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  1. I've remembered what I was originally going to post about - there are some great mystery caches around the NE set by Munkeh. The coordinates take you to the actual location of the cache but once there the log is inside a container which you have to work out how to open using various ingenious methods :huh: None of them require you to have any previous knowledge before you arrive at the cache and just rely on you problem solving once there.

    They were all set quite some time ago though so I suspect the rules may have changed slightly, but I was wondering if new caches similar to these be just regular caches or mysteries?



  2. As a multi, you will get fewer cachers going for it...

    As a mystery, a lot of cachers automatically filter them out/ignore them!


    Personally I do with my pocket queries, I list traditionals and multis. I have 77 finds at the moment, perhaps further down the line I'll try some others, but there's enough to keep my interest at the moment.


    I guess I'm a little unusual then as I often filter to only show mystery caches (but only in GSAK - my PQs download all types). Sometimes I filter to just show mysteries and multis.

    I've yet to set either but have a couple in the pipeline...



  3. My first entry in one of these comps. It's more appropriate for lasts months but I only took it yesterday.

    I found this smooth newt (pretty sure it's not a palmate) in the middle of the track on the way up to Bloody Bush Toll Pillar in Northumberland.

    It was a welcome distraction in a day with 18+ miles of walking.



    It looks like a bit of a monster but was only about 7cm long

  4. Do you just go caching in areas you like the look of or have you got a 'plan' to get all the caches in a certain area perhaps?


    I have a few objectives (in no particular order)-

    1)find caches that will fill the gaps in my d/t grid (53/81 so far with most gaps in high t),

    2)try to find as many puzzles as possible,

    3)try to find at least one cache on each trip away from home,

    4)whilst my caching partner lived close by I aimed to introduce her to interesting areas around Newcastle and Northumberland,

    5)increase finds and FTFs (of course!)



  5. Anyone know anything about "Hog Weed"? We are starting to see some scary reports about this plant in Ontario. Apparently it makes poison ivy look downright benign.


    I was working with a local (in the UK) wildlife trust last week clearing weeds when my arms and a leg came in to contact with the sap of hogweed (the 'standard' one rather than the giant one). I was wearing short sleeves and shorts as I thought that only giant hogweed caused a problem and I knew that I wasn't working close to that variety.


    The next day I had red marks on my arms and a knee but they weren't sore. I assumed it was some sort of allergic reaction to some unknown substance. The next day day the marks developped large blisters about 5mm high but they weren't particularly sore. The next day I was driving home in the sun when the blisters started to get very itchy and one actually burst. For 2 days they were very itchy and caused me to wake during the night. The blisters have now gone but the marks still remain and one arm is very itchy.


    I'm not sure if the marks will remain as scars.


    Giant hogweed is apparently a lot worse - you can get problems from just touching the plant.

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