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  1. To me, a travel bug hotel is simply a cache placed within easy reach of a busy transportation route. Owners who try to put restrictions like "One out, one in" aren't being fair to the owners of the travel bugs as it limits the chance of them being moving on. "One out, One in" is a rule I would freely and happily ignore. As regards, moving a bug regardless of it's mission, not all of us are anal enough to check out each and every aspect of the cache before going to it. Hell, I don't even normally look at any previous logs!
  2. This is a bit OT, but you might like to look in to it. Seeing the mention of the Degree Confluence project stirred a memory of me reading an article which mentioned that a patent had been granted for the position/image database concept. Maybe worth checking out.
  3. The issue I have with the word "muggles" is mostly down to the fact it seems to suggest that geocachers are in some way superior because they "know". I feel the same annoyance with other words used in the same context. Like I said above, why try to avoid being discovered? Most people like to hear about new and interesting things.
  4. Indeed. And if you do a little circular walk via Corbar Cross a trig point is baggable as well. In fact, why not set off north from the cache to bag the trig on Black Edge as well.
  5. It's sad, geeky and suggests that the person using it has to resort to reading children's books because they're not quite advanced enough to progress to non-chewable reading material quite yet?
  6. What's the point of acting suspicious? I carry on as normal regardless. Most people will not set out to damage a cache even if they do stumble on it. They are more likely to wonder what you're doing if they see people acting funny. You should have carried on looking and if asked what you were doing, told them. I've been asked around 5 times what I've been doing and 3 of the 5 have gone on to seek out caches of their own. We're not a secret society, after all. PS. Please don't use the horrible made-up word, muggles.
  7. On reflection, The Viking Hoard and Err...where is it? are probably quite mud free too. The second one is great as the kids will love mooching around the ruins of the old hall.
  8. Close to Buxton is a cachers paradise. The Buxton moors are without doubt some of the finest landscape in the UK. I was out there yesterday and if you're looking for not muddy it's not going to be that easy. Near Buxton, I can recommend Hey Diddle Diddle and Grin-ing from ere to ere as being mud free. How much mud is too much mud?
  9. There are actually some pretty decent hiding places right near the confluence of the two river tributaries (the actual place where the three counties meet) which would be sufficient for a bigger cache.
  10. If we're were being picky I'd have to say it was in Staffordshire. It'd be a bit wet if it was in all three counties. Some people just get it plain wrong as well. This cache is in Staffordshire, even though it thinks it's in Cheshire.
  11. You been shopping on Ebay??? Nope, it was a refurb from www.medionshop.co.uk which just happens to be in perfect nick with a 12 month warranty. None left at the moment but they may have more......
  12. http://www.geohikes.co.uk/index.php?option...id=55&Itemid=32 http://www.geohikes.co.uk/index.php?option...id=57&Itemid=32
  13. My new sparkly Medion PDA/GPS combo pack which cost only £83 is fine for getting to the car park. Then the Geko 201 comes out. No PDA could survice what that little fella could so he has to take over.
  14. Hmmm. Might have to get that trademark registered just in case someone else starts making money with it.
  15. Gutted. I was being serious. Four squares converge on our driveway.
  16. It is an infringement of copyright. Of course, we don't know whether Simply Paul or the BBC owns the copyright without being informed.
  17. Can i stand on the exact crossover of four squares and claim four?
  18. Sigh. Looks like I'm going to miss on the chance to meet all you Staffs/Derbys/Cheshire etc. cachers as I'm moving towards the end of next month.
  19. I've just grabbed this setup for £80 from Medion, and this review talks about the software. http://www.pocketgps.co.uk/medion-review.php
  20. Yes, but it was out of stock not soon after I ordered yesterday. I was going to post it then but there seemed little point when it was out stock. However, it has come back into stock on three separate occasions this morning. Perhaps they have a real time stock system and keep adding more. It would be an incredible bargain if you can grab one.
  21. Another great great bargain, although you'll have to be lucky to get one as they keep popping in and out of stock. I've got one on the way hopefully. Should help to ease the problem of getting to a place to park before getting the real GPS out for caching. A Medion Pocket PC with GPS receiver and navigation software for only £80 + postage. At http://www.medionshop.co.uk Click on refurbished products. Product Description Navigation for Europe including England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Major Roads of Europe. Plug and Play - Ready for immediate use Mobile and Flexible Specifications Intel Xscale 400MHz Processor TFT display with 65,536 colours Weight: 125g SD/MCC slot L x W x H: 12.2 x 7.3 x 1.4 cm Comprehensive Software Package Pocket Excel Pocket Word Pocket Internet Explorer Mail Inbox (email program) Windows Media Player 9 for Pocket PC Outlook 2002 Navigation Software Microsoft Synchronisation Software System Requirements Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP Intel Pentium Processor 233MHz or higher CD-ROM drive USB port v1.1 or v2.0 port 40MB Hard Disk Space for Software Installation Optional: 650MB for Map Data (navigator) 12V Cigarette lighter in vehicle Warranty 12 months warranty
  22. If I grab it, the best thing to do (considering the size of the file) would be to make it available as a bit torrent file. Providing plenty of people are willing to share it that will make it easier for people to get hold of.
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