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  1. OK! So here we are, all waiting for C-A to tell us if Keith got the right answer, I guess! CQ, Andy!
  2. How is that a geocaching question? I'll bet C-A is plulling a fast one here. Unless Keith's answer refers to what was consumed at Quark's.... or maybe that's "draught"
  3. Yep, that's our man Ted. In additon to being Waterloo's most prolific cacher, this man has many other talents.....I have had the pleasure of tasting one of his famous home-made pickled eggs.... ....to be consumed immediately after a good day of caching, but you have to stay away from any open flames for at least 24 hours after.
  4. Olar, you hit it!!! All is well now...thanx to all who helped.
  5. CharlieZ you could try the same route on your PC and verify that you get a good route on it. Also check that under the Maps tab down at the bottom you have checkmarked the "Include route calculation data". Your problem sure sounds like your 60C is using the basemap to autoroute. While viewing the map page press menu/setup map/scroll to "i" information, press menu and you will see what mapsets are on your unit. Click on "show Metroguide Canada". Good luck, Olar Hey Olar... tks for the tips. just a point of clarification "Also check that under the Maps tab down at the bottom you have checkmarked the "Include route calculation data". On the PC or GPS??
  6. Thanks everyone for all the inputs... I have to go away and try a few things, obviously. BTW.... what is a "full reset"?? Sounds scary.
  7. Definitely have lock. Also definitely rural. But I am talking about a cache that was 5 miles away, just around the next concession, a left and then a right. But this thing had me going into Toronto, making a wide loop and back out into the country, a total distance of about 100 miles...!
  8. I have two maps loaded... Canada Topo, and Canada Metroguide. I have played around with the various options in the Menus, but nothing seems to change this problem.
  9. Just got a 60C and have mastered most of the features, etc. BUT-- I must have something set wrong, because when I do a GO TO / FOLLOW ROADS, it wants to take me on a a huge circuitous route, sometimes involving huge distances, when the waypoint or cache is actually not very far away at all. I also noticed that the proposed routing does not start at my current location, but seems to start at a point I may have been at previously that day. Clearly I must have something set wrong for it to be doing this?
  10. How did you archive a cache that you don't own??
  11. All of a sudden when I select FIND, half the icons have somehow disappeared! No ADRESS, for instance. All I have are 7 instead of the usual 10 or so. Any clues?
  12. ".. It's amazing the sorts of things you see caching at night that you would never see during the daytime. .." yeah, and I looked very closely at JC's pic up there.... you can't even see the bucket or anything.
  13. My variation on locked caches: GCTZZF Very few finders so far.....
  14. This is getting pretty close now... are we still talking about April 8th? I don't get into Pearson until 7am that day (redeye from Las Vegas).... will someone bring a stretcher for me if I pass out in the first few klicks?
  15. ".....This event is not about numbers. Numbers lead to rushing, rushing leads to mistales,....." I love it
  16. Former une équipe de deux Teams of 2 Être membre de MEC (voir la section Contact si vous désirez devenir membre- $5) Be a member of the MEC (in Montreal, I guess?) Avoir 18 ans ou plus (au plus tard le jour de la course) Be 18 on the day (May 2nd) Avoir une bonne connaissance du français Speak French real good . Avoir une connaissance de base du vélo, du canot, du kayak et de la randonnée pédestre Have a working knowledge of bikes, canoes, kayaks, hiking Savoir nager No sinkers allowed Posséder un vélo et un équipement de base(voir section Règlements) Gotta have a bike Être en bonne santé No fatties Être impliqué ou s'intéresser aux enjeux sociaux et environnementaux Be involved in or enjoy social interactions Avoir lu et compris les règlements avant la course et les accepter entièrement sans exception Read and Understand ze rules Signer l’exonération de responsabilité et l’entente d’acceptation du risque (voir section Inscription) Sign the waiver Posséder un téléphone cellulaire Have a cell phone There seems to be a "virtual" even as well as a "real" event. The virtual one seems to be a 200-question test about MEC stuff. Questions are released over a 24hr period. The real one has a first prize of $5,000. ($2K in $ and $3K in MEC GCs) Runs over a 24hr period. Starts at the MEC in Montreal. Sounds like a gas!
  17. Trading it in for a better caching vehicle?
  18. Way to go, Tony. For your ship: Click me, Spock
  19. Andy, I thought you were walking funny in Bolton.... blisters... yeah, right.
  20. Good luck and have fun! It's not a race, it's not a competition, but it's great adventure and you'll meet some great peeps on the trails and at the Pub Nights ! (You'll also meet some wacky nutbars, but they're OK, too)
  21. I'm in for a weekend, day only. Judging by past logs, I would vote for a time slot where the snow is gone, but before the bugs come out. Chris
  22. Bingo! Thanx ad thanx to the voices as well
  23. Anyone have any clues why I am getting double images of caches in GE? Have a look at this: Double cache images Chris
  24. Hey Jeff... I have completed the final and I have the Glen Williams short hint f you need it
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