I missing something? Thanks
  22. My father has a Trimble Scout, and the software is 1993. He bought it sometime between 94-96
  23. I tried clearing the memory, but still off. How do I reinstall the firmware? Do I have to remove it first, or just like I am upading for the 1st time. Thanks again, Bill
  24. PAID for the Premium membership and am currently trying GSAK (for less than a week) I am having problems trying to figure it out, but if I can I have no problems in paying. This is a great sport, and long story short, this is helping me recover from injuries from an automobile accident better than any Dr or physical therapy. So I support this sport to the fullest! Thank You Geocaching!!! Bill
  25. I just checked and they seemed ok. I did bend them out a little bit and will try it out later. Thanks for the idea.
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