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  1. Also, If you look at this review for the 60C(S) on Joe & Jack's GPS Information website you will see that there is a section titled "Tide Tables": Garmin's GPS-60C Color Mapping GPS Receiver with AUTOMATIC Address to Address Routing In there is a link to a specific set of tide tables that is known to work with the 60C(S) and the 76C(S). I can confirm that they also work with the Legend C and the Vista C as well (i.e. there's no need to use the firmware for the GPSMAP 168 Sounder when you can use this link to download just the tide tables for the units. I hope this helps some...
  2. The Tites software works just fine on both the Legend C and the Vista C. I have Blue Chart Americas v6.5 installed on my Vista C and it works great. Here are some screen shots:
  3. For those of you who are interested, here's a review of the eTrex Legend C & Vista C models on Joe & Jack's GPS Information Website: Garmin Legend/Vista COLOR: Smallest Auto Car Navigator, full featured Garmin has also posted revised Owner's Manuals for both models: eTrex Vista C Owner's Manual Rev. B 08/04 eTrex Legend C Owner's Manual Rev. B 08/04
  4. I have one of these cases on my GPSMap 60CS and it works (and looks) great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a protective case for their 60C(S). The only hole in the back is for the belt clip/auxiliary connector mount button to pass through. However, you can easily use a paper hole punch (or scissors) to put other holes in the back if you need/want to. The "sharkskin" material they are referring to is just a textured rubber.
  5. Would you mind sharing how exactly you do this? BTW, I agree that it would be nice to be able to see the temperature displayed on the 60CS as well.
  6. The display on the Vista C looks excellent in bright daylight/sun. It is bright enough that you never have to turn on the backlight in order to see it in the daylight. The screens on the 60/76C(S) and the Legend C/Vista C are nearly identical (i.e. they are both TFT displays with the Legend C/Vista C being a touch shorter but wider than that of the 60/76C(S) - and with a bit higher resolution as well). I have both a 60CS and a Vista C (and a Legend C too) and the screens look identical allthough the backlight is quite a bit brighter on my Legend C and Vista C over my 60CS. Both the 60C(S) and the Legend C/Vista C are excellent choices for geocaching in my opinion.
  7. I'm not sure why you think this??? The Vista C has all of the power of the 60CS and yet it can still fit in your pocked just like a cell phone. While I agree that the smaller amount of memory kind of stinks, but it's really not that much of a difference over the 60CS (i.e. 24 MB vs. 56 MB). The 24 MB is ample for me to load all of the City Select maps I need for where I live (in So. Cal.) and the TOPO maps for the same area as well. The screen is nearly the same size as the one on the 60/76C(S) especially if you consider the loss of space caused by the status bar that can't be turned off on the 60/76C(S) units (which the Legend C/Vista C doesn't have). Not to mention the fact that the screen on the Legend C/Vista C has a higher resolution than the one on the 60/76C(S) (not by much mind you, but it is higher). Thus, the screen size isn't an issue that you can argue. I have both a 60CS and a Vista C and I'd take the Vista C over the 60CS any day. It's small size totally wins me over and the click stick hands down out performs the rocker button on the 60CS. I've also used my two units side-by-side and I can't tell the difference in the antennas between the two (and so the patch vs. quad-helix antenna point isn't worth arguing much about either). Other than that, the Vista C has the EXACT same feature set as the 60CS and so I don't know how you can say that it's "underfeatured". You really should LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP. EDIT This comment makes no sense either... The Legend C vs. the Vista C is exactly the same as having the 60C vs. the 60CS and/or the 76C vs. 76CS. So why is that so ridiculous??? Also, the Vista C can be purchased for around $80 to $100 (U.S. $) less than the 60CS and the Legend C can also be purchased for $80 to $100 less than the 60C (money that could go towards maps or accessories for the unit). Thus, I think that the are competitively priced and definitely have a market place along side the larger and more expensive 60/76C(S) units.
  8. No problem... Here's a download link to the old symbol set that includes the YJTB: GeocachingWaypointSymbolsOld.zip Just remember that I didn't do any refinements on the old symbol set, so the quality of the symbols isn't going to be as good as the newer set.
  9. Thanks trippy1976! I was wondering if anyone was going to mention my custom GC.com waypoint symbols. It's good to know that at least someone appreciates them.
  10. I found this link to a U.K.-based company that claims that the Quest (at least the European version) will have 243 MB of map memory. If so, I wonder why they aren't offering that much memory in the U.S. version? http://www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk/p2423 The page also has some nice screen shots of the unit as well. I really like the look of the Quests' "Trip Computer" screen. Interesting...
  11. The click stick on the Legend C/Vista C is far superior to the rocker button on the 60C(S). I have both units and I can tell you first hand that the click stick outperforms the rocker button hands down. I can pan maps twice as fast (and with much more pinpoint accuracy) and I can probably enter in text and numbers ten times as fast with the click stick as opposed to the rocker button on the 60C(S). My units are still relatively new, and so I can't really tell you if the click stick will have problems in the future, but for now I'll take it over the silly rocker button on my 60CS any day. Also, I'm not having any problems at all with the "rubber gasket" on either of my eTrex color units.
  12. You might want to take a good look at the new eTrex Legend C and eTrex Vista C models as well. They have a little less map memory than the 60/76CS as well as a bit smaller screen, but they're totally awesome color units. They're the size of a cell phone and they have all of the power of the bigger units. I have a 60CS and a Vista C, and for the most part, I prefer my Vista C over my 60CS due to its smaller size and the ease of use of the cool little click stick.
