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  1. Oh, I must get an app that talks to me! Other hikers will be in awe of me! My GPSr does turn by turn navigation even on hiking trails, but it's just a "BEEP" when I should take a turn Are you allowing your "6th sense" to atrophy?? Will the device turn into a hyperactive geiger counter if a bear is stalking you?? Also, why the industrial age "BEEP"? Why not a new age "OMMM"?! The trouble is, while finding an urban cache, just as I'm being stealthy crawling under a bench, everyone nearby will hear, "BEEP," which I guess is better than "You have arrived at your destination." I've just tried it once and it worked well, but I quickly found out that I always have to take the hard way/steep path. A bear or wolf detector would be awesome though, they are very rarely seen around here. I mostly ignore urban caches and just look at the maps/aerial images before I head out for one. I'm afraid that someone will call the bomb squad if I'm beeping under a bench. "You have arrived at your destination" will just make you look like a homeless person.
  2. Oh, I must get an app that talks to me! Other hikers will be in awe of me! My GPSr does turn by turn navigation even on hiking trails, but it's just a "BEEP" when I should take a turn
  3. Just do a search for Dave Ulmer, Mike Teague and Jeremy Irish, and you will find more information, not only coming from gc.com.
  4. I agree, but the logs indicate that you don't only need special equipment, it has to be the right equipment. So difficulty may be to discuss, but terrain is not, even if the CO could hide it withouut using any special gear.
  5. That's clearly a T5 no matter how D is rated. I think the binary choice between 1.5/5 and 5/1.5 is quite strange, but I guess it's all about the D/T grid. edit: T/D changed to D/T
  6. Please translate the following log using any online service: I'm quite sure using a translation service is exactly what OP did, but was aware of the issues the result might have.
  7. I fully agree. @AnnaMoritz: At least I'm not surprised it doesn't surprise you, because you are something like the Almanach of Geocaching. Thank you very much for your input.
  8. Well heck, apparently you can indirectly mention that a challenge idea exists and somehow it'll get tracked down (as noted in this thread) . :blush: I hear you, but, at the same time, because of GS's desire to make such restrictions concrete, all the CO had to do was show that a few local cachers had already achieved it -- which for some reason wasn't hard to do in that area, apparently -- and it no longer mattered that it was, by any reasonable standard, completely impossible. (Again, note that I'm entirely against appeal as a requirement to begin with, I'm just pointing out the inconsistency between the goals, the rules, and the results.) It wasn't up for long and 5 people passed the checker. That is more than I thought. Don't get me wrong, even a Three Poles Challenge (including Mt. Everest) would be much more appealing to me than what is permitted now, even if I would never be able to do it. It seems GS is taking the same road as with events some time ago - kill the interesting ones (for me). AnnaMoritz showed a way how it could be rephrased to fulfill the current guidelines, but I guess quite a few owners will simply stop hiding challenges at all.
  9. In my opinion the Bi-Polar challenge doesn't meet the standard for criteria "A challenge cache needs to appeal to and be attainable by a reasonable number of cachers. Your reviewer may ask for a list of cachers from your area who qualify." I think there are plenty of cachers travelling between Europe, America and Asia, but very little visiting the polar circles. It's quite strange that TPTB argued with user defined polygons.
  10. According to the latest update from Adam Reeve they are already working on it: "So Niantic have come out with a statement which you can read over at Polygon. The summary is that they acknowledge the issue and are working on a fix for the app. Google are also working to change the privileges given to existing users so hopefully it should be resolved for everyone soon." ETA: There seems to be another issue which endangers your phone: Pokemon GO is already claiming clueless victims
  11. Ich denke, dass sich GS höchstens um ungerechtfertig gelöschte "Found it" Logs kümmert. Es wäre natürlich schön, wenn ich mich irre.
  12. Ja, ich musste mich immer selbst beschenken, da der normale Bezahlvorgang aus irgendeinem Grund nie geklappt hatte. Die Version mit den Geschenkgutscheinen ist seit der VAT-Diskussion populärer geworden.
  13. I think that statement is true, but some dogs have an astonishing memory.
  14. Thank you very much for your review, I really appreciate it since this is the only way I consider using a smartphone (Orwell's Telescreens). You saved me a lot of hassle.
  15. You are wrong and I wish I had photos to prove you wrong. I don't normally stop to photograph narrow public roads while I am riding. Cheezits! He is supporting you and you still have to be contrary? Double negation seems to be hard to understand for some people, especially if they're already up in arms.
  16. On a side note: How many of those finds have been logged from Germany (or in German)? Just curious, maybe someone knows a rough number.
  17. Das hilft bei PMO caches als Basic Member genau nichts, ausser das man nach dem Versuch nur noch 2 downloads zur Verfügung hat.
  18. Pretty well, I guess. The Autrians are well known for their Weisenheimer attitude. Hans If you feel the need to insult a whole nation, you could at least try to spell it correctly.
  19. You don't need a reviewer to answer that question, just ask one of the many geocachers participating in final coordinate sharing lists/databases.
  20. What's a "Phantom" TB? I guess it's a TB or GC which is listed in the cache inventory, but it's not really there.
  21. Where is the fun in "finding" something you can see from a mile away? I like caches that are hidden from the view of muggles, not from the view of cachers. The fun lies in every other aspect of the hunt. YMMV.
  22. Now that's funny. 19 pages of discussion about what might be the problems and how to solve these, although the only information we've got is "this cache type causes more workload for GS and the reviewers than any other". GS doesn't even provide a puzzle checker, which is trivial compared to a CC checker. But sure, they are going to throw lots of money on "research and development and development" to reduce the workload.
  23. Na toll. Wenn die Betreffenden in den Logs einfach nur Found geloggt hätten und den Owner unmittelbar eine Mail geschickt hätten wäre nichts passiert. So kann man auch den Betrug fördern. Ich bin perplex. Die Owner haben einen Urlaubscache gelegt, den sie selbst nicht warten können. Nach dem NM bot ein Cacher an, eine neue Dose etwas abseits zu platzieren, erhielt aber keine Antwort. Nachdem die Owner der Aufforderung des Reviewers nicht nachkamen und weiter Fotologs duldeten, wurde er vom Reviewer archiviert. Wie fördert das einen wie auch immer gearteten Betrug?
  24. Quoted from here Despite of my age you may call me an old fart, but I still prefer using my GPSr and printouts. I don't like touchscreens at all. My phone is a Sonim XP3.
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