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  1. 10/17 Update: With help from Jeff Caulfield at Magellan (contact found on this forum)I was able to do everything but download the caches to the GC. Something in my computer was changing them from gpx format to...something else. After 6 months, found a computer (from work) that I could use to load caches. Went caching this past weekend and there are times the GC won't turn on. I have to take out the batteries and put them back in to get it to turn on. Doesn't work every time but most of the time. The batteries are difficult to get out. I had some trouble navigating to different screens, but couldn't a compass view with distance. Maybe more practice is needed for me to be completely comfortable. Jeff was great. Very patient and was talking me through the pocket query screens while driving. Knows his stuff.
  2. I received the Explorist GC for Christmas and just now starting to want to get out there and cache. I have not been able to send the coords to the GPS, it says it can't find Magellan Communicator, even though I've download it several times and used several different PCs. Is it because I don't have the update and how do I get the update? If I do the pocket query (which I don't know how to do) do I need the Mag communicator?
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