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  1. I’ve always had a cheap Garmin Nuvi for the car. At this time, an old Nuvi 42 worth $100. Never thought to stick a top map card in it until now. It turns out in practice far more capable than my 66. I can’t make it crash! Not a useful battery or form for mobile use. Even landscape orientation is not ideal for hiking, but the software is good.
  2. If the map data is locked to SD card CID or GPS serial number you can swap anything between SD card and internal memory, but if you say, copied a file from SD card to internal memory, the same SD card still has to be in the GPS to work. Same with the GPS internal memory maps.. if you move them to SD card it won’t work with another GPS.
  3. Still the same here. I could play with it in the house a bit like a toy, but it wouldn’t be of much use for talking it hiking or something. I have a 78 here of a friend’s to play with at the moment (a marine handheld).. any way I can make the 66 crash, doesn’t have any ill effect for the 78.
  4. It is stated in the manual (p2) that charging a non-Garmin battery pack can damage the device and void the warranty... but it beats me how they’d ever know unless the batteries actually leaked or something.
  5. I’ve always had it in my head that it’s watchdog timer expiry. Especially since I can have it crash drawing a map in seconds if I provoke it.
  6. That depends on your model. For the monochrome legend just prior, it’s your projected horizontal accuracy. For 60 series, additionally map resolution, but that is constant, at least across a tile, so horizontal accuracy is the only variable that should change the radius. Or are you saying the estimated horizontal accuracy from the GPS module is bunk? I don’t recall ever watching NMEA while looking at that, but don’t remember thinking it was silly either. It always seemed to decrease it’s radius as the position danced about (as they still do) finding a better position.
  7. The accuracy circle is just a graphic circle with translated radius of the accuracy reported by the GPS module. Did Garmin produce the GPS module for the early models of 60CSx?
  8. I had to wrap the 2.60 GPS chipset update in a 2.70 GCD container to downgrade the chipset firmware. It doesn’t accept older firmware versions like it does with the normal device firmware. Someone complained it made expedition mode play up. I don’t use it so don’t know, but I was suspicious that 2.70 was not available to everyone for a long time.
  9. Could it be that the arrow disappears in North up mode? Because in North up mode, north is always the top of the screen.
  10. Funny enough, if you want a new boxed 60csx from eBay, it will cost you more than the 66st!
  11. I thought I was first to spot 3.40, and raced over there to post too, but there were already two pages on it
  12. You could say try without Birdseye (which is a subscription built into the price), different maps, etc. I could make 50 videos of 50 scenarios, and the only question is how long, or whether or not it turns itself off, or freezes so I also have to take the case off and pull the batteries out.
  13. 29 is interesting. I wonder if the projection was set the same. The screenshots don’t show any vector information to relate it to.
  14. Yes a Garmin map. The most recent Garmin Topo Australia. This is actually my second unit, and I still have access to the first. I’ve never contacted them because I already know the solution is to reset to factory defaults.
  15. Can still crash it in a matter of seconds zooming out of a legitimate map and browsing.. so no biggie for me.
  16. It’s out. Don’t ask me, I haven’t even installed it yet
  17. Others have said the 2.70 GPS chipset update was bad. Maybe it’s specifically bad if Expedition mode is used. It’s a shame there have been no updates at all for a couple of months now. I guess they are busy with the even newer models.
  18. _Art_

    2.70 fw for GPSMAP 66

    I learned tonight that the unit doesn’t allow the GPS chipset firmware to be downgraded, as has always been fine with device firmware. At least without changing the firmware version values in an older gcd file, and recalculating the gcd file checksum. so I did that. I haven’t used Expedition mode, but there’s a big complaint thread on gpsrchive forum about GPS chipset version 2.70, which seems to have bigger issues with expedition mode than the previous version.
  19. Nobody complained about hardware. They sure do that well.
  20. If there was a proper market for handheld GPS units, Garmin would have their asses kicked in the software department in no time.
  21. I use the Garmin serial cable, which could easily be fitted with the 2.5mm plug: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1266805-REG/garmin_010_11131_01_serial_data_power_cable.html/specs It lists your model GPS as compatible too. I use it with GPSMAP 66.
  22. As an added bonus, for many of them, the N,S,E,W characters, and probably the satellites as well, are rotating around a centre point that is one pixel offset from any circle graphic. It’s evident in this image: https://www.gundogsupply.com/al100cosc.html The dial markings around the South and East directions are offset right from the compass edge, while the rest are touching. More obvious with a lo res screen like GPSMAP 64. Once you see it you can’t un-see it The graphics are circles with an even pixel diameter, but all of their drawing has a centre pixel, and dynamic circles have odd pixel diameter, and you can’t overlay those over each other.
  23. It looks like it won’t give serial data I suspect when they updated to a multi-service GPS module they didn’t fix the parsing for it properly, but if only we had the source code.
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