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  1. This decision by Groundspeak makes the Adventure Labs less interesting again. Before I saved the individual stations on the GPS, it was cruel to play several LABs at the same time - some places had to be visited several times. With the help of GSAK it was then possible to run an optimal route. Some LABs are designed as Labs by car - now fall off the grid. It would be nice if the individual LABs with coordinates were visible in GSAK again. I hope that Groundspeak will reconsider the decision.
  2. After December 5, 2018 an error is shown every time I try to get geocache via the "Get geocaches" in the GSAK-application. 2018-12-12 00:29:25 HttpRequestBegin: GET,https://api.Groundspeak.com/v1.0/geocaches/search/?lite=true&take=1&skip=0&q=box:%5B%5B50.65%2C6.75%5D%2C%5B50.35%2C8.0%5D%5D&Fields=referenceCode,name,difficulty,terrain,favoritepoints,trackablecount,placedDate,type,size,userdata,status,location,postedcoordinates,lastVisitedDate,ownerCode,ownerAlias,isPremiumOnly,ianaTimezoneId,relatedWebPage,owner[MembershipLevelId,hideCount,findCount,username]&Sort=id+ 2018-12-12 00:29:27 Last response body: {"statusCode":500,"statusMessage":"Internal Server Error","errorMessage":"Request headers must contain only ASCII characters."} (ver: There is no difference between ?lite=false&take=7000 and ?lite=true&take=1 There are no difference using different requests I Think, it is a problem with the Ö-Umlaut in the cacher name. When I use my basic account without Umlaute I get no error message. I hope you can help Rhönbussard
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