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  1. Even on a good day, GPSr are only accurate to within 9-10 feet anyway and that's typically with a fairly good GPSr, good line-of-sight to the horizon, and good signal from at least 5 satellites. I've lost count how many times I've been standing at GZ with my GPSr indicating 0ft to the cache and it's not there. Best bet is to put it away when you're "within" 10-15 feet and turn on your georadar. Start looking for the clues. Good luck!
  2. Do what I do...carry a couple geocaching brochures with you. They're available from the Geocaching Website at this link: Geocaching Brochure. Might also let them know that law enforcement members are eligible for free memberships so they can check out what's around their neighborhoods. Typically, the police are just curious...unless they're there because someone called. The last time that happened I was told that it would be best to probably leave at that point and come back later. Which I did. Good luck!!
  3. Depends if you want to go paperless or not. I started out with a Garmin GPSMap 60CSx which had nothing more than the cache coordinates. If I wanted the description/hint/recent logs, I had to print out the information before going out. I've since purchased a Garmin Oregon 550t which uploads all that information so I don't have to print anything out ahead of time. I'm only limited to those caches I've loaded. I also use the geocaching app on my phone. Not that I'm endorsing the Geocaching website in anyway, but with a premium membership, you can do pocket queries which allows you to upload 500 caches at once. Sure beats uploading caches one at a time. Check out the GPS Garage Sale in forums. Typically have a good buy here and there.
  4. Eagle Class of '84. Been in Scouting since 1977. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, OA, Den Leader, ASM, Committee.
  5. Fortunately geocaching is more about being in the field somewhere with GPSr in hand solving puzzles and signing logs than looking at maps online. Maps are secondary...they don't fulfill the sense of adventure or put a smile on my kids' faces when they find the cache. This will blow over...eventually. And then we can all get back to the real purpose of the greatest pastime.
  6. I'm open to change, however, the new maps leave a lot to be desired. My biggest complaint, other than the slow load and random tiling, is the less than accurate representation of bodies of water. At least my Android app still utilizes Google maps! Should suffice to keep me in the game until the dust settles on this map fiasco.
  7. I'm partial to Garmin. I started with the 60CSx, but like you, I was printing out a bunch of paper or taking copious notes just to go out. Transitioned to an Oregon which is paperless. Definitely worthwhile. There are a number of paperless GPSr out there. Just need to jump in and do some research. Also, check out an event. That's a great place to talk to others and see what they like and maybe get a demonstration before you purchase.
  8. If I know I'm going to be in a tick-infested area, I wear long pants and apply a lot of insect repellent...even on the skin under the pants. Any repellent with DEET is good. Also, need to ensure you frequently inspect your legs throughout the day, especially if you're out for awhile. Good luck!
  9. Same here. Wasn't out caching, but was in a park I frequently cache in. Heard the telltale sound and beat a hasty retreat. Didn't really sink in until I was back at the car...and what exactly do you do in the event you do get bit? I'm planning a caching trip this weekend up to another park that is a little more remote, so I'm a little concerned about encounters.
  10. Same here. Picked up a couple of the coins a number of months ago and holding on to them for special occasions. I think it's a great step given the popularity of the sport. It's also interesting that the BSA is reissuing four or so historic merit badges this year to commemorate 100 years. Three of them could be considered the precursor to geocaching: Pathfinding, Tracking, and Signaling. Should be an interesting year!
  11. I think Geocaching is more in tune with the environment. Our carbon footprint is no larger really than runners and cyclists who have to drive to parks/events to partake in their pastime (oh, and they don't pick up as much trash). Or the increasing number of boaters...and let's not forget NASCAR. Heck, any sport, be it football, baseball, or basketball, draws thousands of spectators to a central location and produces tons of waste. Our carbon footprint is but a drop in the pond. What you should be congratulating yourself on is that you've created a burgeoning population more aware of and in tune with their environment and who are willing to ensure its continued enjoyment. Not only that, but it's gotten more of us out the door and off the couch. Out from in front of the TV, away from the stresses, and back amongst our family and friends. Kudos to you!! Here's to the next 10 years.
  12. I don't really recall the number, but then again, I'm only at 166 right now. I have days that I'm really on my game and they almost jump out at me. Then there are other days it takes me a little while. Amazingly, the ones that I find the quickest are those that require a short hike or walk to get to. As I approach GZ, I'm already scanning for likely places. The PnGs tend to give me the biggest headache. Maybe do some puzzle caches.
  13. Spent six years active duty in the Air Force from 92-98 and have been in the Reserves ever since. Been all over the world and have had a great time. Great people everywhere. A special thanks to all those who serve and their families!
  14. I haven't been out going on 4 weeks now and it's driving me nuts! Geocaching is a great corallary to hiking...or is it the other way around...either way it gets me off the couch and out the door. Boring? Absolutely not! Sitting at home watching a poker tournament on <insert favorite sports channel> on a sunny Sunday afternoon...now that's boring.
  15. Absolutely! Have a 550t and a Mac and the interface is effortless. The hardest part is waiting for the PQ to show up in my email. Touchscreen is durable, but if held at the right angle, catches a glare sometimes from the sun. It's a minimal detractor from all the other benefits (i.e. paperless, etc.).
  16. Per gc.com guidelines: "Caches near, on or under public structures deemed potential or possible targets for terrorist attacks. These may include but are not limited to highway bridges, dams, government buildings, elementary and secondary schools, and airports." Might recommend somewhere close off the highway that is easily accessible once they exit...but I'd stay away from the bridge.
  17. I've run across a couple wet logs, but I carry a spare gel pen in my pack which works great on wet logs. I started carrying extra logs downloadable from websites such as this (geocache log sheet) in the event I run across one that is wet or full. They come in multiple sizes so depending on how big of a cache you run across, you can drop the correct size. Hope this helps.
  18. I have a Garmin 550t. I haven't figured out how to automatically log back to gc.com, or even if you can. But then again, I'd rather log manually so I can add detail to my find logs. Oh, and welcome! It only gets better!
  19. Same here...mostly username and dates. Unfortunately, most of the logs around here are too small that they don't really allow for much detail. I think it would be interesting to be able to read something at the cache also, but typically wait to read about it online.
  20. Appreciate all the insight. Thought maybe I was missing out on an important aspect of the sport. I guess I can see somehow keeping information on puzzle or unique caches I've logged because, at some point, I would like to hide my own cache. Info like that might be useful. Thanks.
  21. I've been to a couple events and listened as people described keeping logs or going back and looking at finds from months/years ago. Do ya'll keep logs? Is it worthwhile? What's the best way of doing it? What information do you keep? I have a notebook that has some notes in it, but it is nowhere near "log-like". It's more of a scribbled, muddied mess, that will probably be gone when the last page is filled.
  22. I splurged and got a 550t also. Camera, paperless, touchscreen...it's all awesome. Paperless allows you to see the description, recent logs, and hints, so no more carrying printouts or copying notes. I downloaded a Wherigo, but haven't been able to do it yet. Although, I did the tutorial while I was out at a park one day. Kids thought it was pretty cool. Definitely recommend checking one out.
  23. You can use dish detergent to remove ticks from the skin...something I learned in Boy Scouts years ago. Skin-So-Soft from Avon is DEET free (or they make some that is) and it seems to work well against most bugs, although, I've not had much luck with chiggers.
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