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  1. Like many other cachers, I have been hit hard with bogus discoveries. I simply delete the log and lock the trackable. Does anyone know how I can get a list of those which I have locked? Thanks in advance. Ron
  2. The old pages are much better; less cluttered, simpler to navigate, better compatibility with MS Edge and other browsers. "Nuff said.
  3. I installed Firefox 71.0 and have had no problems since. Tried again with Edge and Chrome - - no dice. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
  4. I have tried MS Edge and Chrome, but am having issues with the website not allowing logs to be edited nor trackables to be adopted. Anyone else having problems?
  5. I'd love to see my current location displayed on the main screen like in the old app, rather than having to drill down several layers to get it, then back to refer to another cache, then drill down again, and back again, etc. Really dumb how it is now. Better yet, just scrap the "new" app, and continue to support the original one. It works. Very unwise decision to create a "new" app. But, we get what we pay for.
  6. Here's a crazy idea: Keep the older more reliable app alive and supported UNTIL such time the new one has the original features placed back and the new bugs worked out. DUH!
  7. What really astounds me is why did they leave out the feature giving the user a current location? I mean you can see where the closest cache is and what its coordinates are, so why can't the user view at the same time the current coordinates? I mean, the information is available, just not displayed. Silly! Accurate, helpful, and informative information assists greatly when placing a new cache to assure that new cache is outside the 528 ft. range. The old app had that feature. I used it alongside my handheld GPSr for better accuracy. I guess the new folks have determined that it's not really that important, especially to us old timers who prefer simplicity and accuracy. I have however found an app (well, two actually) that I can use to get the information I need which has been left out of the new app.
  8. You're correct . . . my apologies. But still, where is the "My Current Location" coordinates?
  9. I had high hopes for the new app, but it lacks on so many levels. Let's add to the laundry list: With the old app, the main screen showed your current location. The only way to know your current location with the new app is if you're navigating to a cache, and then in the compass mode. Not very useful if you're wanting to place a cache. That leads me to another point, you cannot hide a cache and submit it with the new app. I paid for the old app and it works stellar. Why can't the features of the old app be included with the new one? That should have been done first off, no questions.
  10. The media in your area has a different view of Pokemon Go than in my area. The coverage I've been seeing and hearing tends to be along the lines of "here's a silly game some people are going unjustifiably insane over" or "here's a game that's causing people to walk into trees/walk into lakes/drive into trees/etc.". I'm in Nashville and the local stations (well one in particular) seem to report stories with emotion and personal slants. Absolutely crazy. Most of the reporters are young and think Pokemon is the greatest thing to come around in a long time.
  11. Why would you not want to look a Pokemon player? The news media has really embraced the Pokemon craze and endorsed it as a new acceptable fun way of life. Maybe now, geocachers won't appear to be stalkers and the general public will now accept us as normal.
  12. Tried that - still can't sign in. Able to sign in using IE, not Firefox
  13. For some odd reason, I cannot sign in to the main site in Firefox. The store, blog, and forums work fine. This happened suddenly when I was kicked out while on the site. Any clues? Starting Firefox in Safe Mode does not work.
  14. They must have changed it. I was on the site, got kicked out and now cannot sign back in. The store works okay as does the forum.
  15. I am slowly getting accustomed to the work-arounds for the new search. Sometimes I have to resort to the classic search. It would really be wise for the gurus at Groundspeak to incorporate the older functionalities from the classic search into the flash and pomp of the new search, giving a really user friendly cache search engine.They still need to fix the snafu in the "Geocache name contains" - it works only about half the time. Also, I'd like to see the search radius brought back to 100 miles. What would really be nice is to allow the user to input more precise locations such as the city or county or even coordinates from where a center-point will be and to be able to input the radius. For example if I want to search in a 50 mile radius of Nashville, TN, I can't do it. The reason is that maybe I'd like to see what's available in southern Kentucky along I-24 or I-65. Bottom line, the new search still needs a lot of work.
  16. I have no problem with the new site. The search is the best around because I have way too much time on my hands as it is. The new search has solved that issue by now requiring me to spend hours on the very same search or searches where I could do it minutes before the downgrade. That single fubar cuts way down on my caching time, idle time, and time I could devote to other things like housework, etc. Thank you Groundspeak for developing such a retro-type search function and taking me and others back many years in technology usefulness to near uselessness. I can understand now DNF can mean "Does Not Function" or "Did Not Function".
  17. IT'S BAAAACK! Finally, Groundspeak must have listened to the customers; you know, the folks who actually fund Groundspeak. I am so glad to see the option of the old search. My old reliable friend is at my fingertips once again. Now I can go caching like I want. Thanks to all the Lackeys who brought the reliable search back around.
  18. After trying to use the advanced search again, I must say that although there are a few functions worth a nod, overall a BIG thumbs down. The new search needs some serious reworking. I think it broke the Create a Route function too (even worse than it already was broken).
  19. I've used up all of my five chances trying to get "Create A Route" to work. I tried a 13 mile stretch of road, 1/4 mile on either side and got 13 returns. Nothing was filtered out. The distance was increased to 1/2 mile and only 22 caches returned. Funny thing, I have two along that route and mine didn't show up. Three of a friend's didn't show up either. I know for certain that on 1/4 mile either side of the road, there are at least 40. My reasoning is I'm wanting to create a challenge and need to know precisely where these caches are. Can someone shed some light?
  20. I must agree with some of the comments here. While the new search method seems to tighten down a little more, the radius needs to be expanded beyond 30 miles, maybe to 250 miles, especially if the types, etc. can be filtered down so much. The resulting display is somewhat annoying, but I can get accustomed to it. I do like the map location feature because it shows only the caches returned unlike before when zooming out would show everything everywhere. The new search does need some work, but I'm confident it'll get there. What would be nice is the ability to use the classic search method.
  21. I did some experiments and have found that IE gives the errors, especially IE 8. Firefox does not have these issues.
  22. Last week, an announcement was made that Lab caches were now going to be included in the count effective June 3. It has not happened yet, even though the Statistics portion of the site was down for several hours. Nothing has changed.
  23. Sorry that I misspoke and caused confusion. When I navigate to www.geocaching.com --> Play --> Hide and Seek a Cache --> Seek a Cache --> By Address, and I type in a valid address and click Go, I will many times get a pop up error message telling me "Sorry, I cannot determine a location for . . . ". I get the message at times even after typing in previously recognized addresses. When and if the location is recognized, I click "Map This Location" and select the caches I want to hunt, and add them to a previously created list. From that list, I run a PQ. At any rate, I tried again and I get an error when I type in my home address and my work address telling me it cannot recognize the respective location(s).
  24. I'm trying to get a PQ run in a certain area and no matter what address I type in the Seek a Cache box, I get a pop up error telling me "Unable to determine location". Even my home address is undetermined. What's going on?
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