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  1. Thanks Cerberus. Appreciate your input. I'm really not trying to rig anything. I'm guessing that Smith just forgot to click the "visited" dropdown when he logged the VA cache (what else could it be?), and I'm looking for how to give the TB credit for the state. Immensely big difference between "he was there, but the system doesn't know about it" and "he wasn't there, but I want to rig the system to say he was." And YES, I'm super pleased that the TB is still in play after four and a half years. He's covered over half the states now, with over 25,000 miles, thanks to some great cachers. I know it only takes one inconsiderate cacher to put an end to his journey (happened to his predecessor TB), but I gotta remain optimistic! Thanks again.
  2. Sorry if this has already been addressed. My search attempts were unsuccessful. I have a TB that I want to visit all fifty states. Here's a scenario: Cacher "Smith" picked up the cache in South Carolina Smith found a cache in North Carolina, and logged a "visited" Smith found a cache in Virginia, but did not log a "visited" (I can see this in Smith's profile) Smith found a cache in Maryland, and dropped it off, so Smith no longer possesses the TB How can Smith, or I, back log a "visited" for the cache in Virginia, so that this can officially be added to the list of states visited? I can update my map, and the count of states visited, on my TB's page, but I'd like to make it more official.Also it would be nice to see Virginia's visit on the TB's map. Thanks for all of you that make geocaching a fun activity, and this a great forum.
  3. Thanks, all, for the responses. Now I know what you mean about "that (are supposed to) contain trackables". Several that I found have logs that say the trackables are missing. Sad. Thanks again.
  4. Is there a way to get a list of caches near a given location that currently contain TBs? I just picked up a TB, and I plan to move it to another cache, but I'd like to pick a cache that has a TB, so I can "Leave one, get one". Any easy way to do that, other than looking at each of the cache descriptions in the location one by one? Thx.
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