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  1. A general note to newbies...Please, please, please do not join for a short time, grab a bunch of travel bugs and then not send them along. \i cannot count how many of my travel bugs have gone missing, only to discover it was a new person, who got into the hobby for 6 months, grabbed a bunch of travel bugs and then decided they had enough and quit playing....almost as aggravating as those people that steal travel bugs.
  2. i feel your pain. We had a guy grab our travel bug back 7 months ago....he left a note saying he would "keep it for awhile" He has not logged any activity since that day and is not responding to multiple emails asking him to move it along. Makes ya wanna reach out and "touch" some people....... kids are rather dissapointed..but at least there's a life lesson in there about the way some people behave.....
  3. good day: Stupid question perhaps, but after i find the cache, i would like to wipe the file from my GPS receiver (montana 650) How does one do that? thanks
  4. Hi Again: Thanks for that. I used MAPSOURCE to transfer the files, but, for some reason it's not working. The GPSr doesn't seem to recognize the maps. I'll have to a find someone local to see if they can help me in person. I really wish there was more competition for Garmin. I am not the smartest cookie around, but this Garmin system is confusing the heck out of me. Wish someone made a simpler system that was widely accepted. Till then, I guess I'll spend a few more hours figuring this out instead of geocaching. I wonder how many people -per year quit geocaching (or never get started) because they can't figure these systems out. I may be counting myself amongst them soon. Thanks for the tutorial. It didn't work for me, but hopefully others find it useful! D
  5. Howdy: Last minute, but I am heading out east tomorrow. I live in Ontario and, up until now, City NAV (the central map) has been all I needed. I have a disc with the Eastern canada topo maps on it that I wish to load it onto my machine (Venture Cx) The micro SD card I have is full (1.8 GB of the total 2Gb available) so I assume I will need a new card. Do I just load the .IMG files from my disc onto the card or do I require some other software to make it recognize the TOPO maps I have? Will I be able to use the same functioanlity for finding geocahces with the topo maps that I do with the city nav? Kinda new at all of this... Thanks in advance for any guidance.... D
  6. Hello: Has this unit been sold? If not, I am very interested. Darren
  7. Might be a good decision. Then again, the "value" of such a unit keeps dropping each year. If your price was near $150 I would also be interested.... Darren
  8. Howdy: Looking for one for my son. We have a venture Cx..suits the needs. Loking for anothe ventur eor a legend or similar. Prefer Canada, as I have had problems with some things coming across the border. Just putting the word out... Thanks Darren
  9. Hello: I have a Garmin HCx with North America City Navigator 2010 on it. I want to purchase another Garmin GPSr for my child (he has been borrowing mine up until now, but he's getting so that he wants to have one of his own when we geocache) and wondered if I have to purchase another copy of this program or can I use the program on a second GPSr. ?? Anyone know how this works? Is there a discount for a second licence or can you use the program on multiple units once you have purchased it? Thanks: Darren
  10. Howdy: brand new to geocaching..found five so far. Was out at lunch at a local park looking. GPSr (GARMIN Venture CX ) said I was within 5 meters.....but was totally worng. Eventually found the cache using the clue and the GPS said I was 96 meters away from the co-ordinates. Checked the log and others are finding the cache without incident........many finds. What should I be checking on my unit? Anyone know why a unit could be 100 meters off. It was a sunny day some minor cloud cover and I was in an open park field..a few trees, but I wasn't standing under any of them..... Thanks Darren
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