  13. The screens are 100% identical on the 60C(S) and the 76C(S).
  14. All, I had the full version of City Select North America v5 installed on my PC. I then installed the City Select North America v6 update and removed the older v5 via the Windows Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs applet after the v6 install had completed. v6 works just fine for me without v5 installed as I'm not having any problems with the maps in MapSource nor when uploading or using the maps on my GPSr. Thus, there's no need to keep v5 installed once you've installed the v6 update.
  15. There isn't a jack for an external antenna on the Legend C/Vista C. You'd have to use one like this if you want an external antenna: Vortech Re-Radiating Kit with Titan III Antenna I don't know anything about them though. I have both a 60 CS and a Vista C and so I can tell you first hand that the geocaching mode on the two units are identical. In fact, the firmware/software is nearly identical between the two in every way. The Vista C is just like a mini version of the 60CS only with a patch antenna and a little less memory is all. This is a tough one... I MUCH prefer the click stick on the Legend C/Vista C over the rocker button on the 60 C(S). It's MUCH easier to use when scrolling/panning the map page and when entering in letters and numbers. However, Garmin screwed up big time with the side mounted buttons on the Legend C/Vista C in that they put the Menu and Quit buttons on the opposite side of the unit. This makes the unit hard to use because you have to keep switching from one side of the unit to the other in order to get most things done. If they would have just put the two buttons on the same side of the unit, then I'd say that the buttons on the Legend C/Vista C win hands down for ease of use over the 60 CS. However, since they didn't do that, I'd have to say that it's a draw between the two (although, the usefulness of the click stick wins me over to the Legend C/Vista C). As I already mentioned, I have a 60 CS and a Vista C (we also have a Legend C as well), and I'd take the Vista C over the 60 CS any day (mostly due to its super small size and the click stick). But as you said, that's just my personal opinion. The ONLY draw back to the Legend C/Vista C when comparing it to the 60 C(S) is the smaller amount of memory it has. If Garmin offered it with 56 MB of memory like the 60 C(S) has, then there wouldn't even be a contest in my eyes. Most folks will tell you that the quad-helix antenna in the 60 C(S) would be the decision maker for them (and the memory too), but I have to say that I've used my 60 CS and Vista C side-by-side and I really can't tell much of a difference between the antennas. If you live in (or often visit) a location with heavy tree cover (which I don't), then you'll notice a difference in the antenna. Otherwise, that parts a wash for me and doesn't even factor into the decision. No matter what you decide, they're both GREAT units and you'll be happy either way.
  16. Erik K, My wife has a Legend C and I have a Vista C (which is identical to the Legend C except that it has an electronic compass and a barometric altimeter - and it's a different color too ) and we really love them. Here are a few other threads on this forum that talk about them: Legend C, hands on impressions The New Vistac And Legenc, Why do we want this with so litle memory Etrex Legend In Colour Also, if you want a closer look at the unit's firmware/software, take a look at the user manual: eTrex Legend C Owner's Manual eTrex Vista C Owner's Manual
  17. Wild_Bill, Is this the case you are refering to? Belt Clip Carrying Case - SporTrak: Black If so, do you have any pictures that you can share with your 60C(S) sitting in the case?
  18. I have one of these on my 60CS and I love it: Custom Sharkskin case for Garmin 60 series
  19. Oops! Looks like I spoke too soon. Garmin Vista C & Legend C 2.10 Firmware Now Avail. Although the changes for the Legend C/Vista C aren't the same as those listed for the 60/76C(S).
  20. eTrex Vista C software version 2.10 eTrex Legend C software version 2.10 Changes made from version 2.00 to 2.10: Added the battery indicator to the title bar on the Main Menu page. Corrected problems with the Prompted Route Recalculation page. Corrected communication problems with third-party software. Corrected problem where unit would power on unexpectedly when 'pressure trend recording' was set to 'Save Always'. (Vista C only) Corrected display of some long European street names. Corrected problems with restoring defaults on the Route Definition page. Updated translations.
  21. There's no need for it (sure it would be nice to have, but it's not at all necessary). Just export all of your GSAK waypoints to a MapSource MPS file (this is easily done by clicking on the "Export MapSource MPS file" button on GSAK's toolbar), double click on the resulting MPS file that was created by GSAK (or have GSAK open it automatically for you by checking the "Load file into MapSource after generation?" check box in the Export to MapSource dialog box), and then use MapSource to send the waypoints to your 60C via USB. This is super fast (takes less than 2 seconds), super easy, and doesn't cost you a red cent since MapSource and the USB cable comes free with your 60C (not to mention the fact that GSAK is free too - although donations to the author to support its continued development are nice). I hope this helps some...
  22. The customizable waypoint symbols only support 8-bit color depth (i.e. 256 colors). Therefore, you can only use valid colors in the 256 color spectrum in your BMPs if you want them to show up properly on your GPSr.
  23. Robert, Man! Isn't Garmin just wonderful... I really respect their efforts, but why in the world do they have to make everything they implement half a** and so difficult/complicated? Of everything they do, you'd at least think that icon implementation would be straight forward. Oy! I won't be holding my breath waiting around for this to ever be done right that's for sure. Too bad...
  24. My download of firmware version 3.50 is exactly 1.67 MB (1,761,280 bytes). If your's isn't that same exact size (as shown by right-clicking on the file in the Windows Explorer and selecting "Poperties" from the popup menu that appears, and then by looking at the file's size on the "General" tab of the Properties dialog box that appears), then you still don't have a valid/complete donwload. If it is that exact size, then I don't know what's wrong as mine extracted and loaded onto my GPS just fine.
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