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  1. Oregon Coast update.....just wanted to let folks know about the increased interest in paddle caches along the Oregon coast in the Florence to Coos Bay zone. Mackie's caches inspired many of us to get kayaks, etc to hunt his paddle caches and now the area has an ever increasing list of paddle caches. C'mon on down and check'em out!!
  2. I got similar results - after seeing g-o-cachers steps I repeated them on my unit which is loaded with NW Trails (a transparent trails mapset that overlays topo very nicely). Initially turning on the unit resulted in no magenta line. So I went in and disabled the NW Trails map and suddenly the magenta line appears! Great! Still there after enabling again. Rebooted unit and loss of line again. If I disable NW Trails map, then reboot the unit will display the magenta line right off the bat. So it appears to be related to certain mapsets in the enabled mode during boot up that results in no magenta line. Sure hope the Garmin folks are following this and looking into it!
  3. Yes, good sat. fix.....The distance to destination acted as expected...dropping as I got closer...just no line. Weird. Wonder if I should try loading 3.5 again...back at 3.42 for the moment
  4. Oregon 400t - so it's the factory loaded topo. In addition I have Jon Standley's NW Trails mapset and one custom image....all enabled
  5. I too updated from beta 3.42 (via updater) and noticed the magenta GoTo line went missing! Tried navigating to a geocache and no line! WOW. Bad. I went back to 3.42 beta. I also noticed the custom settings went back to default but didn't pay attention to whether it was going to 3.50 or back to 3.42.....
  6. Thanks for the helpful info, klossner! I always pack the boots so the Mt. Talbert area looks like the kind of area I prefer anyway - less developed is better.
  7. Hey Portland cachers - I just discovered this 40-mile loop project for connecting parks,open spaces etc in one large trail. As one who gets to Portland a few times a year and who loves caching in the wooded parks and trails, this trail intrigues me. Specifically, I was wondering if there is a challenge cache related to this huge trail? Even if there isn't I plan to walk and cache the entire length, over time. Going to be up that way later this month and plan to hike Marquam to Council Crest - looking forward to it.
  8. as have I.......... also love it A sample of my twitter feed from a morning cache run using these aforementioned tools in addition to the iphone geocaching app.
  9. popop

    Textmarks Errors

    You need a space between the geoc and >gc1m8r7 D'oh! Thanks for that.
  10. popop

    Textmarks Errors

    Anyone else seeing this? Have been attempting some texts to 41411 for a couple of days with no luck. Texts like geoc>gc1m8r7 (heading to geocache......) yields an error message saying "Keyword GEOC>GC1M doesn't exist" It appears to be cutting off the text message.......
  11. One way to find archived caches is to look at the list of caches found by some of the "elders" or early geocachers in your area. Chances are some of the caches they found in their early days have now been archived but will still show up in their list of finds. I've found some very interesting old caches worthy of resurrecting this way. It also often makes VERY intertaining reading! Good Luck.
  12. Same for me. Like you, I get the confirmation but nothing on Twitter. So I tried going to the geocaching sharing page to check on my twitter settings and it hasn't been available for two days now. wondering what's going on at Groundspeak.........
  13. Found something that worked........ geoc ?gccode The text above produced the desired results - weird, no brackets needed? They need to update their instructions at coord.Info However, no updates going to twitter............
  14. Just tried sending a text to 41411 requesting cache info - "We were unable to complete your request" was what I got in return. System broke?
  15. Seeing the thread is not closed yet, I sent my request as well..........
  16. Yes. We wanted to incrementally release updates. In the meantime you can still log via SMS. http://coord.info/textmark.aspx has the details. Thanks for pointing me to this, Jeremy. Ran out and tried it at lunchtime. Sent the text while on site - worked great once I realized not to use the [] around the GC number! That isn't isn't real clear in the instructions but then I'm not a "super-texter" so maybe this is well understood among the heavy SMS crowd. Works fine - will do until the feature set is upgraded with live online logging through the app. BTW - still no crashes on my 1.1 install after having it running for a good 30 minutes.
  17. Weird, downloaded 1.1 last evening when I first saw it - no crashes at all! Seems to have full functionality - sifted through a few caches opening descriptions, hints, etc. Saved a cache. Switched to navigate mode (even though I was just sitting on couch at home - not actually out caching). This took maybe 5 minutes - no crashes. BTW, sure glad to see the ability to sort out my finds and my placed caches to only see unfound-by-me caches. Great to have the ability to view more than the closest 20 caches. Disappointed to see that the "Log online" funtion wasn't included. Hopefully that's coming next? Yes?
  18. I've been using this combination for a couple of weeks now (also got in on the early adopter free price for Air Sharing - hope the updates are free as well!) I love it. Word of warning though - if you export with the "include Google Map" box checked it seems to cause problems in iPhone's Safari browser. With any given cache page open in the browser you can't swipe up/down/right/left and expect it to stay in place - it always snaps back to left margin. So you can't swipe down to see logs. Once I exported to HTML without Google Maps box checked it scrolls/swipes as expected. I'm still watching to see what GEODE is going to bring to the table but for now this is a very adequate paperless/offline solution in my view.
  19. For me, that is a big question too. The OR feels very solid, I really like the construction and think that Garmin did a much better job than the CO. Looking at the physical design I would say that this unit will stand a much better chance of keeping water out. The seal is very solid and the cover over the USB port is very good. However, time will tell how the screen does in the dirt, rain, ice and snow. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to use this with gloves on. 60-70% of it, yes, but some of the finer touch screen selections would be difficult. GO$Rs These caught my eye while perusing CNET's Crave Blog
  20. From the spec list of 300 and 400t, I see a difference for the "compact antennae" category. 300 - YES 400t - high-sensitivity Is there really a different chipset in these units? Appears that the 400t has better accuracy then?
  21. I believe THIS CACHE was the one being hunted........
  22. Thank you so much for adding the finds/hides count back to the My Friends boxes AND returning the My Inventory to the right column! Thanks for listening. You folks do a great job.
  23. Getting a second sd card looks like it's the answer. His use of custom maps is going to very minimal, that's why he went with the preloaded one. It's just that we went on a hike the other day and I would have liked to have loaded up THIS great "trails only" custom mapset so he could see the trail laid over topo. I've not had to mess with this issue since I'm still using my old 60C (looking to upgrade this fall, however)
  24. Hate to interupt all the fun chatter about the new Garmins but I have an old question I can't quite figure out. Tried to load a custom map to a buddies 60cx (preloaded micro sd card with West ) and Mapsource warned me that it would erase the data already on the micro sd. So we backed out of the process until I could get an answer about how to load more maps (custom or otherwise) when there is a micro sd (purchased already loaded with US topo west). Tried the search but wasn't seeing what I needed....... Thanks.
  25. I don't hate it but I heartily agree about seeing the # of finds for "My Friends"! It's a quick way to see what they've been up to. I also agree about the "Welcome" box with avatar etc. - unecessary clutter IMHO That said, I acknowledge the great work these folks do for us!! Thanks guys and gals
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