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  1. I thought the ximage support was new, fwiw.


    I believe that what Garmin is referring to as xImage support is the addition of the 24 customizable waypoint symbols. If so, then those customizable waypoint symbols have been in the firmware since at least beta version 3.42 (and more than likely since beta 3.41). However, they only just released the xImage program itself right around the time that the beta 3.43 firmware became available.


    So, while it is "new", it isn't new to firmware version 3.50 as it already existed in the prior beta firmware versions. However, as someone else pointed out, it now means that the feature is now "supported" by Garmin since it is now available in an actual release version of the firmware.

  2. I downloaded it and can't run it. I get an error, that it's not a valid Win32 application. I'm running Win XP.


    I see this all the time with my own software. Thus, more than likely, it means that you've got an incomplete or corrupted download. You should try downloading the firmware again.

  3. Nope, I'm sorry to say that the new version 3.50 firmware is just a finalized release of the beta 3.43 firmware version as far as I can see. It appears that all they've done is rename the beta to version 3.50.


    As far as the ability to show/hide the individual maps goes, this just refers to the menu item they added to quickly access the maps setup page where you can show or hide all of the different maps loaded on the GPS. It's not much to tout about IMHO. Heck, the least they could have done is made the new menu item take you right to the popup menu that shows the map info instead of taking you to the map setup page and then making you select the popper tab and hit the menu button again in order to see the popup you really need to use. Oy!


    I wouldn't hold my breath over being able to see multiple maps displayed over the top of one another as that would be very difficult (if not impossible) to do. As others have mentioned in this forum, each of the maps are a bit different from one another in accuracy and detail and so doing things that way would cause the maps to appear as if they had multiple roads running right next to each other, etc.

  4. I've loaded the software and from what I can see (and from the changes long), it appears that Garmin has just finalized all of the changes made in beta 3.43 (and prior) and named it as version 3.50. There doesn't appear to be any new changes made to the firmware since the beta 3.43 version was released.


    Oh well. One can dream... <_<


    Also, I noticed that they didn't add an update for the new eTrex Legend C or the new eTrex Vista C unit's firmware. I believe that their firmware already had all of those changes rolled into it when it was first released as version 2.00 a few weeks ago (i.e. there was no need for an update).

  5. Awesome!


    Changes made from version 3.40 to 3.50:

    • Added support for xImage software.
    • Improved track log recording in Auto mode.
    • Increased the size of the compass pointer on the Compass page.
    • Enabled the compass pointer to be shown while navigating a Follow Road route.
    • Added a progress indicator when calculating a Follow Road route.
    • Increased the precision of the 'project waypoint distance' field.
    • Added the ability to independently show or hide entire map families on the Map Setup page.
    • Added 'meters per second' as an option for vertical speed units.
    • Added an option to the Altimeter Setup page that enables the unit to record pressure trend data while power is off (readings are taken every 15 minutes).
    • Added Greek language.
    • Updated translations.

    I wonder what they've done for the "Added support for xImage software" item??? It would be really nice if they allow the geocaching mode to support the custom icons.

  6. I've had my 60CS for about three weeks and it too has the foam pads behind the battery terminals. My unit's serial number is also 38019xxx.


    My unit shipped with firmware 3.30 from the factory, but I've been running it with version 3.42 and 3.43 since day one and I've never experienced a shut off problem with it. In fact, I took it on a boating trip last weekend out on the ocean and it got beat around pretty good due to the boat slapping on the water in the waves. It still never shut off on me.

  7. Is there support for USB (Garmin 60C) in the new version?


    There's no need for it (sure it would be nice to have, but it's not at all necessary).


    Just export all of your GSAK waypoints to a MapSource MPS file (this is easily done by clicking on the "Export MapSource MPS file" button on GSAK's toolbar), double click on the resulting MPS file that was created by GSAK (or have GSAK open it automatically for you by checking the "Load file into MapSource after generation?" check box in the Export to MapSource dialog box), and then use MapSource to send the waypoints to your 60C via USB.


    This is super fast (takes less than 2 seconds), super easy, and doesn't cost you a red cent since MapSource and the USB cable comes free with your 60C (not to mention the fact that GSAK is free too - although donations to the author to support its continued development are nice).


    I hope this helps some...

  8. No, it's not USB compatible yet. But you can get a serial cable for the 60CS which will let you use GSAK to send the waypoints.


    I don't understand why anyone would want to do this...


    All you have to do is export your GSAK waypoints as a MapSource file, open the file in MapSource (by double clicking on the resulting file or by having GSAK open it automatically), and then send the waypoints to your GPSr via the USB port.


    This is very easy to do and much faster than using a serial cable (and cheeper too since the USB cable and the MapSource software comes free with your GPSr).

  9. If you really want to know why everyone is talking about USB support put to Garmins 60CS's side by side and download 1000 waypoints. Use the older serial connector on 1 and the USB on the other. It shouldn't take long to figure out which one is faster.


