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  1. There are at least 2 caches that can be logged multiple times: Ye Ole Survey Monuments in the UK and Brass Cap Cache in Canada Both are virtuals by the same owner. I know more about Ye Ole Survey Monuments as it's one that I've done several times - it changes location every couple of weeks to a new survey point (trig pillar/brass rivet) and you can log it at every location that it visits. There are currently 556 locations where it can be logged. At first I worried that it look odd on my stats but decided that I didn't care.
  2. I just found this useful language definition file for Notepad++ which provides syntax colouring on Lua files and code collapsing. I find it useful to edit my Lua User Functions in Notepad++ and then copy into the correct tab in Urwigo. it's an extra step but makes life a little simpler. If you paste your code from Urwigo (or anywhere else) into a new file you'll need to set its language type or save it as a temporary file with the .lua extension. There's also a Lua editor at http://luaedit.sourceforge.net/ but I'm used to Notepad++ so will stick with that Duncan
  3. Thanks. I've now debugged and have a much cleaner solution to what I wanted to achieve in my code Now that I have a cartridge working on the emulator and Android I've managed to borrow an iPhone. After struggling to work out how to copy my cartridge across (eventually with Phone Stick windows application - I don't like iTunes!) I've come across the rather useful error when running my cartridge... Lua Alert Don't know how to call '<null> Is there a way to create a log file on the iPhone similar to the one on Android? I see a console.log file but it just shows the same messages with a date stamp. Thanks for any help
  4. Thanks. I've now debugged and have a much cleaner solution to what I wanted to achieve in my code
  5. Is it possible to send debug output to the gwl file using print or something similar? The reason I want to do this is that I've finished my cartridge but am having issues with the Android player performing my data storage and reloading during OnSave and OnResume events and I want to see what's happening. Originally I was using complex objects but have now simplified it down booleans and strings (all created with the Urwigo UI and not in Lua code) for the data I want to persist. Everything appears to work as intended in the emulator. I've experimented with message boxes in the events and they appear in the gwl file but prints would be nicer. Also, the message box in the OnSave event didn't appear on screen or in the gwl. I assume this is because it happens after the cartridge has ended. Thanks for any help Duncan
  6. The TOR browser is useful for this. Each time you run it you can vote again on the same day
  7. Hi I live in Newcastle... There are only a couple of night caches close by. The closest is http://coord.info/GC1WK3B but it's very short and hardly worth the effort. A more recent one is http://coord.info/GC4QE1A in Beamish, which is about 12km south of Newcastle. You can get a bus to Beamish (http://www.simplygo.com/our-services/the-waggonway) which takes approx 50 minutes. The cache itself takes 20-30 minutes and is in a conifer woodland that is well drained and fairly dry under foot. The BBC series which is close by (http://coord.info/GC18AF7) is a very pleasant walk if you want to make an afternoon of it before the night cache. There used to be another one close by but it was recently archived. Otherwise you'll just have to resort to normal caches in the dark. There are some interesting historical multis in the city :- http://coord.info/GC1CXPJ is based round the quayside and gives good views of the bridges http://coord.info/GC4AF88 should give a good tour of the city http://coord.info/GC1PJKH and http://coord.info/GC426QP are both good traditionals which take you to some interesting locations. If you need any more info just ask Duncan
  8. According to its page the 'cache' on the space station (http://coord.info/GC1BE91) doesn't have a log book. So if a log book is a requirement it now breaks 2 rules/guidelines - it doesn't have a fixed gps location either.
  9. I have never been there so I ca'nt say for certain but on Google Earth it looks as though there is a carpark at N55 0.801 W1 52.801 Well spotted! I was working with one of the volunteer wardens for the wall yesterday and asked him. He didn't know that section but suggested the excellent bus service which runs regularly along the military road
  10. It depends on how much space you need, but there's a large are of open grass land close to me in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK - feel free to get in touch through my profile
  11. The forgotten caches challenge I know about quite clearly says that the find cannot be of a replacement: if either the owner or another geocacher replaces the cache during the period, it is no longer considered forgotten. That would, of course, including the person doing the challenge replacing the cache in order to claim the find. This doesn't mean people won't cheat, but the challenge definitely does not encourage it. My own Unloved Cache challenge, which was published this year, excludes caches where the finder just used a throw down. It also excludes caches that were disabled or missing and then replaced by the owner. In my original version I wanted to specify - find a cache unfound for a month, a cache unfound for 2 months... up to unfound for a year and then one unfound for 2 years. The reviewer said because the available pool of unfound caches would decrease as people qualified for the challenge I would have to change it. The current version allows people to qualify using caches that have been unfound for a year at some point in their past - these can be discovered by hand by looking for likely candidates but it's a lot easier with a GSAK macro. I always thought that finding a single cache that had been unfound for a year was fairly trivial (there are currently about 300 within 100 miles of my house) so that's why I came up with something more difficult. There are also over 20 that have currently been unfound for 2 years and one well know puzzle that hasn't been found since publication in 2010
  12. So what's a challenge cache where the container is at the listed coordinates? A mystery, same as anywhere else. They have their own guidelines
  13. I guess it's region dependent - if this cache was in the UK then it would have to be a traditional with the field puzzle attribute. I think this changed a couple of years ago. If the cache is at the given coordinates then it's a trad. If you need to go to the given coordinate for some information then it's a multi. If there's nothing at the given coordinate then it's a mystery. It's easy to get round though - just create a simple puzzle for the sake of it on the cache page!
