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  1. We own the TB 29lbs 29lbs which has moved 4710 miles for just about 2 years. Its just a big cement block and people love taking it to events for the "booby prize" for some odd reason. I've heard of people racing to caches to get it. I figured if I was gonna invest in a $6 TB tag that might get lost I should make it something that won't get misplaced and everyone wants to get their hands on it.
  2. I think Ballooner is the perfect person to head up this waymark catagory. Go for it Ballooner....I look forward to it! Sammi Liz & Co.
  3. Is the geocaching websight down and if so, how long does this usually last?
  4. Cant get onto the GC site at all, whats up? Hope this isn't gonna last all night!!!
  5. Catagory Proposaal: Hot Air Balloon Festivals I've often wondered where these annual festivals are located. I attended one in New Mexico years ago but now live on the East Coast. I'd love to find out where and when these festivals take place around the world. I'd love to see another one, its a beautiful sight. Sammi Liz & Co.
  6. Catagory Proposal: Swimming Holes What about listing natural swimming holes and hot springs? I know they exist all over the place and have even been to a few. They are usually unknown to the public and locals tend to know where they are. It would be nice to know the name, location, conditions (safe for children/families) picnic and or camping facilities, and fees involved at these locations. I hope this goes thru cause I love to find swimming holes near me! Sammi Liz & Co.
  7. I am heading to Western Pennsylvania from South-Eastern Virginia this Thursday (an 11 hour trip). I'd like to cache along the way but don't want to venture too far off the highway for time purposes. I currently use queries, GSAK, and cachemate (for my PalmOne) when I cache. I also use Garmin's Mapsource program when planning trips close to home. What is the best/easiest way to plan a caching route along the main road for my road trip? I'm baffled as to how to do this with queries and GSAK? Thanks for your help..... Cindy Sammi Liz & Co.
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