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  1. I didnt't contact GS, I just relogged. Others did, as it seems. BTT: I've just found one webcam cache, and no pose was required. It was fun to look for the place where I'm visible through the webcam and to call a friend telling him "I'm there right now, take a screenshot!".
  2. I'm pretty sure that Groundspeak would be on my side. Only once (so far) one of my logs was deleted, and that was an Earthcache (https://coord.info/GC2YJTZ). I forgot to post a picture and was very annoyed that the owner didn't remind me before deleting my log. Yes, my fault, but I thought we are all friends sharing a somehow strange hobby and can settle conflicts without TPTB. But I was not the only one who got his log deleted, and a few days later there was a note from the local reviewer, taking the side of the cachers with deleted finds. I relogged fulfilling the requirement and I'm quite sure it was not a pleasant experience for the owner, too.
  3. Ok, that's fine by me.They do strange things for selfies, anyway.
  4. Create a sock puppet account to log Needs Maintainance.
  5. I often cache with my daughters, and when there is a photo requirement mostly only they will be on the picture. If that would be deleted because it's not me and the owner is a hardhead, I would ask Groundspeak to reinstate my log.
  6. If webcams still could be published, I would require this pose:
  7. Yes, I'm well aware of that, that's why my wording was "or to compete". Garmins choice for the domain name of their site was very poor and pissed of a lot of people in the open source community.
  8. II think that's the way it goes when our hobby is managed by a for-profit company. Many customers want powertrails? Ok, let's allow them, even if a few oldtimers leave. Let's make an app so we can lure in smartphone users, even if they treat it like just another game they can play on their phones and quit after a short time, leaving a mess behind. However, there have been many attempts to make an open source platform or to try to compete with Groundspeak (like Garmin did), and it never worked out. If you still enjoy this pasttime, you have to live with the changes and find your way. I think it's a good thing that the numbers are declining. There is still plenty out there to find and only tumors grow endlessly.
  9. No, it's a grandfthered cache type.
  10. What's the difference? I tried to convey a feeling and I failed.
  11. Mmmh, cake... To put it another way, if I paint a picture and I'm not satisfied with the result, I'll just throw it away. I don't care if somebody else might have enjoyed it.
  12. Google didn't even start to map Austria because of the complaints from Germany, that's why I remember this. For me it's like the security theater at airports. It does nothing to improve security, but it's kind of a "there, there" reacton.
  13. "Hey du da! Geh sofort weg von der Infotafel! Die ist nur für Leute gedacht, die keine Geocacher sind!"
  14. Are you sure about that? The listing (and the box) are property of the owner, unarchiving against the owners will sounds strange to me.
  15. Falls du die Groundspeak App verwendest, hat die auch eine Einschränkung bezüglich der D/T Werte. PMO caches sind als Basic Member auch auf der website nicht sichtbar.
  16. Ist schon ein geniales Geschäftsmodell. Die Listings werden von den Teilnehmern erstellt, die verstecken auch die Dosen und kontrolliert wird das von ebenfalls unbetahltem Personal. Dann bringt man eine App heraus und tausende smartphonejunkies fallen darüber her. Die Lösung für das Problem ist PMO.
  17. I think that's a good idea. Either grandfathered cache types are automatically locked upon archievement or the owner is able to do it by clicking a checkbox.
  18. Thank for clarifying, I thought the "Resolution" column in GSAK was about vertical tolerance.
  19. Find a cache at the dead sea. Edit: Elevation data usually comes with a possible error of 90 meters, or 30 in the best case.
  20. If it's an urban micro, yes. I'm lucky to have some "good old days" caches in my area, like this:https://coord.info/GC18QYC There is no "tftc, quick find, all is well" log. Still, the owner gave up his charter member status and left.
  21. I don't think so. Maybe they expected a story about your adventure or how you solved the puzzle, and they get nada. It's not their loss, but that of all other geocachers. Maybe a disciplinary measure, but I think most Owners don't want to play with guys having this attitude and they just leave and archive their caches.
  22. The CO tried to make the cache a little more interesting than a Traditional, that's why it was listed as a Multi or Mystery. If there is a feeling that this effort was in vain because some or most guys just go to the final location, it is no wonder that the CO archives the cache.
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