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  1. Congratulations! I'm hoping that you bought someone's collection, not a bunch of geocoins that someone kidnapped from caches. Keep us informed!!
  2. Sometimes, when you find a travel bug in a cache that has not been activated, it is a "gift" from a fellow geocacher. As I understand it, if it has not been activated, it is yours to do with as you please. That means keep it (activated or not) or place it in another cache. Finding an unactivated trackable in a cache is like getting an early Christmas present. Congratulations!
  3. Ok... The obvious thing to me would be to have the friend cache a little more, get them totally addicted, have them get their own account and take the TB with them...naturally passing it on that way. I'm all for getting another person into the hobby!
  4. I wish I were a little closer. Next time we are over that direction, you can count on us to stop and do some CITO. Good luck getting your cemetery cleaned up. I am sure there are a lot of great cachers in your area that will help.
  5. My husband was the mayor of our small town for a while. After reading this, I posed the question to him: "What would you, as mayor, do if a group of Geocachers wanted to do a CITO event at the park?" His answer was immediate: "When do you want to do it? Can we provide you with the trash bags?" I agree with Eartha's comment. Go over their heads. Communities all over the world would do anything to get a group of volunteers to pick up trash. It is ridiculous to expect you to submit to background checks to clean a park.
  6. I voted! My animal was an elephant. Thanks for all you do to support animal rights and rescues.
  7. Sorry, I don't know what this hint means either. Good luck!
  8. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the package, and it was a lot of fun to get a birthday gift once I thought it was all over. The gift was like a caching newbie kit, which is awesome for me. Thank you! I'm so glad the package finally arrived. I am sorry it took so long, but waiting on the coins gave me a little more time to put together the kit. I am a new cacher, too, and just put in the things I have needed when I found various caches. I hope it comes in handy, and hope that you enjoy the three coins.
  9. Birthday Mission: Email sent - 2 October 2009 Birthday Mission: Name Received - 13 October 2009 Birthday Mission: Sent - 19 November 2009 (Happy Birthday!) Birthday Mission: Received - Yes!! Thanks so much to 2LittleCache for the awesome gift! I received it just in time to open on my birthday yesterday. My camera is not playing well with my computer, but as soon as I figure out what is going on with it, I will post pictures. As a five year survivor of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, I love the coin and Travelbug, as a new cacher, I will put the containers to great use for the enjoyment of area cachers, and as a... well, human being, I am enjoying the chocolates immensely. Thanks again!!
  10. Coins finally came in today, everything is wrapped and packed up and will go out first thing in the morning. However, there is no way the package will arrive in time. I hope the recipient has a wonderful birthday! Birthday Mission: Email sent - 2 October 2009 Birthday Mission: Name Received - 13 October 2009 Birthday Mission: Sent - 19 November 2009 (Happy Birthday!) Birthday Mission: Received - Not yet
  11. Oohh... Pick me, pick me! I want in, too! pinkrblu@gmail.com
  12. Sorry to say the coins I ordered have STILL not arrived. I ordered them in plenty of time, but only received the confirmation of the order being sent on Monday. Since I am so new to the Geocoin addiction, I don't have any extra coins laying around. I am sooo sorry, but my mission is obviously going to be late. Hopefully the coins will arrive tomorrow and I can get it out then. It doesn't have so very far to travel (no international borders) so it should be there soon... Again, I am so sorry. Birthday Mission: Email sent - 2 October 2009 Birthday Mission: Name Received - 13 October 2009 Birthday Mission: Sent - Not yet Birthday Mission: Received - Not yet
  13. Welcome to the game! The following is a summary of the sizes. Each cache listing on Geocaching.com tells you which size that particular cache is. Micro (35 mm film canister or smaller – less than approximately 3 ounces or .1 L – typically containing only a logbook or a logsheet) Small (sandwich-sized plastic container or similar – less than approximately 1 quart or 1 L – holds trade items as well as a logbook) Regular (plastic container or ammo can about the size of a shoebox) Large (5 gallon/20 L bucket or larger)
  14. I bought a bunch of air activated hand and foot warmers on clearance last year and have been putting them in now that the weather is getting colder. I have a bag of VERY cheap little toys, brand new, that I carry with me for emergencies. I have found numerous caches that have nothing but trash in them, and although it isn't great swag, it is stuff that my kids would be happy to find. Bouncy balls, happy meal toys, toy cars, even fun pads are cheap but fun for kids. Some of the cool and inexpensive swag I have found recently: hand-tied fishing fly, small Christmas ornaments, Pins from places we have been, and signature swag is always cool. Always, if possible, put each swag/trade item in at least one ziplock baggy to keep the cache clean and protect things if there is a leak.
