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  1. I would like to note as well to the interested Geocachers who have not done it before...it is fun seeing/watching to see where your TB goes. And the disappearance of TB'S is of no reflection of those in charge of the race. But do not send out something of value and be sure to have a replacement ready to go (we didn't) in case it does go MIA. Good luck.


    Racing Roo has been training all fall and hopped on the bus to Nashville for the 2012 race. With a new re-release policy for the race it's a good idea to have that back-up racer with the copy tag ready to go. Just in case the original is lost in the bush.

  2. GC10DM8 Waving in the Coyotes


    Lost due to new 1/1/11 "no pictures" rule so this one is now archived. I had this on my Bucket List and will keep it there even though it will no longer count as an earthcache.

  3. Here's a suggestion. Might be radical but let's go with it:


    Ensure the site is usable on a Sunday afternoon. This is a basic and a must.


    Once that's achieved, feel free to continue to introduce new features no-one wants.






    I do not care what happened in the last fifteen minutes. If I want to see your avetar I will open your profile page. A Smiley face next to the cache log was just fine.

  4. Much worse today, if I do manage to get on it goes away the first time I try to go to a new page, any page.


    Dump all those new fangled addons from the Aug 18. I for one really don't care what happened in the last fifteen minutes and If I want to see your avatar I will go to your profile.


    Frustrating, very frustrating!

  5. I'm on my PC and I can navigate some of the pages but when I try to go to a cache page It never gets there. I have tried using the links from my quick view, the hide and seek window and links from My caches found page. Always the same, spin spin spin and then the dreaded site not found page. I logged off and cleaned my temps folder but that made no difference, this is the same problem I was having after the Aug 18 "improvements"

  6. I'm back to having the same problems. I can log on and get to my Quick view but when I try to go to a cache page it spins and spins until it takes me to The web address you entered could not be found and a google list. I still feel the site is trying to do to much with the avetars, and latest finds scrolling across the bottom. Who cares, maybe dumping that will help us navigate the site better.

  7. Yup, part of their "fix" to get the website performance back to usable :rolleyes:


    I for one really appreciate seeing how many finds cachers have that log finds on my caches. I see no value in seeing avatars of those who log a find, the smiley face was just fine. Quit trying to be a social network and get back to the basics. Who found the cache, when they found it and their log of the find

  8. I have been having problems since the update Thursday. If I do get on I lose the connection when I go to a new page. It seems they are trying to much. Who really needs to know that a cache was found in Belgium 12 minutes ago. If I want to see your avetar I will go to your profile. This is not, or should not, try to be a social networking site. Please bring back the very solid old web that let us search for caches and log them when we found them.

  9. By "correcting" if you mean you want the current page to be replaced by the page for the link, I will place a very firm NO vote. I dislike clicking on a link and having the page I am on vanish into the void. Yes I know I can use the back button or the page history. I prefer to have a new window or tab open so I can stay on the page where I started my little sidetrip.


    X2 I would much rather close a window than to search for it or hit the back button over and over

  10. The show all information, the one you have selected in the above example. I tried to place 2 waypoints and then retried only one from the navigation menu. I'm on AOL and will try to go to another browser and try again if you think that might help.

  11. I'm trying to add waypoints to my cache listing however they are not showing up on the cache page. I have tried entering them from the Additional waypoints link on the page and from the navagation box in the upper corner. Any suggeations on what might be wrong or is the web site having a problem?

  12. I get this message every time I open a new page on geocaching.com "Java Plug-in Fatal Error" with this info inside the window "Several Java Virtual Machines running in the same process caused an error" I can close the message and continue on but like I said I get the message every time I open a new page and it is very annoying.

  13. A link I had on a TB page is out of business, I replaced it in the edit mode for my TB however the new link is not showing up. In fact none of the edited info is showing up. How can I fix this?

  14. Would it be possible to add a field that indicates the date that the cache was last found on the Geocaching Map page when you click on the cache to see basic details of the cache?


    If would be nice to have a quick check if the cache has been found before we attempt to go to it. This would also be good when creating a pocket query for a trip and ending up trying to find a cache that hasn't been found in more than a couple of months. An example would be trying to find a cache in the winter.


    dowload and install GSAK http://gsak.net/ it has everything you need and you can download pocket queries directly into it then into your gps you can also access it from the resources section of geocaching.com

  15. Would like to hear from a moderator or geocaching.com that you are aware of the problem and working with IE to correct it, Please.

    Steps from the sticky section of this forum:

    1. Works on Firefox 3.0.1


    2. responding here


    3. adding here


    4. My OS, Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600

    IE v7.0.5730.11

    AOL v 9.1 rev 4334.34

  16. When visiting larger cities I would like to be able to print the map showing the cache sites by number with a list on the side like the web page shows. When I try to print the page the map compresses and all the other data ie Getting started, Hide & seek as well as the cache name GC code show up. If I highlight the map I am not able to right click and copy or print selection. My question is there some way I can print a map showing cache locations within the geocaching.com site?

  17. I can live with the growing pains. A red star is all I get on most of my caches in Vermont also. I hope it changes soon. It is pretty annoying and adds zero to the page. I can wait though.


    We to can live with the changing process most annoying so far

    1. All the blank space when TB's Bookmarks etc. are involved.

    2. That red star on a blank page

    3. Who's watching

    We can wait for the tweaks and twangs

  18. In order to conserve paper and space I transcribe all relevant information to a Word document to take with me. I need the waypoint so I can easily find it on my GPS. The old cache pages clearly displayed the waypoint info. Now I have to download the waypoint simply to get the number. It's a real pain.


    I would really like to see the waypoint info returned as a text item on the web page.


    It takes awhile to navigate the new layout, I missed the waypoint ID GC.... at first and found it in the upper right corner a little later. I don't care much for the way the new page is spread out leaving so much open space.

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