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  1. I selected a PQ to run for Saturday, received an email that it was generated, and when I went to the site, I could see the PQ was highlighted and dated 3/10/12, but there was no PQ to download (1000). Sounds like there are some other gremlins about today as well based on the posts. Guess I'll have to play with last week's data.
  2. How will the two sites maintain congruence between the two databases? Will we have the 0.1mi rule for separatioin of GC and OC caches? Will there be double listing of caches - same cache listed on both sites? Maybe its covered, but frankly the open caching site irks me. Its really not the same as a chevy vs. a ford as someone remarked. Its more like another entity decided they wanted to open up their own airports and start attacting airlines, existing and new to fly into the new airports. Where is the coordination? Garmin for a long time presented geocaches, and I think they still do, I had some load onto my Nuvi auto GPS and it definitely pulled from the GC GPX database. Somebody pissed in someones cheerios and now there's a distraction going on. Geocachers are caught in the middle or not caught depending on how you see it. There are some anti Groundspeak folks posting over at the OC forum for certain. I find it all a distraction and frankly Garmin has put me off. Still like their product(s) but really question that benefit to the community, and to Garmin itself. I'll stick to using my garmin equipment to finding my Groundspeak geocaching.com geocaches. Cheers!
  3. I made three new PQs for europe and all are 500s and none have run. I made one (new) and it ran today and I ran an existing and it ran today as well...
  4. GC.COM is pushing up daisys! Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage Most likely causes: You are not connected to the Internet. The website is encountering problems. There might be a typing error in the address. What you can try: Diagnose Connection Problems More information This problem can be caused by a variety of issues, including: Internet connectivity has been lost. The website is temporarily unavailable. The Domain Name Server (DNS) is not reachable. The Domain Name Server (DNS) does not have a listing for the website's domain. If this is an HTTPS (secure) address, click Tools, click Internet Options, click Advanced, and check to be sure the SSL and TLS protocols are enabled under the security section. ...wait!!!! It's back!
  5. I use the pointer/selector function, move it over the button and then depress/select the button. Some pages/sites are more difficult than others.
  6. I'm not figuring out how to draw circles around lat/lon points in google earth. I need to use them to help solve a puzzle cache. Can anyone provide some simple instructions? Thanks!
  7. was in Chicago this past week and found GC28! That was great. Some of the older ones are still around.
  8. We know there are currently 692,733 active caches around the world - per the home page. Is there any published numbers around numbers of Geocachers as well as geographic distribution? (State, Country, Region, etc.) I was with some muggles this past week and they were curious about the above and I didn't know where or how to get that answer.
  9. I've pushed an update from GSAK, Stats Generator, (Stats generated by FindStatGen3 V3.3.20 by rutson and lignumaqua, running on 'http://gsak.net'>GSAK v7.2.3.35) and the links are all broken. Tried it 3 different times and it is my standard way of updating my profile. Worked flawlessly before. Html looks fine when StatsGen opens up new webpage running as a GSAK macro. Here is my profile as an example (6pm Pacific Turkey Day) http://www.geocaching.com/profile/
  10. Well, that was a great cache! Yes the walk is a bit long - particularly for my kids in the cool weather. Appreciated the head's up as I would never have found this cache given all of the choices near Rolling Meadows. Grabbed the virtual of the Bean this evening in Chicago and hope to bang out a bunch tomorrow. Happy Turkey Day to all! Take a relative that enjoys a brisk winter walk. It's not a horrible hike, but if memory serves it was .5 miles each way? With some moderate elevation gains in spots. It'll be chilly for sure, but I went out in November myself. And it was beautiful. TMA
  11. Great suggestion. Hopefully I can talk a rel into making the 8mi drive w/ me. Thanks!
  12. Anyone tested cachberry on the newest releases? Bold or Storm? Any reason(s) it would/wouldn't work w/ the new touchscreen interface on the Storm? Thanks,
  13. Spending a glorious week in the Chicago suburbs w/ family. Will need to get out often to stretch the legs ang geocache. Can anyone suggest some family friendly caches either in downtown or out in the Rolling Meadows area for diversions? Thanks! -Team Chinook
  14. If you have window's mobile definitely check out Backcountry Navigator from critter software. I've used it on my dell Axim (touch screen) along w/ a blue tooth gps as a main gps for a couple of years. You should be able to figure out pretty quickly by reading the info on the site.
  15. Benny; You need to find the geocaching finds txt file on your Colorado and select it and upload it to geocaching.com site - start w/ the browse box. Once you get that file selected and uploaded, the files will show up in that same area and then you can select one by one to log the caches. From your geocaching page, select "access my field notes". It will say, "No logs have been found for your account at this time." and then select "Upload Field Notes from your Garmin Colorado" and choose "Browse" and find the file on your Colorado and upload it. Then return to "Access your field notes' and you should then be able to log or delete each of the notes w/ any notes data written automatically copied into the comments section of the log a cache screen. -Team Chinook Hi ....I just got the Garmin Co and I am having problems downloading the cache logs. I am using the EasyGPS and PQ to download. Everything is there except the logs. Am I doing something wrong? I am pretty new to this so any advice would be great! Thanks Bennys
  16. We found a bench mark along a cement canal w/ the following. Is this one we can look up and log? If yes, how? Thanks. Team Chinook Bureau of Reclamation 10235 N 37'55.214 W122'02.710
  17. Sorry to hear about the lemons. I got a bad 400T from REI and returned it and bought one online from Walmart as they had a special price. It's worked excellent since day one. Best of luck!
  18. Yogazoo; It isn't the Garmin that is affected in the cold weather - it's the batteries themselves. You remember the old auto battery commercials where they were starting cars in the freezing temps? Battery Performance Characteristics This site has some information on life, discharge, temperature, etc. I've seen all sorts of battery powered devices perform poorly in cold conditions such as snow skiing...since most portable electronics are metalic or at least partially, they transfer heat and cold well and hasten the weather affects. Or so I would believe.
  19. Microsoft has a nice tool as well that will allow you to grab a .gpx log and add the location post facto and/or you can view their map and click a spot on the map and it will tag the photo that way. The software is called Microsoft Pro Photo Tools - it was a free download from their site. It allows you to edit a lot more detail on the photo, but I imagine picassa would do nearly the same thing.
  20. I'm checking out GPicSync which can use your current file or any other .gpx file to time associate the gps coordinates. Anyone else tried this?
  21. not sure what topo you have but I can autoroute in Topo US 24K West (CA/NV) and it goes from road to dirt road to trail. Nice.
  22. checkout SportTracks. I use it to track exercise and I upload my current track of my Colorado directly into the software. It shows satellite or terrain or streetlike maps to see where you've been.
  23. Rechargable batteries perform better after cycled a couple of times. So the first three or four times you won't get maximum performance out of them and then you'll get better performance. You can buy rechargables at riteaid/wallgreens in the photo section. But I'd suggest buying from the web. I bought Powerex MAHA AA and AAA batteries from Thomas Distributing thomasdistrubuting.com or batterysupply.com along w/ a mh-cr01fs 100 minute cool charger. The AAA batteries are 1000 ma and the AA are 2700ma. Whereas the rechargables in my solar path lights are only 800ma. I can generally go a couple of days of geocaching on one set of batteries, or at least all day with heavy use, screen changes, compass use, fully backlit, etc. good luck!
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