  15. Yep, yep.... Blueflashlight... although I have done the Bl followed by squiggles in the pouring rain.
  16. One of my favorite camping breakfasts is ziplock omelets. Use a quart size freezer ziplock. Crack a couple eggs into it, add salt and pepper and chopped ham or bacon bits, shredded cheese, green pepper, onion, anything else you can think of... left over cooked potato is good in it, too.... Close the bag and drop it into boiling water. You can eat the cooked omelet right out of the bag. You can mix biscuit mix and milk in another bag and wrap the dough around a stick and cook it over the coals while your eggs are cooking.
  17. When my parents got married, they bought a tent. It was made of canvas and large enough to comfortably sleep all five kids and both parents. It was big, bulky and heavy. Really, really heavy. When we broke camp each time, we carefully folded it on the creases to make it the right size to fit in its appointed space in the van. We camped in all kinds of places and all kinds of weather. When my older siblings had all moved out, my parents gave the tent to my oldest brother for his family and bought a much smaller, lighter weight tent for our use. My brother continued the ritual folding on the creases. After somewhat more than 40 years of heavy use and much folding and refolding, the tent finally began to disintegrate. It didn't give out on the creases, it just kind of got tired all over. What I wouldn't do for another tent like that. Not very good for hiking, I suppose, but... In my experience with nylon tents, they are not "built to last". I have replaced several tents over the years, and none of them had damage at the folds.
  18. Yep, that worked! Wish I could do that, but there are only two caches in our whole town and the school is only two blocks away. Congratulations on getting the kids excited about a great hobby.
  19. Twice in the last two weeks, while CITOing, my husband has picked up something and had a snake fall out. Neither were poisonous snakes, but... still, he is going to be much more careful in future.
  20. I placed a cache just today in an area that almost always has trash on the ground. It is at a Department of Conservation fishing access. When we checked it out last week, it was raining and we didn't even get out of the car, but saw that we would need to bring trash bags with us when we placed the cache. There were even two sofas, one on the boat ramp and one in a ditch. We had quite a bit of flooding between then and now and when we went to place the cache, the sofa on the boat ramp was gone, as was much of the trash. I would love to think that someone came and cleaned it up, but it probably all just washed down-stream. We filled a trash bag and then realized we only had one with us. I keep plastic grocery bags in my cache bag and CITO almost every cache I find. It doesn't take much to make a difference.
  21. I wondered when someone was going to add this bit to the discussion! My husband complained about the fact that they are called geocoins from the first time he saw one. Apparently, if it does not have a stated monetary value on it, it isn't a coin. (Bah! I like the sound of geocoin, so there!)
  22. Birthday Mission: Email sent - 2 October 2009 Birthday Mission: Name Received - 13 October 2009 Birthday Mission: Sent - Not yet Birthday Mission: Received - Not yet Time for some research... And then some shopping!
  23. I didn't see any mention of how much trash this guy pulled out of any of the areas he had visited. I am getting ready to place a cache in an area that is always trashy. Why would I do such a thing? Not to bring more people into the area to dump trash, but because geocachers are known for their love and respect of the environment. I can expect that anyone that goes to that area for my cache will CITO the area, if only a little bit.
  24. Good luck, stay safe, and most of all, have fun! You're a little too far north for us to come play.
  25. I just went through the process, and it was quite easy. I hope you are leaving the area, not the hobby!!
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