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  1. dougsmiley has a bookmark for all the Henry County, IN geocaches. http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...0a-ef06144c2c5b
  2. That's not a dog, look at the scale of the cache it is beside. It's really just a stuffed travel bug with one of those new clip on TB tags. Could someone move that cute bug to our neck of the woods, we'd love to help it on its journeys.
  3. Had to join in on the whining. Bad News: Last fall, we had to drive 25 miles just to find an ISQ. Good News: Now there are 15 in our area. Bad News: 14 of them we can't claim a smiley on because they're ours. Good News: The other 1 was placed by Rupert2, so we did get our smiley on that one. TI&S
  4. Also a few days late and one geocoin short. Anyone else have an extra one to part with?
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