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  1. When I create a set of maps for a road trip in Mapsource, I save the whole trip (mps for v5, gdb for v6) with a reasonable name, for example, colotrip.gdb (for colorado trip). So you would have several different mapsource files; colotrip, utahtrip, flatlandtrip, rockytrip, etc. You could also rename the mapsets (right click on the mapset properties, then, you can turn off auto-naming), but I don't bother, since each trip has its own custom set of maps pre-planned. When you upload to the 60C(S), just check the button to also upload maps, which overwrites existing map info with the new one.
  2. Press the "mark" button, then, after you've marked your new waypoint (here), "menu" to edit it; use the paddle to traverse to longitude/latitude and put in your waypoint (if you're in the Garmin). There are other ways of doing it (e.g. from the "Find" menu) too. Or are you asking how to do it in Mapsource?
  3. I've done something a bit more basic: I downloaded GPSBabel to convert .loc files to .wpt files (use PCX5 format, but rename as .wpt). Then, use the Garmin Waypoint manager & import the .wpt file; right click on the waypoint, and assign the "geocache" icon to it. When you save the waypoint to the 60C(S), it keeps the right icon.
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