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  1. How do I set the 600 to go to the compass rose screen after selecting a geocache? Currently it go to the map screen.
  2. Updated Score: GC31TKD Fantasy Football Challenge - Let the Games Begin! by GeoEskimo Number Type Cache Code Cache Name Fav Points 1 GCGV0P Original Stash Tribute Plaque 1023 2 GCK25B Groundspeak Headquarters 847 3 GC30 Mingo 460 4 GCW6EM DR. Who. 386 5 GCK12J Last stop for a weary traveler 328 6 GC729A Welcome to Las Vegas 326 7 GC92 Un-Original Stash 316 8 GC10FB Magic Kingdom 301 9 GCEB2 The view of an "Honest Man" 291 10 GCJZDR Cloud Gate aka The Bean 266 11 GC28 Beverly 257 12 GCQ596 A Special Memory 251 13 GC79 Iron Horse 235 14 GC3334 Animal Kingdom 215 15 GCP9G9 Totally Tubular III 207 16 GC7ED St. Louis Arch Virtual Cache 191 17 GC6F12 London - Beatles Abbey Road 122 18 GC70 Octopus Garden 120 19 GC62 Tombstone 117 20 GC14YRW The Devil's Den 117 You have the 6 required Cache Types. You have the required additional 14 caches. You have 6376 Total Fantasy Football Points.
  3. Here is an updated score after a cache run in the southwest US. 5920
  4. Sure you got the right link. Looks like there are a good string of finds all fairly recently. OH I AM SURE!
  5. I travel for my job and I try to get a cache or two everywhere I go and having the ability to find the best of best with a few clicks on geocaching.com is a an awesome feature. I used the Favorites over the holidays to find some local caches (<50 miles) that I have overlooked. Also I believe it may improve the quality of geocaches placed as cachers are now rewarded by the community for placing good caches. Isn't it all about the numbers? The Favorites feature may be the best upgrade to the website I have seen in six plus years I have been involved in the activity. My only gripe is 10 caches for a feature point is too low maybe 50-75 caches for one feature point would have been better. KUDOS Groundspeak!
  6. Here is a New Geotrail just launched in Spartanburg County, SC: http://www.spartanburgparks.org/geocaching.htm This Geotrail will take 6-8 hrs with some route planning and is alot of fun. The York County, SC History geotrail has just a handful of coins left please call before attempting. We are considering ordering more so it will be active for GeoCoinfest 2011 in Rock Hill, SC
  7. There are so many memories but this one is one I tell all the time Firestone
  8. Welcome to the addiction! There are plenty of cachers all around the state. Keep yoour eye out for events hosted by the Grand Strand group. In the Rock Hill area we have a BIG caching weekend planned the weekend April 16-18. http://www.yogosc.org/csm2010 Hope to meet you on the caching trail soon. MIKE
  9. No boat needed there is road and bridge to the island. The camp has not been "washed away" yet and you will be amazed at what this place has to offer. We were pleasantly surprised during the planning meeting.
  10. I am trying to install openwig on my Blackberry Curve and when I use the OTA link: http://raketa.140.cz/openwig/OpenWIG.jad I get this error during the installation: 907 Invalid JAR HTTP Error 406: Not Acceptable Any suggestions?
  11. I recommend posting this request on the NEFGA.com forum site as well.
  12. helped make one just like that. heated the spring until it was weak then welded it open just incase. it was well received but is archived because of constant problems with weed trimmers(long story). OK, it's up and running. I picked up a Victor #3 double longspring trap and attached a mini ammo can to the pan. Check it out: It got published a few days ago and it's already received a few visitors. Next time I'll remember to disable (heat treat) the springs before setting it out The black disc seen in the photo was used to prop up the pan (I should have painted it) and the plastic bag just barely visible held the FTF coin as there wasn't the room needed to put it in the ammo can. The cache is called "Fortune Favors the Bold" and is dedicated to the geocoin by Fox and the Hound. GC16YEX
  13. I will be in the Grand Rapids area in August and looking for some "Must-Do" caches. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  14. Darn geocahers come snooping in my front yard I GOT SOMETHING FOR THEM: and I have had quite few victims check out the Trophey Gallery. Seriously I told all of neighbors of my plans and if they objected or had a problem with it at any point I would remove it. Now my neighbors are starting to have some "fun" with the visitors and I am getting great feedback from the caching community including a nomination for best traditional cache in South Carolina. This cache has even give me the opportunity to meet several geocahers.
  15. No. And if you ever find it, please let the rest of us know! I am preparing a new feature for this, that will alert you on the screen when you xx meters/miles away from a cache, where xx is your defined value. Stay tuned. I think I like the alert idea better!! Can't wait!
  16. Does any one know of a hack on the Nuvi 7xx to allow a user to view CustomPOI's (Cache symbols) when zoomed out greater the 200 feet?
  17. Pilotsnipes I just spent about 30 minutes reading this thread and downloading the macro and PQ and had my job issued Nuvi 760 loaded up with 500+ of the closest caches to my house. Kudos to you for all your work. This macro blows the others I have used out of the water! I do have the luxary of caching with a 60csx and Nuvi 760 and I may just start leaving the 60CSX at home. THANK YOU!
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