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  1. Well thank you for adding your similar experience. Hopefully the developers can have a look at this, it sucks not being able to fully utilize the premium features. lem1
  2. Well manhattan has a huge concentration of caches. 5 km covers a good area. One of the caches that was published a few days ago is much closer than 5 km and never got an email. I can always increase it but I doubt that's the issue. Thanks for your reply Lem1
  3. Hi everyone, It seems to me that unless I am doing something wrong, the notifications service is not picking up on new caches in my area (NYC) and emailing me. This is how I have it set up: - Name: NY Traditional - Type to watch: Traditional cache (Publish listing and enable listing ticked) - From what coordinates: N 40 43.935' W 073 59.245' - Postal Code: this is empty - Distance in Km: 5 - Email is correct - Enable notifications: this is ticked I have done similar notifications for puzzle and multi caches. I don't think any of them are working because there was definitely a puzzle re-enabled a couple days ago and I received nothing. Does anyone have a similar experience? Thank you in advance, lem1
  4. Thank you for your answer Jeep4two. I will be definitely looking into that website later on today. You do not know where do I find the actual maps I am currently using in the GPS right? Is it in the Garmin folder? ExData folder? If anyone knows this. Thank you!
  5. Hello Geocachers , I recently upgraded to Premium Membership in the site, bought myself a Garmin 550t and been having a blast with this hobby. So I started adventuring a bit with GPS maps as well. I'm new to GPS maps. I have always used whatever it came with it. But recently I have tried downloading some free GPS maps online in some websites, some were saved in BIN formats, some in IMG formats, I am not sure how to load them, so my questions would be the following for anyone with experience on this: 1. What formats are compatible with my Garmin 550t? 2. Where am I suppose to put the maps (my guess was in the ExtData folder there is 2 bin files)? 3. Will it work to have more than one map at the same time? (I heard you could only use one at a time). 4. Finally, I was able to get some very detailed maps in a cartography office but they come in DWG format, is there a way to make it work on my GPS? Thanks a lot in advance. This will help me a lot! NOTE: I tried using search, Google, and the Owner's Manual Cd, but I could not find my answers. Lem1
  6. Hola a todos, Soy bastante nuevo en Geocaching, y estoy buscando un buen mapa para poner en mi Garmin Oregon 550t. Me lo compre en Europa (porque vivo en ambos sitios), pero ahora no encuentro con facilidad un buen mapa, ya que garmin no tiene. He buscado en otros sitios webs con google, pero solo encuentro mapas bastante malos, alguien tiene experiencia en esto de los mapas para paises como los nuestros que no estan representados por garmin. Gracias
  7. Thanks for your reply. I did see some of those unofficial maps, but I didnt know if it was a good idea to use them. Do they work just fine with Garmin (Or other major brand) GPS and software? Thanks
  8. Hello, I am quite new to geocaching and using GPS devices. I have been using an E-trex for my first weeks of geocaching because it is cheap, simple, and does the job. I want to buy a better GPS, such as oregon and so on. The only problem that I find is that for instance in the garmin website there is no gps maps (topographic for example) of anywhere in Central America (since I am based in Panama). I dont want to buy an expensive machine which only gives me a point in a not detailed map, which is what e-trex does. Is there any way to get a proper detail map such as the ones in US and Europe for areas such as mine? Thank you! Lem1
  9. Ok, thank you for the information. I tried looking on the Q&A but didnt find what it meant. Thanks again!
  10. I see, thank you for your response webscouter. What do you mean by archived though? Like its stored but not shown in the map or will it continue to show but warn next cachers of its status? Sorry im new and Im not familiar with all the terms.
  11. Hello guys, Im pretty new to geocaching (8days). I am based in Panama at the moment and I have visited some wonderful places throughout this last week of geocaching. It has come to my attention that some of the caches that I had to find were "abandoned". There is only 32 caches in Panama so these kind of things have a bigger impact that in a country such as the US where there is thousands or more. As an example I wanted to show this cache: GCYKT8. The owner has not been in Panama for 2 years and he has not even been active in this website for 1 year. Everyone who has gone there found nothing in the last year or two. So the suggestion to Geocaching.com is, shouldn't there be a service where users can perhaps ask admins to deactivate the cache if a number of members do not find it and the owner does not maintain it anymore or clearly stopped coming to this website altogether? Thank you for this great new hobby lem1
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