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  1. The first two photos show my app map this morning from my hotel room with the same wrong distances as yesterday. The next two photos show correct distances after uninstall/ reinstall. I have uninstalled the app a number of times since Monday
  2. Screenshot at Big Ben on top of GZ and showing me 880metres away
  3. His happened on both our iDevices yesterday in London, UK. Even though our position on the map was right on top of GZ, compass said we were over 400metres away. Logging out then in didn’t work. Checked location services on. Compass and maps working in Cachly, GC app. Shutting down app, shutting down phone, didn’t work. Uninstalling app then reinstalling app worked. A very expensive fix using data in field while trailing overseas. Unfortunately this only worked for the 1st three labs because we made the mistake of opening another application and our position returned to being fixed elsewhere Very unsatisfactory . At least when you can’t find a geocache you can log a dnf giving CO feedback
  4. Hi, can anyone help. I ran into a fellow cacher yesterday at the Pike markets in Seattle and he recommended a cache in Portland called Dr Who, butnImhave been unable to locate it on Groundspeak. Does anyone know the cache. Thanks in anticipation of your help
  5. I'll point you to my bug report topic on this problem. This has been happening for a long time, and you'll see (interspersed between posts completely unrelated to this bug ) that others have encountered the same problem. You're not alone! Thankyou - I read your post and all the all the replies but thought my case didn't fit with your bug as described. You see, in my case, other cachers around me are receiving the notification for caches being published, while I'm not. Early this morning a new cache was published about 2-3 miles from home at http://coord.info/GC3QH9P - I did not receive the notification. While at just after midday today I did receive notification of a new cache 23.1 miles away. see http://coord.info/GL8Q1G5Q I am very and quite confused.
  6. I am having a similar problem however my radius is 80km (50 miles). I am receiving some notifications of new caches, but only a few. I have been having this problem for about three months. Nothing changed in my profile etc at that time. My email account has not changed, it is not a gmail or yahoo email account. Spam settings are not blocking the notifications. Other Groundspeak communications arrive and as I said some Newly Published caches are coming though. There is no identifying reason as to why those that get sent to me, do Last week, I reviewed my previous instant notification requests, then deleted them all. I then set up a whole new suite of instant notifications for published caches (Trad, multi, events etc) Unfortunately, there have been new caches published very nearby. Unfortunately, I didn't receive notification. I have forward an enquiry to Groundspeak and am awaiting a reply. Can anyone help?
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