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  1. United State Navy 1977-1986 Submarine Service, USS Groton SSN694. Sonarman Second Class, Submarine Qualified Surface Navy USS Meyerkord FF1052, Sonarman Second Class, Submarine Qualified.
  2. So far my favorites are: GRANVILLE GORGE http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...82-e652e67488f3 I grew up in Southwick years ago, and used to come to the Gorge to be by myself, brings back lots of great memories. LIONEL BOOTH'S FOLLY http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b7-07eb3630fdb4 Walking these grounds and then discovering the history behind this battlefield is quite chilling. Knowing all the death and atrocities that were committed on these grounds is a VERY sobering experence.
  3. Developers are human turds.. I say "Do It" !!! I think it's a GREAT idea !
  4. STRATMANX United State navy Submarine Service 1977-1986 USS Groton SSN694, Plankowner. Sonarman.
  5. Sonar Technician 2nd class Submarine Qualified. 10 years active duty. Plankowner abourd the USS Groton SSN 694, 1978. Boy, those where some FUN times !!!
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