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  1. OMG! I may have to remove some of my log images if it goes on the front page now.
  2. Go for an iMate Jam. About £320 from http://mobilejoker.de/index2.html The site is in German but I understand that they do cash on delivery via UPS.
  3. True. Doing something off home co-ordinates may be best then.
  4. bump. Still looking for volunteers for adopting:- On top of t'Kinder - The Big Cup - North East corner of the Kinder Scout plateau, near the A57 Snake Pass/Snake Inn, Derbyshire. Regular cache. The Loaded Gun - near Leek, Staffs. Micro cache. Just sorting the others out still, if you've emailed me.
  5. You could find an agreeing UK cacher to let you log a fake find at one of their caches. Then once you are registered they could remove it.
  6. I'm going to be moving down to the vague vacinity of Tunbridge Wells in the next week, and will probably be up for a walk or two in a month or so, after settling. Not too far away I think, and walking to cache is my modus operandi, as you'll know if you look at my website.
  7. No reason, except for me being able to track what sort of use the site is getting. Registration is a very simple process anyway.
  8. That's it. I give up. Can't be bothered with caching any more. After all, it's only tupperware....... But seriously, I am soon to be leaving the North Staffs area, so aren't going to be able to look after my five caches. It would be a shame to see them be abandoned, so willing adopters please apply. They are:- The Green Drive - near Tittensor, Staffs. Regular cache. Bluebells by the M6 - near Tittensor, Staffs. Regular cache. The Loaded Gun - near Leek, Staffs. Micro cache. The Murderous Axe - near Buxton, Derbyshire. Micro cache. On top of t'Kinder - The Big Cup - North East corner of the Kinder Scout plateau, near the A57 Snake Pass/Snake Inn, Derbyshire. Regular cache. I have emailed Lactodorum and Eckington about this, and having no reply I guess there is no problem. Grab 'em while they're fresh.
  9. Guilty. And hopefully taken with the jest intended. You did a brilliant job and are an excellent ambassador for the sport.
  10. I'm looking forward to the explosion of defunct faulty Xbox cables that will start to appear in the larger caches.
  11. Bet that one has been kicked off the hill by some unsuspecting cacher.
  12. We were planning to make his head a cache, but unfortunately it blocks the satellite view for several miles around.
  13. Visitors to my site may have noticed that I haven't posted an update this month. I sat down with the intention of typing one out this morning and was a bit stumped. So, I thought I'd ask if someone might like to write it for me! Nothing overly complex needed. Maybe experiences on a recent site walk, your take on the features of the site and anything you think a visitor might like a read. One thing to mention is the new Adopt-a-Geohiker forum which is an extension of the whole adopt-a-newbie idea. Hopefully it can be a meeting shop for people who want to go out walking in the countryside but are a little unsure about how to find their way etc.
  14. Thinking on. How about actually including the feature to be accessed from the actual cache pages? For anyone who either isn't logged in or has less than 5 finds there could be an extra link near List all nearby caches saying If you're new to geocaching and would like some one to help introduce you, click here for nearby volunteer mentors. Mentors are then stored as a cache, which is accessible by this method. The page lists how they can help, when they can help and what areas they can help in.
  15. You could create a new catagory of Cache, called Mentor, and then whoever wants to be a mentor would create a mentor Cache and then you could be searched, just like other cache's. Then when you did not want to volunteer, you could disable yourself and then re-enable yourself when you were ready to start again. Ok, It's just an idea.... Actually, I don't think that is too bad an idea. It would allow the existing postcode/zip code search to be used. Perhaps they could be hidden in the cache search but accessible via a link at the top saying "Show my nearest mentor". Once created, all that needs doing is clear instructions somewhere alerting people to the fact that people are happy to introduce newcomers and how to go about contacting them.
  16. I think the adopt-a-newbie scheme is a valuable idea for the whole global geocaching community, so I've put this idea to the powers that be.
  17. Now this is a feature request based on a thread started on the UK forum which can be found here. Following a feature on geocaching on National TV in the UK there has been a mini influx of geocachers. However, I guess that some people may be put off when they first look at the website by the initial investment in a GPS receiver. Being a overly friendly bunch in the UK, the idea of experienced cachers offering the benefit of their knowledge came to the fore. The idea of the thread was to give new people the chance to meet up with an established cacher and share their GPS for the find. So giving the chance of a taster before the big purchase. There have been plenty offers of help aleady, but the question has arisen. How does a newbie find this thread? So, here I am, asking if such a feature could be incorporated into the site Getting Started section or otherwise. After all, my first visit to this site passed without me starting caching because £100 was a bit too much at the time.
  18. they're discussing this on radio2 at the moment (13:43). Councils are claiming its a ticket NOT a fine... In which case, the way to go would be send a nominal sum for parking based on the nearest pay & display car park. In my case, I was booked by Stoke on Trent City Council. I sent a letter similar to the pro forma on that website but also stated a (very weak, in my opinion) defence. I received a letter back saying something to the lines of "We have decided to let you off the parking charge but are unable to comment on the other points raised", which I believed to mean "Ah, you've rumbled us. We'll let you off so we don't have to admit it."
  19. With this in mind, it would be a good idea to have an adopt-a-newbie-cacher thread. I know that I would certainly not mind taking someone caching at any time.
  20. Parking fine. Pah. Don't pay it, they're illegal. Check out this website for details. Worked for me.
  21. All you could ever want and need can be found at www.geocacheuk.com
  22. Aside from the fact it's not "good form" to promote your own cache, isn't a 4 mile detour and a muddy walk stretching it a bit for a Motorway TB hotel?
  23. Avoid holiday time and you can find parking pretty cheap. If it is still a problem then offer the guy at the petrol station a couple of quid to mind your car Dave - give us a link if you have the Great Ridge on your site but don't forget Kittyhawk has some children them. Parking a bit further up on the road also only costs a couple of quid for the day. I don't have a walk of my own for the Great Ridge as I last did it before I was a cacher. http://www.walkingbritain.co.uk/walks/walksv1/vw095.shtml is an excellent one though although the only cache is on Winhill. I had a lengthy chat with a National Trust warden on Mam Tor though (where they often have a little info stall at the weekends) and regarding a geocache he said that it wouldn't pose a problem to place one. The broken road below Mam Tor would also be a great place for a cache. That walk isn't so good with kids though, although it is possible to park at the Rushup Edge end at grid ref SK 093 825, from where you can walk the length of the ridge and back on fairly easy terrain, with just the best views possible (ignoring Hope Cement works).
  24. Don't forget to watch out for some of what are quite possibly the most exhorbitant charges for parking in the UK (London aside) in Castleton. After I'd parked there I felt I had the right to dig up the tarmac and take it home with me! BTW, I don't feel that cache does the Great Ridge near Castleton justice.
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