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  1. I'm currently writing a walking and geocaching website and as well as detailed walk descriptions I would like to be able to create basic maps to go along with them. I guess most of the editing will have to be carried out in Photoshop or the like, but does anyone know of any other way of doing this? Getting a graphical plot of the GPS track off the GPS and being able to save in a decnt format would be the least I need. Thanks in advance.
  2. I do have Memory Map so any overlays would be great too. I have my own idea of the descriptions of walks but others have equally good ways of doing it, so all input is very valuable. Each walk will have a comments section anyway, allowing people to add more details or detours. As for the scope of the walks, pretty much anything goes. Short or long, circular or linear, 1 day or multidays.
  3. Well, I'm inspired enough to put the effort in and get this up and running and hopefully I can spend enough time on it to get it live as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you suggest a route please do so. Perhaps someone can also help with the design of a site logo as I'm artistically challenged myself. The site is going to be called GeoHikes, so any budding designers who can put something together based on that name are welcome to try.
  4. To pick up on some comments so far. I'm encouraged by the interest shown since a fairly late night post and should start putting together a web site of some respect in the next few days or so. If anyone has any ideas for a walk/cache combination then I'd love to have them by email for when my site goes live. I certainly don't want to encourage just walks of 15 miles or more and would be happy for walks of any distance (circular or not) to be sent along. If you'd like to do that, please submit as much detail as you can (even down to the number of shops, pubs en route and the price of the car park!), As for suggesting the Plough as a circular. I'm near enough to that to have a go at that over what will no doubt be a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend. I'll keep you posted.
  5. That is a good answer, because you'd have something very valuable to contribute if I get a site up and running.
  6. This is a bit of a double edged question. I'm a keen walker first and a cacher second (a very close second mind) and I particularly like stringing caches together on a decent 15 mile plus circular walk. I usually sit down with Memory Map and plan a walk around caches. This is great because it takes some of the indecision out of planning. However, I wondered if there were any UK sites dedicated to walking routes involving caches, and if not, would anyone be interested? I have prepared a few walking routes for www.walkingbritain.co.uk but have not submitted them as yet because I'd be keen to send them a cache/walk site or even knock up a site myself. What would the interest level be?
  7. Managed to run into Eldar, who saved me and the missus from a world of pain doing Split in Two.
  8. Congrats! Only wish that the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust weren't quite so keen to simply ignore the emails and letters I've sent to them!
  9. Congrats from me (assistant manager + co-owner of the "No Riff Raff") too. Maybe I should slip you some advance details of my next cache in that area so you can beat snerdbe to it.
  10. This occured to me (as I already own a cache within a mile of Buxton) but could I find a Hayfield among the moors? Maybe a bracken field......
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