    I'm not arguing the point about USB vs. serial connections as I totally agree with you that USB is much faster than serial (and so we definitely have a need for USB connections on our GPSr's). My point was/is that you don't need direct USB support in GSAK in order to get your waypoints into your 60C(S) via USB. There's a very good workaround available for doing that and so I don't see what all the "pressure" to get it implemented in GSAK is about (at least for the Garmin units anyway). Sure, it would be nice to have direct USB support in GSAK, but it's not at all necessary (and you definitely wouldn't catch me using a serial cable just to get direct support when using USB via MapSource is a whole lot faster).

  10. I'm don't understand what the big deal is all about with having USB support in GSAK??? I use GSAK exclusively for my caches (as it's by far and away the best program out there for doing this in my opinion), and I've never once found the need for having the USB support for my 60CS. I simply use GSAK to export my caches (i.e. waypoints) to MapSource (which came free with my GPSr) and then I export them to the GPSr via USB from MapSource itself. It takes all of about 2 seconds to do so. Sure there's an extra step involved (i.e. one mouse click on a toolbar button), but it's so painless that it really doesn't matter (and heck, GSAK even auto-launches MapSource for me as well). Thus, there's no problem at all....


    I'd probably continue doing things this way even if GSAK did support direct export via USB as I really like seeing an overview of all of my caches on the different maps in MapSource.


    Personally, I'd much rather see the development time invested in other areas of GPSBabel and GSAK (I'd especially like to see the implementation of the new custom icons that Garmin has so generously provided us all with).


    Just my two cents. :anitongue:

  11. Where is the status bar actually located on the Legend C/Vista C screen when it is enabled? At the top or bottom of the screen? How long is it actually displayed when enabled?


    The status bar on the Legend C/Vista C is located at the botom of the screen and it is only displayed when you hold down the power button (i.e. it's only displayed when the light intensity adjustment slider is displayed).


    Personally, I'd like to have the choice to leave it displayed if I wanted to, but you can't because the light adjuster is always displayed when the status bar is on and so there's no way to separate them.


    However, you are correct in that even though the 60/76C(S)'s screen is a little larger (same width, but a bit taller) it is actually almost the exact same size as the screen on the Legend C/Vista C with the status bar being force displayed. Maybe Garmin did it that way so that they didn't have to resize all of the map displays, etc. between the different units???

  12. You could always send your 60CS to me.  if you don't think you will miss it to much.


    Ha, ha! Yes, I bet you'd like that now wouldn't you. :P


    I've only had my 60CS about three weeks now, but I'm seriously considering selling it. I'm not quite sure yet because I still like the fact that it has more memory and a better antenna than the Vista C and so I'm probably going to keep it for use on our longer vacation/geocaching trips (and just use the Legend/Vista aound home). If the Vista C had a little more memory, I'd sell my 60CS for sure though.

  13. Signal acquisition....the "feel" of the clickstick, speed of route calculation, volume strength of the alarms, and if you have found a case that you prefer.


    The Legend C/Vista C seems to be a touch slower to acquire a signal lock than my 60CS is (probably due to the Patch vs. Quad Helix antenna), but it's just fine. I usually get a good lock in under a minute when cold and way less than that when warm.


    One of the things I like best about the unit is the "feel" of the click stick. It's waaay easier to use than the rocker button on my 60CS and that's one of the reasons I like it so much (that, and it's super small size too). What I don't like are the positions of the Menu and Page/Quit buttons. I think that they should have been placed on the same side of the unit since they are always being used at the same time. It sucks having to keep switching from one side of the unit to the other in order to access the two buttons. I can live with it just fine though.


    The speed of route calculations appear to be the same as (or very close to) that of my 60CS (which they claim has a new faster processor for faster route calculations). I haven't read anywhere that the Legend C/Vista C got the new faster processor, but I'd imagine so.


    The volume of the alarms is okay but not great. It's identical to that of my 60CS. I really think that Garmin should have provided a volume control for the sounds and made them able to be turned up a bit louder (as well as provided separate upcoming left and right turn sounds). The sounds are fine while hiking/geocaching, but in the car, they are a bit hard to hear with all of the background/road noise and when the radio is on.


    I just ordered the Garmin cases for our units but I haven't received them yet so I can't really tell you how I like them. I wanted to order them when I first bought the units, but I was worried that since the cases were actually made for the older grayscale eTrex units (which are slightly taller and skinnier than the new color units) that they wouldn't fit. I sent an e-mail to Garmin and they wrote me back stating that the standard eTrex case works fine on the new color units too. However, that remains to be seen.


    Thanks for your help---I just ordered one and I hope the improvements are as good as they seem to be.


    You're going to LOVE it! :P

  14. My wife has a Legend C and I have a Vista C (they are identical except that the Vista includes an electronic compass and a barometric altimeter) and we really love them both (I also have a 60CS and I prefer my Vista C over it hands down - I just wish that the Vista C had a bit more memory for holding maps is all). Is there something specific that you were interested in about the unit?


    If not, then try downloading the manual for the Legend C from Garmin's web site and taking a look at that. It will walk you through all of the features the unit has to offer and show you some really good screen shots in full color.


    eTrex Legend C Owner's Manual


    eTrex Vista C Owner's Manual

  15. Oh, I'll also toss in that I think that owners of the VistaC, SummitC, Quest, 96C/S, and such will have the same options.


