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  1. I'll jump in and go with us hitting the milestone on 01 November, 2021, at 12:11:10 GMT. I mean, why not have a palindrome to boot?!
  2. Fun Fact: My One Million Waymarks geocoin arrived and my 1,000th Waymark was approved on the same day - 20 October!
  3. Misery loves company -- I, too, have always experienced Coordinates Loss. The method/workaround that is successful about 95 per cent of the time for me: Toss the coords at the top of the "Long Description" box before anything else. Fill out everything else including ticking the two "Yes, I agree" terms and conditions boxes. Just before moving on to the photo uploading, select "Decimal Degrees", then copy and paste the north then west digits in their corresponding fields Click the "Save and Continue" button as quickly as possible...It seems as if there's also a very limited window of time to make the coord fields stick even if I follow my standard sequence. After all my photos are uploaded and I return to the pre-submission stage, AND the map displays the location correctly, that is when I cycle through the "Edit"...once more...this time deleting the coords I had originally pasted in the "Long Description" box to tidy things up for the final presentation. Maybe disappearing coordinates is an unannounced bit game play intentionally built in to this thing!? (OK, Waymarking, we get it. Ha, ha. Very funny. Please fix, thankyouverymuch.)
  4. Once I read through your description, it made me wonder if I’m remembering correctly or just making something up: did I see a very-long-distance sign at the beginning of Rte. 1 in Key West with the mileage to Maine? (That was a long while ago…and certainly fuzzy brained, what with it being a pub crawl excursion in the middle of a cruise…) I’m inclined to agree with the others’ hesitation about its sufficiency for a new/world-wide category. That said: YOU dig the concept and it’d be a cool personal series to pursue. I might just be on the lookout now, too. Thanks for sharing.
  5. THANK YOU Becktracker for asking and FamilieFrohne for creating the first-in-a-region tool! I'm late to the thread and so glad to have found it. Like you all, "firsts" has been a fun curiosity that adds dimension to my playing the game. I'd been manually tracking mine in a very rudimentary document, but only for my state and, now quite apparently, not recently; I'd managed to record 63...and then was pleasantly very surprised to discover I'm at 93! Plus, I really appreciate the bonus of knowing ALL the regions/categories in which I have first entries -- 111 total as of today. I had no idea. Much fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  6. Perhaps this topic arose from my "What Category for This?" post about a denied WM that ended up fitting another category? I located and photographed my first chapel in a cemetery last week, did a wee bit of online research, and included a verbatim quote from the church's website in my write up. I learned that, along with providing respite for mourners from inclement weather, the chapel also has space for 253 cremation urns. That the building is also a final resting place for human remains is not obvious to visitors who only see the outside -- it just looks like a small, unmarked chapel. So...My [too] thorough description disqualified my entry as a Cemetery Chapel. Had I not included the church's final sentence, though deceptive, it would most likely have been approved, the admins would be none the wiser, and folks looking for "Cemetery Chapels" in Rhode Island would have another listed in the group to visit. Now it is only listed in "Mausoleums" -- a missed cross posting opportunity. (St. Joseph Chapel) Oh, well. I appreciate that each category has to have its own set of guidelines, but...as a still relatively new player (just under 3 years and 1000 WMs), there have been times that manager decisions seem unnecessarily stringent and/or biased. (No hard feelings against the good Cemetery Chapel folk, I promise!) As stated above and many times in the Forum before, there are different ways to participate in Waymarking, from in-depth research to purely mega quantity goals. I play the game for my own amusement and I contribute just as equally to help other people. Admittedly, yes, I *can* find another cemetery chapel and get my first badge in that category...it's not THAT important, but still...[/rant]
  7. Yep -- that's the one! I haven't been inside yet.
  8. Ah-ha. Thank you. Sometimes my vision and brain get scrambled trying to filter through the list of categories and remember what is what! I completely missed seeing that category. I'll give it a shot.
  9. Because St. Joseph Cemetery Chapel ( https://stjosephashtonri.org/st-joseph-cemetery ) includes spaces for 250 cremations in marble wall niches, it doesn't fit the requirements for "Cemetery Chapels" since the category states "no remains". It belongs to a Catholic parish half a mile north. Suggested categories? The cemetery itself has already been Waymarked in "Worldwide Cemeteries". "Religious Buildings Multifarious" appears to want places that host regularly scheduled worship services. Nice building, but I'm feeling stuck. Thanks!
  10. Thanks, Keith. I can go back to check out the lower side of the concrete base and grab some more pictures. I'll also see if that rock-lined culvert directs [storm drain?] water towards the river; I presumed it does since the topography slopes towards the river.
