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  1. I started collecting sometime last year and am addicted as well. I really want to get Mickey Diver, Mystical Greenman and Project Fred 325 Face. But for the first two I hear you have to get from a mystery coin giver. So I guess I'll never see them except in pictures. I am not that special. I had a birthday on 3/3 does that count? Oh well can't help but try. These coins are really addicting though. I think I have about 50 or so. I seem to have a taste for the extremely hard to find though. And if I go looking on Ebay, I am there for hours. Good luck to the rest of you newbees on your quests.
  2. I am still kinda new to geocoin collecting. But I have a top 5 (or 7) that I would really love to add to my collection. They are: 1. Mickey Diver Mystery Coin (which I will probably never see) 2. Mystical Greenman (another impossibility) 3. Cloud 999 Multi-Event Long Island, NY; Hawaii; Missouri (one of which would be great) 4. Math Puzzle Blueberry Pi 5. Project Fred 325 Face I have never received a mystery coin from a mystery coin giver but would love to be a recipient of one of these.
  3. I have been looking for several geocoins. Would someone like to trade with me? Mickey Diver Cloud 9 Multi-Event Long Island, NY and Hawaii Mystical Greenman Project Fred 325 (face) Math Puzzle Blueberry Pi Anasazi Spirit Dweller Nutella Have to trade Cloud 9 Multi-Event Spokane, Wa Yemon Yime V2 Nickel Yemon Yime V1 Earth Turtle 2009 Maui Nadaros Cathedral Silver Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts XXLE (5 made) Benchmark Coins- Haleakala, Maui/3" Mt. Saint Helens post eruption/American Camp San Juan Island, Wa
  4. Do you still have any more of these. Such a cool coin!
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