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  1. Jewel weed is what is used to neutralize poison ivy. Crush it and rub. As a kid we called jewel weed "touch me not". The seed pods will pop open when ripe at the slightest movement. I'm working on not itching my 2nd. bout of poison ivy this year. Both time did know I had been in it till too late. Takes me 3-4 days to break out. Did better than most years.
  2. We have a PVC pipe cache out. And it does get damp inside.. Other that that it is holding up good after 2 years. Can't say anything about making one out of sheet steel.
  3. The Sevateem uses a 07 FJ (blue) when we have to get to a cache no matter where it is. And for the FTF's on good roads the Toy we use is a 2000 Celica GTS, that will get 2 (3 if need be) of us there fast. One of the team members also has a Vibe that is a Matrix in disguise. We don't talk about the third members BMW.
  4. I have a 60CSX. But gave my son-in-law and daughter a 210. It gets as good of reception as the 60CSX even in side thier house. The soft and fiirm ware has given them a lots of trouble. Once that was sorted out it works fine.
  5. http://www.hackaday.com/2005/09/04/scratch-built-gps/
  6. When I calibrate the compass, I hold the GPS at about a 20 degree angle with the antenna up. I think it helps so I don't get the "hold level" warning as often. And it feels more natural in my hand.
  7. I run my 60CSX on magnetic notrth so it is the same as my compass. If you are doing a cache that you have to project a way point on a bearing just make sure you know if they mean true or magnetic. That can make a big difference.
  8. I run my 60CSX on tmagnetic notrth so it is the same as my compass. If you are doing a cache that you have to project a way point on a bearing just make sure you know if they mean true or magnetic. That can make a big difference.
  9. I have an old 330 as a back up to my 60CSX. Your 315 is almost the same. The 330 is a lot slower to up-date it's postion. Just give it time to settle down when you get close to the cache. Other wise you will go past the cache and have to backtrack. FYI the 60CSX has almost the same button lay out. Other the the extra features the learning curve was very fast.
  10. Sevateem

    Website Issues

    Geocaching.com is run on a low budget. When many users log on the servers do the best they can but things slow down. If they wanted to charge us all , they could speed things up. As for me,I am happy the way things are. Just try getting on early evening on a nice summer night when everyone is logging thier finds.
  11. I used a 60CS for over a year. Then bought a 60CSx when they came out.. I have yet to lose satellites in the woods. One of the first caching trips with it, my son had the old 60CS and was always losing satelllites while the 60CSx didn't. To me it is worth the extra money. The micro-SD card is just a bonus. If you can afford it, go for it. Better than wishing you did.
  12. I gave my daughter and son-in-law a Magellen 210 . It really is nice. It picks up satellites in thier house as good as my 60csx. But it did take some time to get way points to down load right. Now they even can load cache's with the treasure chest icon. We even found a leather phone case at a dollar store that fit fairly well. Only had to puch a hole in the clear front for the joy stick. The 210 can be found for under $200 with case, USB and 12volt cables and a topo CD. For the money I feel it is best in that price range. A grandson has a Lowrance GO. It works OK. But, is slow getting and up dating satellites, and doesn't easly conectect to a computer. It does come with the best preloaded maps that I have seen. I have had no experience with any other Lowrance's.
  13. If your lap-top has another USB port try that.
  14. Didn't know you had a choice in EasyGPS for names or way-point numbers. Might have to rethink things here.
  15. I alway's put my caches in by hand. Eather into the GPS it's self or in mapsource on the computer. That way the name is there and not the way-point number. And I can easly put in what notes I want. For me it is faster than using a program to load them from the web-site and then going back and changing things.
  16. ! There is always an easier way to the cache than the one you took. 2 You don't get immune to poison ivy after getting it many times. 3 There are many ways to get lost. 4 There are too many lamp posts. 5 Even if it hasn't rained for weeks there is mud. 6 Bees , wasps, ect. love caches. 7 The spare battery's you haven't been re-charged. 8 Your camera is full when "the picture" is in front of you. 9 There is never a bad time to cache. 10 20% chance of rain means it will when a mile from the car.
  17. I made mine out of beech. It has a branch coming off so I can hang my camea or GPSr from when it it is leaning on a tree while at the cache area. That way they don't get stepped on from being on the ground. The top has a brass screw. The screw has a compass on it most of the time. That compass comes off and my camera can fit on for pictures. It makes a good "tri-pod" when jammed into the ground. On the bottom is a cane rubber tip.
  18. They are also diferent colors. The CSX is grey and the CX is blue.
  19. We bought our's at WallyWorld for less than $5 for 50. And no waiting. Dicks Sporing Goods has them also.
  20. 2 60CSX 1 60CS 1 Blue Legend 1 Legend C 1 Magellan 330 1 Microsoft GPS locator for a lap-top
  21. I think the find logs gave it away. If right this one was easy to solve.
  22. I have a 60CSX and love it. It has SiRF to find and hold satellites better. And uses SD micro card to be able to hold more maps. The only time the Rino would be better is if you are caching with others that also have Rinos. Then thier location will show up on your map screen. For anything else a separate radio will work better.
  23. I have had my 60CSX for a few months now, and have yet to lose lock when I am outdoors. A week ago I was caching with my son. He was losing lock quite often with my "old" 60CS, and my 60CSX kept lock. I have been using a 512 san disc micro SD with no problems. The elevation appears about the same in both units
  24. The buttons on the 60's are much easier to use while driving than those on a Vista. And so far I have not found a need for an exturnal antenna while driving with my 60CSX or even a 60CS. With the SiRF lll I have yet to lose reception while out side. The Vista does not have SiRF. To me the SiRF lll is worth the money.
  25. I have used the USB cable that came with my camera for both my 60CS and 60CSX with no problems. It is the only cable that I have used with the 60CSX. Like bm196's, the cable is hooked to the computer all the time.
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