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  1. If you're going for the numbers, the Clinton River Trail is packed with them in southeast Michigan.
  2. The never-ending problem I have. Hence le question.
  3. Yikes, better redesign it. Southeast Michigan.
  4. Good point, however I'm concerned somebody else(namely the CO of whom's cache I remove a FP from) might try to evoke emotion as well.
  5. I bought a trackable and 3D printed my own custom one with the code on it. I genuinely don't see why somebody would steal it for its material value, e.g. "oooh shiny coin!" and the TBs goal is literally the trackable itself. Somebody would have to intentionally keep it despite the obvious goal and text stating otherwise. Guarantee it will go missing within days of release, still.
  6. I created a dark mode script that runs on all sites... I use the computer for work sometimes several hours a day and am already a bit sensitive to bright screens as it is, so apologies to all for that ?
  7. Apologies to all for the grey on black text- I designed my own dark mode extension in Google and it always ruins forum posts
  8. Unfortunately this is too easy to do. If I genuinely wanted to, I, a 17yo techie with no social life, could make a script in a few hours that does this. It would definitely help if geocaching.com only allowed them to attempt to log a trackable X times a minute/hour, so for example if you enter an incorrect code 10 times in the time span of 60 seconds, it doesn't let you attempt to log in again for a few minutes. This type of concept is used for most sites when you try to log in- after so many failed password attempts they lock you out from trying for a little while. It would greatly reduce the efficiency of these scripts while almost never irritating real humans. For the record I genuinely do not want to brute force anything, it was just an example. I love the geocaching community a lot.
  9. True. Some people seem to take geocaching a bit more seriously than others. I tend to stay relaxed about it. While that means I don't get offended by something(especially so trivial) like this, it also means I tend to annoy other people a bit more.
  10. That's what I've done, I'm more concerned as to the potential rudeness behind it.
  11. Thanks, I figured I might be stirring the pot haha
  12. Typical story: I found a cache I liked a lot so I gave it a favorite point. A year or so later it's archived, and I'm low on favorite points. I figured that the main reason for FPs is to filter caches on a map to get the "best" ones in the area. If a cache is archived, it won't show up regardless. Am I being a jerk by removing FPs from archived caches?
  13. I'm genuinely curious as to how nobody took it in 10 years of sitting there. Amazing journey to see regardless.
  14. Did the TBO maybe replace the TB, thinking it was lost for good?
  15. That's really cool! I wonder who would move it such a far distance and not say anything? ?
  16. The curve seems quite exponential... Amazing how only 72% survive the first 6 months. Thanks for the helpful graph ??? Another graph idea: How likely is it for a TB to come back into play after n months of inactivity.
  17. Thanks, I read Snoogan's thread and it helped a lot. The TB was a fidget spinner, no doubt stolen for that reason. Thankfully it was my first TB, and I learned my lesson early on ?
  18. What's the longest time you've seen between a TB going missing, and resurfacing eventually? (Held hostage, taken and not logged, left in archived cache, etc.) On the same topic, what might be a few good tips for TB longevity? Back in April of last year, I had a TB go missing. Still holding out hope that one day it will resurface. ?
  19. What an LPC was. I spent about 10 minutes circling the lamp post. The hint said "you should stop caching if you need a hint", but thankfully I stuck with the game anyways ?.
  20. Yeah :p Less that six hours after I submitted my cache for review, the reviewer gave it the all clear and set the release time to 6/22 around 12:00 PM
  21. I got mine to publish at an exact time, down to the minute. Probably just lucked out.
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