  11. Is this a...thing? It is about 10 feet tall, mounted to a concrete base that has a diamond plate hatch on the floor, and is within about 100 yards of the Blackstone River. I thought it might be a river gauge at first, but found no measurement markings when I walked up for a closer look. The upper part is a transparent amber-colored cylinder that encases a large threaded component. A United States Army Corps of Engineers "USACE" sticker is on that portion. It has a cast iron base with markings that read "DYNATORQUE BG4" and "CHAPMAN PS 70-1 437". My Google search on the first term led to a product page that describes it as "...multiturn bevel-gear operator..."; search results for the latter are waaaaay off -- I'm fairly certain it's not a reference to Psalm 70... A crank handle was laying on the ground and looks like it would be used at the midsection in conjunction with the part labeled DYNATORQUE. Is it some sort of water gate operator? And, most importantly, is it Waymarkable?! Thanks in advance. ---j PS: I have a few more photos, if that might be helpful.
  12. Hello from an essentially dormant Waymark poster! Along with ggmorton and Max and 99, I'd be in favor of a grace period as a general policy for changes to any category across the Waymarking platform. Wrapped up my first WM year in December 2019 feeling really accomplished and somewhat burnt out. Though I just uploaded again for the first time this week, I have been snapping pictures consistently over the past eight months; I've got over 250 Waymarks to contribute, many of which were captured during one-time visits to out-of-state/non-local locations from January through March of 2020. It's especially unlikely there will be opportunities to get back to those places in my regular course of travels, let alone go far from home as we're in the middle of this pandemic...There's a good chance many of us are in the same situation, global health crisis or not. So, even though this specific category change doesn't affect me, I believe some empathy and flexibility in this case could well be what we need for keeping the peace and creating good will within the Waymarking community. That being said, I'm totally in favor of three or more absolutely distinct and different photos as a minimum quantity for any and all Waymarks. (eg. Cropping doesn't count; and neither does "drive-by" shooting.) As I've said before: Multiple, decent quality pictures can be captured within a relatively short time, depending on the subject's overall size, details, and accessibility. With a slight bit of concerted effort, each group of images can be enhanced using a "shoot and move" attitude. Make each photograph different by changing the viewing angle in relation to the subject...go to the center/right/left; nearer/further away; higher/lower; show the front/side/back.
  13. The upper image is more legible and intuitive to me.
  14. All good once again -- PISA-caching and bootron to the rescue!
  15. Oooops! Thanks for baring your beguiling pail fail tale. ---j
  16. The "Category Grid" displays have appeared vertically crunched for the past week or so -- The icons are not entirely shown because the grid spaces are slightly rectangular/short and not properly square. (See attached.) It looks the same for others' accounts, too, when I visit their profile pages. I logged out, cleared my browser's cache, quit and relaunched the browser. No change. Any insights about the issue or how to fix it? ---j
  17. Max and 99 — I’m totally with you on the frustration of inconsistent application of requirements...if nothing else, that “no drive-by photos" ought to be included in the expectations/unwritten rules for all submissions. Personal capabilities, aesthetics, and artistic style aside, clear and obvious intention and effort should be part of capturing quality photos. Vulture1957 — I’m totally with you on not grabbing images from the Internet — taking without permission and credit is unethical and illegal. elyob — It would seem to me that using other’s photos for WM’s from a time you were together at the location would be totally acceptable, as long as credit is given In my brief experience, I’ve had just one rejection stand out for which I’ve considered asking somebody I know to return to the location to snap one picture...a “You Are Here” map several states away from home...My widest image shows the entire sign and part of a unique-looking building in the background...but, apparently not enough of the surroundings. My wide, medium, and close-up shots make the subject perfectly clear if you were to visit the place. Worth it for me to explain Waymarking and ask somebody to go out of their way to take a single picture? In this case...Meh. So, some considerations that could constitute acceptable use of photos by others (giving credit where credit is due in each case): a) using another person’s photo that was taken at the same time as yours because you were at the location together b) using another intentionally captured image which you requested specifically for a WM after your visit -- that is the same as working as a team c) the super majority of a gallery’s photos should be from the WM owner — if for the only other reason aside from image ownership: this activity is about us personally visiting places to say “I have been here along my travels. This is a record showing that I marked my way.” -- so, an extra/follow-up photo would be OK to supplement a gallery. d) Personal reputation has value -- This WM community is small enough to be at least aware of, if not actually familiar with, each other's work. Has the poster consistently contributed in the past? If not to the specific category, then are their WMs generally good? Trust one another's best intentions. ---j
  18. I resize mine to 750 pixels on the long side for a couple of reasons. First, the subjects in my photos are clear, intentionally framed, and (for the most part) well-exposed/consistently exposed. I typically post several pictures to give a good overall sense of the place or item, too. At that size, it feels sufficient to get across the Waymark's story. Secondly, I'd rather not make it easy or attractive for piracy -- hence, the reduced dimensions and resolution plus subtle yet sizeable watermarks.