    I have a Legend C and a Vista C and I can confirm that they do.


    Now I'm hoping that Garmin actually used the same protocol for this entire family instead of making each model speak a slightly different protocol as they did with the serial models...


    I'm not sure about the protocol, but I can tell you that my Legend C and my Vista C use a completely different firmware than my 60CS does. It's identical in nearly everyway as far as functionality goes, but they are definitely different firmwares (possibly due to the different sized screen on the Legend C/Vista C vs. the 60C(S)/76C(S), etc.).

  16. Zack,


    Get Donna an eTrex Legend C instead... It has all of the features of the 60C (with only a bit less memory) but it's MUCH MUCH smaller. It's the size of a cell phone and so it's much easier to carry around (in her hand, pocket, purse, etc.). It has the exact same software as the 60C and the color screen is totally awesome. Plus you'll save a few bucks to boot.


    I have a 60CS and a Vista C and I actually like the Vista C more than I do the 60CS (mostly because of its smaller size but also because the click stick on the Vista C is much easier to operate than the rocker button on the 60C). In fact, I liked it so much that I when ahead and bought a Legend C for my wife. She takes it everywhere with her now and so I no longer have to worry about her getting lost anymore. :tired:

  17. What exactly needs to be done to calibrate it? Does this need to happen every time that you use the unit?


    It takes all of about 2 seconds to calibrate the compass and you only have to do it when you replace the batteries in the unit. All you do is rotate the unit in two complete circles slowly. Not very hard in my opinion. :tired:


    As for the altimeter, it has an auto-calibrate setting (which is on by default) and so you really don't even have to mess with it.

  18. I have an eTrex Vista C and it's absolutely amazing! I love the unit's small size (it's as small as my cell phone) and it still has all of the power features of my 60CS. Truth be told, if the Legend C/Vista C would have been available when I bought my 60CS, I would have bought it instead just because of its small size.


    I live in So Cal (where there's not a lot of trees and the weather's great 98% of the time) and so I can't tell any real difference between the patch antenna on my Vista C and the quad helix antenna on my 60CS. When I do happen to get into heavy tree cover the 60CS' antenna out performs the Vista C's for sure, but it happens so rarely that I can live without it.


    Other than the patch/quad helix antenna debate (as well as no external antenna jack on the Vista C - which I'd never use anyway) and the smaller amount of memory (24 MB vs. 56 MB), the Vista C is nearly identical to the 60C(S) in every way. The software/firmware has all of the same functions (even though it's a different firmware altogether than the 60/76 units - my Vista C shipped with firmware version 2.00) including the games, geocaching mode, calculator, alarm clock, etc. ,etc.


    While I admit that for the money I think that Garmin should have upped the memory a bit (at least in the Vista C over the Legend C), but it's still doable and didn't stop me from purchasing it. Basically, I'm going to use my 60CS for geocaching & auto-routing when I'm on vacation and I'm going to use my Vista C for geocaching and auto-routing when I'm at home. The Vista C is so small that I can fit it in my pocket and take it everywhere I go just as I do my cell phone.


    The Vista C is totally awesome! :laughing:

  19. FarSideX,


    I'm sorry to hear that you are not happy with the compass in your 60CS. Mine works wonderfully and it has taken me within 20 feet of every cache I've looked for so far. Maybe you should send your unit into Garmin as it sounds like there's a problem with it???


    Also, as vr12 mentioned, if you turn your compass off while you're not using it, the unit's battery life should be closer to that of the 60C.

  20. cteselle,


    Right before I got into geocaching I bought a 60C (actually, the 60C led me to start geocaching due to its special geocaching mode - once I found out what it was all about I was hooked). It was a great unit and I really liked it. However, once I started geocaching I really noticed the lack of the electronic compass on the 60C. I could locate caches with it just fine, but the compass on the 60C stops working when you drop below 2.5 mph. Thus, it makes it difficult to really close in on the caches (it can be done, but it just makes it a bit harder is all - especially when the terrain wont let you go faster than 2.5 mph).


    I ended up selling my 60C (at a small loss) and buying a 60CS instead and I'm glad that I did. Thus, I personally feel that the extra money was totally worth it for me (just for the electronic compass alone).


    If you're really into geocaching (or into serious hiking where you want more accurate elevation readings) then get the 60CS for sure. Otherwise, get the 60C and save the extra money.


    I hope this helps some...

  21. Quackerbacker,


    I have the disc you need. There's no need to pay the $25. I'll send it to you for what it costs me to ship it.


    Please send me an e-mail to work out the details.


    EDIT: Oops! :laughing: I just checked and I have City Navigator v4.01 and not City Select. Sorry about that. I hope someone else can help you out.

  22. I second that!


    I just called Garmin inquiring about the two GPS limit on my City Select software and they helped me out (more like hooked me up :o) wonderfully.


    It looks like Garmin really has their stuff together. I'm on my fourth GPSr from Garmin now and I think they'll be keeping me as a customer for a long time to come.

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