  14. Just curious, when did this rule come into effect? This weeks geocache of the week (published in early 2011) is definitely pushed into the ground. I noticed that too. The guidelines say that you're not allowed to dig a hole, but if one exists there already and you decide to use it then who's to know?
  15. I did a local multi that had 25 stages, each of which was a QR code that took you to a web page. It was tedious in the extreme, although some of the questions within it were clever. The problem was that phone reception wasn't always reliable so the website which the QR code took me too wasn't always fast and the web server on the other end was sometimes down. It's possible to do QR codes without a smart phone but you would need to take a camera, photograph the code, return home, upload the photo to a qr code reading site ... I don't think I'd bother!
  16. When I visited that cache in 2012 the log only had a few pages left. This log - http://coord.info/GLAPP6W5 mentions removing the original (because it was soaked) and says that they'll contact the owner to get it back to them. I doubt this happened as the owner hasn't logged into the site since 2004, hasn't logged any finds and has just this one hide. I forgot to add a link to the old one I found - http://coord.info/GC132F in Reivers Revenge on the Scottish/English border Also forgot to say - it was still in good condition (except for a little mould on the cover) and wasn't even 1/4 the way through.
  17. When I visited that cache in 2012 the log only had a few pages left. This log - http://coord.info/GLAPP6W5 mentions removing the original (because it was soaked) and says that they'll contact the owner to get it back to them. I doubt this happened as the owner hasn't logged into the site since 2004, hasn't logged any finds and has just this one hide. I forgot to add a link to the old one I found - http://coord.info/GC132F in Reivers Revenge on the Scottish/English border
  18. Having recently visited the 10th oldest cache in the UK (according to several bookmark lists) I was surprised to see that the logbook is still the original one from 2001. Not surprising really as it's only been found 68 times Is there an older logbook still in use in the UK? At the time I visited Scotland's First it still had the original logbook but I believe that this is now full and that there's a replacement.
  19. This one was taken a couple of years ago after a wonderful frosty November day tackling several caches en-route to Scafell Pike and back over Glaramara (http://coord.info/GCY5WW, http://coord.info/GC1ABT0, http://coord.info/GC2PDXW, http://coord.info/GC1RNYC, http://coord.info/GC1D25C, http://coord.info/GCTC4V). The nearest cache to the photo location was From on high on Glaramara - http://coord.info/GCTC4V
  20. That's a shame, but understandable. I recently applied to the Forestry Commission for permission and the 7 page legal document which they returned for me to sign stated (amongst other things) that I wouldn't be responsible for the safety and welfare of cachers looking for my caches.
  21. Some really good entries this month and it's a tricky choice. If the photo posted by castagnari had been posted by the person who took then that would have won but as it wasn't I've gone for the last minute entry by Happy Humphrey - it captures the current weather beautifully. Well done HH. Over to you for this month...
  22. One day to go and some good entries so far. Any more...?
  23. Presumably the Cleveland Way passes along public rights of way on footpaths/bridlepaths. I think it would be the land owners public liability insurance that covers walkers. This insurance should cover anyone using their land even including (I think) people there without permission.
  24. This month the photo can be from any cache that you have found since you began caching including any that you didn't find or that have been archived. Since I've had a couple of days caching recently under around trees I thought I'd have them as the theme for this month. They can be a real pain when disrupting gps signals but they but they really enhance a landscape. They're also fun to climb Entries should have at least one tree in them The rules are: 1) The photo must be cache related and to do with a specific UK cache (any type including events), caching series or caching trip - please include a link to the cache or the GC.... code so we can see where the picture relates to. 2) Maximum of two photos per caching team or cacher. 3) A new thread is started each month, with the OP stating these rules. 4) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme if they wish. 5) Follow the theme
  25. Thanks for choosing me It's a bit of a trek but I'd thoroughly recommend a trip to Shetland and I'd love to go back any time. The scenery is incredible and the caches are good. The UK's furthest north cache, Sexy Muckle Flugga leads to some fantastic cliffs and puffins walking past you less than 1m away.
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