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  1. The following question came to my mind while reading this thread: Problems occur after more than three months after a cache is published. The only "maintainance" that happens is that the listing is archived by the owner and (remains of) the container is (are) removed as soon as possible. Would that count as "resposible cache ownership"?
  2. I'm sorry, I thought I remembered a comment from you plonking NYPC and it seemed to fit. Have a good day.
  3. Chinese laws demand an offset between maps and satellite images, if I remember correctly. Here is a picture of Google Earth from the Hongkong border with the streets layer enabled (Hongkong requres no offset): ETA: source: GE Blog
  4. You can ignore users, but you will still see what they wrote if somebody quotes them. Hover over the profile pic and you'll see the option.
  5. I see this on a random cache listing I had opened in a tab: <Groundspeak:attributes> <Groundspeak:attribute id="14" inc="0">Recommended at night</Groundspeak:attribute> <Groundspeak:attribute id="9" inc="0">Significant Hike</Groundspeak:attribute> <Groundspeak:attribute id="8" inc="0">Scenic view</Groundspeak:attribute> <Groundspeak:attribute id="32" inc="1">Bicycles</Groundspeak:attribute> <Groundspeak:attribute id="15" inc="1">Available during winter</Groundspeak:attribute> <Groundspeak:attribute id="23" inc="1">Dangerous area</Groundspeak:attribute> <Groundspeak:attribute id="39" inc="1">Thorns</Groundspeak:attribute> <Groundspeak:attribute id="55" inc="1">Short hike (less than 1km)</Groundspeak:attribute> <Groundspeak:attribute id="19" inc="1">Ticks</Groundspeak:attribute> </Groundspeak:attributes>
  6. It doesn't seem so. BTW, this is the international section of the forums, so the language used should be english, as you once (ore more often) pointed out.
  7. Caches are the property of the owner, and Groundspeak will surely stick to this business model. They offer just a listing service. So no, there's no "forced adoption" without owner's consent.
  8. You didn't mention a maintainance plan in the post I replied to, hence my answer. I think the distance limit you would like to know is in the hands of the reviewer and varies, and I think that's a good thing
  9. Yes, but there is no limit like "You are not allowed to place a cache xxx km from your home coordinates". You claimed they were "flat-out refused solely on the basis of distance from (presumably) the prospective CO's home coordinates. ", which is not true.
  10. As far asI know there is no distance limit on vacation caches, you just have to come up with a reasonable maintainance plan. A friend of mine placed a cache in South Africa (about 8000km away from home) and didn't even know a cacher there, but one of his guides agreed to look after it in case something goes wrong. Of course "The next cacher should maintain it" won't be accepted as a reasonable maintainance plan.
  11. I would prefer a "Ignore caches owned by this user" option, but this has been often suggested already. I don't know why Groundspeak won't implement that.
  12. Well, I wouldn't be sure of that and I wouldn't post "corrected" coordinates within that margin of error. How do I know that my GPSr is showing more accurate coordinats if they are well within the fuzziness of our devices? Of course you could use Google maps to pinpoint the right lamppost, so other cachers using the satellite view know where to look. But that's not how the game is inteded to be played and you don't know if the coords from Google maps are more accurate - they just fit to the image. There's a local old-school cacher in my area who is still useing the 15 year old GPSr bought back then, because it simply still works. No way that it comes near to the precision of nowadays devices.
  13. As niraD pointed out 10ft/3m is within the expected accuracy of civilian GPS devices. Counting together the positional error of the hiders device and yours this means a search radius of 20ft/6m. So Traditional sounds fine to me, even if you have to check six spots worst case. Typical needle in the haystack hides require more work.
  14. Hiders and searchers will need a system like this for that precision: It's quite expensive.
  15. He could also log NA or contact a reviewer directly explaning the situation.
  16. Trust your GPSr. It will show the estimated positional error (EPE) so you know how reliable the reported position is. Google might be more precise in urban areas, when other sources (wireless access points and/or GSM transmitters) are available, but I wouldn't count on that.
  17. I guess you are talking about the official app. Count in PMO caches that are often just PMO to keep the "Hey, this sounds like fun and it's free (but I*m not really interested)" people away.
  18. Whenever somebody tells me "There's an app for that", I show them my old Sonim XP3 phone. There's a lifetime guarantee promised by the manufactorer and I will use that if it breaks.
  19. I have to leave this here because I love it, but I'm sorry for the distraction from the original topic. Well, just a little.
  20. The current "tick a box to log NM" is also a step in the wrong direction in my opinion. I'm waiting to see a combo of "Yay, that's another find for me!" followed by "This cacher reported that the cache needs maintainance." logs. Great info for the owner. I decided to log NM on a cache I DNF after I saw other cachers fail to find it and remembered some teardown already visible at the spot, but this is only possible when you opt for the old logging page. Dumbing down this hobby to the lowest common denominator won't help to get more people on board, it just disgruntles many of the veterans.
  21. I found it. Might be just me, but I don't see a found it log as a "reward". It's jus the proper type of log for what has happened. I found it.
  22. @justintim1999 I think you are fighting against windmills. Even if I ignore all the consequences of your proposal I don't see how that would make things any better. Why do you think the behaviour of careless owners would change if coordinates are obfuscated or the listing gets automatically locked once it's archived? I don't follow your "Allowing a find on an archived cache is encouraging owners to leave geotrashes behind" argument.
  23. This. Here's mine: https://coord.info/TB2K19J
  24. I'll never catch up with most of your stats, but I've got three years to beat you at this one.
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