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  1. I'm trying to set-up notification of new caches in a specific area. I have reviewed all the help links here. According to the site, I can either choose a zip code or cordinates. I choose zip codes for each notification I create, but the results always result in distances from my home location. For example: I input a zip code 100 miles from my home with a radius of 10 miles from the subjust notification. Results are given from my home location. Any ideas?
  2. When I place a background image on my cache page it's tiled instead of just a single image. Is there a way to change this?
  3. quite often two sets of cords are provided for a cache located on walking paths etc. one set will get you to a safe area for parking...the other will take you to GZ. check the cache page for these waymarks. also, routinely scan previous logs. they contain a lot of valuable information. i have personally missed out in the past for not reading past log entries. hope this helps.
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