  19. Thanks, everybody, for the feedback and support!
  20. New guy here. Longtime listener, first time caller. Probably preaching to the choir in this thread, yet glad to add my voice. My take: What is the purpose of Waymarking? Except for a few Nature categories, Waymarking is all about our fellow humans' accomplishments and impact on the world. The spirit of the activity, above and beyond our playing the game for its own sake, is for the benefit of others -- both visitors/readers and the people who made the thing we're documenting. We are responsible for creating, to varying degrees, intellectually and visually engaging Waymarks. To that end, I'm of the "quality over quantity" mindset. My approach: I'm a photographer first. Multiple, decent quality pictures can be captured within a few minutes. With a little effort, our group of images can be enhanced using a "shoot and move" attitude. Make each image different by changing the viewing angle in relation to the subject...go to the center/right/left; nearer/further away; higher/lower; show the front/side/back. And then, seriously, how hard is it to end up with four, five, or six good photos? [Blatant crops and through-the-car-window photos...we see your shenanigans. ] As a relative newcomer with less than a year of playing, the "Waymarking FAQ" are fresh on my mind. These parts stand out as explanation of the rules and on-going guidance for me: THE BASICS What is Waymarking? “…Groundspeak's slogan is "The Language of Location" and our goal is to give people the tools to help others share and discover unique and interesting locations on the planet...” ---- Along with my own enjoyment, Waymarking is for other people What is a waymark? "A waymark is a physical location on the planet marked by coordinates (latitude/longitude) and contains unique information defined by its waymark category..." ---- Waymarking is useful and entertaining communication CATEGORIES What are my responsibilities as a category manager? "...you should clearly define [the most important information to be included in] the description of your category...Many people will be counting on you to preserve the integrity of your category." ---- this is for other people WAYMARKS What are my responsibilities as a waymark owner? "Your responsibilities as a waymark owner are to exactly follow the instructions of its parent category and to describe it in detail..." ---- this is useful and entertaining communication Why doesn't my waymark show up in the directory? "Category groups review all new submissions and will only accept waymarks that strictly adhere to their posted guidelines..." ----- this is useful and entertaining communication, but also describes a minimum effort Waymarking AND GEOCACHING What is the difference between geocaching and Waymarking? "...the entire focus is on what can be gained from the location in terms of education [and/or] entertainment..." ---- Along with my own enjoyment, this is useful and entertaining communication for other people! The photography doesn't need to be professional caliber. The descriptions don't require extravagant prose and in-depth essays. (Unlike this response...sheesh...He's still not done?) Each subject and, equally if not more importantly, our readers/visitors and The Game deserve more than an iota of attention. Contributing anything less dilutes the integrity of Waymarking. I'd like to see an official call-out to the Waymarking masses reminding folks that not everybody who interacts with the site has been doing it for years and years or has posted thousands of photos. (I stumbled on Waymarking last fall --- the Oddball Museums category caught my eye in pursuit of another habbit [ehem] hobby: business card collecting.) Though we might be out and about Waymarking individually: Keep in mind the value of our contributions and take at least three intentionally distinct pictures for each entry. Self-depreciating close -- I promise to keep future replies shorter now that I got all this off my chest. Thanks for reading. The end.
  21. New Waymarker here — it’ll be three months tomorrow — so most everything I’m doing is still in the “Figuring Things Out and Creating Logical Systems” mode. A few personal guidelines I’m using so far: 1) “Make your Waymarks enticing to others” (or something like it) stuck out to me in a category instructions section or the general WM FAQ so I... a) Shoot and Move. Make lots of photos of each location and then post at least four pictures and often six, eight, or more. Going by what I was taught was a news photographer’s adage to help tell the story, I take a few establishing shots to put the thing in perspective of place; several medium and close-up shots for showing more details; and look for different angles among all of them. I also aim for framing well-composed and well-lit images. Combined, those all test and improve my creative eye to boot! b) Write Long Descriptions that are substantially different from and expand on the Quick Description. My approach is to combine several interesting bits of information with an easy-going writing style, a hint of engaging vocabulary (thanks, Thesaurus app!), and an alliteration or two. 1.5) Though I can grab a bunch of photos quickly, it’s important to me to walk around, through, over, inside a location. Awareness, mindfulness, and observation are part of the fun...along with capturing valuable details, ensuring that when I get home there will be sufficient visual items to work from. 2) I added visits to some of the initial WM’s I created because I wasn’t clear about how the game worked. My thinking was that those needed to be two separate entries. I’ll focus on keeping visits to pre-existing WM’s from now on.
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